Lorraine Kelly dresses as Lady GaGa

GMTV's Lorraine Kelly has dressed up as Lady GaGa for a New magazine shoot.

The presenter, who previously had the Fame Monster star as a guest on the programme, claimed that the "world would be a better place" if everyone dressed like her.

She told the publication: "I love the GaGa! She came onto GMTV and had lace Minnie Mouse ears on and not much else.

"She was great. I love someone that just has fun and takes things to the extreme. She appeals to everyone and is so inspiring."

Kelly added of her continuing stint on breakfast TV: "I honestly think I've got the best job in TV. I get to see movies before they're out, interview stars, talk about big issues of the day - everything.

"As long as everyone still enjoys watching, I'll carry on. I know it will all come to an end at some stage."

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