Amanda Holden bares her bum

Amanda Holden shows her cheeky side in a photo shoot for this week's heat magazine.

The Britain's Got Talent judge insisted: "My husband is so obsessed with my bottom he had a plaster cast made of it- it was before I had a baby so I was kind of proud of it then.

"I had this big tall man come and he even had a spatula to get definition! It looks like a piece of art because they’ve sprayed it silver."

She added: "It’s in our bedroom away from prying eyes. If only it still looked like that… It’s a good inspiration for me to start running again."

Responding to accusations of lip enhancement surgery and botox, Amanda said: "It’s so annoying. I swore I would never get my lips done; it’s the first thing that everyone notices. And look! No Botox, nothing!

"I said I wasn’t going to get Botox done and I haven’t. I haven’t had it for 9 months. Basically I was so fed up of answering questions about it; I thought I’m not having it any more."

Amanda also revealed a secret about fellow BGT judge Simon Cowell.

She told heat: "Simon has monogrammed napkins in LA so you can wipe your hands on them. I always say I’m going to put them on eBay. And I know it’s been said but he has black toilet paper too, which means you can’t see when you’re finished! He’ll hate me saying that, he always says I talk about my bowels too much! "

Having asked Piers Morgan's finace Celia for a secret about him, Amanda revealed: "Piers’ secret is ‘he refuses to wear boxer shorts that haven’t been ironed’. Brilliant! "

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