Holly Valance kiss was strange

Shane Jacobson has revealed that his on-screen kiss with Holly Valance was "strange".

The Australian actor, who is best known for playing plumber Kenny in the film of the same name, said that he got on really well with co-star Valance during the filming of Surviving Georgia.

Jacobson told the AAP: "During shooting, my partner was nine months pregnant and about to give birth to what now is our daughter, so larking about kissing Holly Valance was quite strange.

"It's not exactly the kind of thing you find romantically motivating, it's more just the kind of thing you need to do.

"Kenny would certainly be proud. I thought the film would be a comedy when they told me I was Holly's love interest.

"She's a lovely, beautiful person and clearly deserves a much better canvas than me... but she's incredibly grounded and I'm proud to call her a friend."

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