Paris Hilton insults Mallika Sherawat

Sexy Siren Malika Sherawat is in Cannes promoting her new movie Hisss directed by Jennifer Lynch. She is making a lot of news, either for being the best dressed or dancing with a snake on the red carpet, and is having a gala of a time, rubbing shoulders with the who's who of the entertainment industry.

So the latest on the Sherawat front (no pun intended) is that, the actress was attending charity event called “Cinema against AIDS”, a non- profit organization dedicated to AIDS research.

Apparently, Miss Sherawat was the only Indian actor present among the likes of Gerard Butler, Jennifer Lopez, Marc Anthony, Rock star Mick Jagger and designers like Karl Lagerfeld and Roberto Cavalli.

So the tale goes like this, Mallika Sherawat paid a kings ransom to a photog to click her pictures, every time she rubbed shoulders with a famous name.

Most of them turned down Mallika's “generous offer” while, Fashion maverick Roberto Cavalli was the only one who extended the courtesy towards her by graciously paying her a compliment and kissing her hand.

Mallika, who looked ravishing in a Dolce and Gabbana gown, was not satisfied with just one photo opportunity, so she decided to move on to tabloids' favorite princess Paris Hilton, but the wild child was not in a mood to play nice, with the Indian version of herself.

Paris looked aloof when Malika introduced her self, and briskly told her that she isn't familiar with her and walked away. If that wasn't enough, to add insult to the injury, during the party, Paris kept looking right through Malika.

That's sad, they would have become BFF's, and after all, they both are the same side of a coin. They would have also provided the media with a lot of fodder!!

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