Lindsay Lohan Loses Passport, Probation To Be Revoked

She’s been living it up in Cannes, France but Lindsay Lohan is in for a rude awakening when she returns to the States for her court date tomorrow.

According to a report, the judge overseeing her alcohol probation has indicated that he’ll be revoking her probation, making it likely that she’ll serve jail time.

Until the following probation violation hearing, LiLo will be forced to wear an alcohol monitoring bracelet that will prohibit her from consuming alcohol.

Another complication throwing a wrench in the works is Lohan’s claim to have lost her passport while spending time at the 2010 Cannes International Film Festival.

Lindsay’s lawman explained, "Lindsay is doing everything in her power to get back to L.A. She tried to get on her flight yesterday without her passport and was turned away. We were working into the wee hours of the morning trying to get her a temporary passport in order to get her home.”

Unfortunately for Lohan, there was no record of a flight having been booked. If she misses her court date tomorrow, she’ll have a warrant issued for her arrest.

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