Bryan Ferry: 'Olympia'

When this year's most interesting X Factor contestant ambled up to the stage during 'Musical Heroes' week to sing John Lennon's 'Jealous Guy', it wasn't the late Beatle who immediately sprang to mind. Instead, it was Bryan Ferry, whose tribute cover with Roxy Music topped the chart in 1981. Aiden Grimshaw might have dismissed his own wobbling warbling as "a bit rubbish", but his over-the-top, tortured, artsy rendition bore the decades-old influence of Ferry, Eno, Bowie, Bolan and all those acts who wisely imparted the knowledge that sometimes more is more. Not in the sense of quantity, of course, as this is Ferry's first album of mainly-new material since Frantic way back in 2002.

As well as a fetching snap of Kate Moss on its cover, Olympia boasts eight Ferry-penned or co-penned tracks, a cover of Tim Buckley's 'Song To The Siren' and another of Traffic's 'No Face, No Name, No Number'. It also has input from Daves Stewart & Gilmour, Mani, Radiohead's Johnny Greenwood, Chic's Nile Rodgers, Red Hot Chili Peppers' Flea, Scissor Sisters, Brian Eno and Bryan's other Roxy bandmates. Despite the eclectic guest cast and long gestation period, Olympia is a coherent, solid record that is so much more modern, slick and stylish than we have any right to expect from a man entitled to a free bus pass.

'You Can Dance' is a perfect opener - all swooning broodiness, like Massive Attack and David Bowie in a gentlemanly duel. As with much of Olympia (and indeed classic Roxy), it manages the tricky feat of sounding distant and aloof yet somehow also incredibly engaging. Similarly, 'Alphaville' is all 21st century style and funk, the grooves dragging you up to its ivory tower for a shuffle. 'Me Oh My' layers on clean piano, twiddly guitar lines and Ferry's affected, strained croak to twist you this way and that. Its grandeur is possibly eclipsed by the nearly seven-minute 'Reason Or Rhyme', which envelopes you in waves and waves of sound until you completely lose yourself in it. Put slap-bang in the middle of the album, the brace of covers do stand out a little, but their glossy arrangements prevent them from breaking up the flow too much.

When it became clear that the Roxy Music reunion was to be a live-only affair, feelings were mixed. The legacy of many a beloved artist has been blotted by a substandard return to the studio. Some of those thoughts might well have lingered as Ferry announced his solo comeback. On the flip side, as artists get to a certain age - seemingly after their second album these days - everything they put out is eye-rollingly heralded or promoted as a "return to form". In the case of Olympia, though, it's hard to disagree.

Credit : Digital Spy

Perez criticises Cheryl performance

Perez Hilton has criticised Cheryl Cole's performance on last night's The X Factor, suggesting that she fire both her choreographer and stylist.

The US celebrity blogger posted a clip of Cole's live rendition of new single 'Promise This' and declared that it "just didn't quite work".

"Chezza's performance left much to be desired, but it wasn't for her lack of trying," he told his followers. "We appreciate the mostly live singing and that she went for it with the staging."

He added: "She needs to fire her choreographer ASAP! The movement - hers and the dancers - was just not as good as it could have been or should have been! And while she's at it, she should get a new stylist too!"

Cole is seeking to build a profile in the States as she prepares for a potential role on the US version of The X Factor next year.

Halle Berry, Martinez confirm romance

Halle Berry and Olivier Martinez have made their first public appearance as a couple.

The pair were rumoured to have begun dating earlier this year after meeting on the set of their upcoming movie Dark Tide during the summer.

They appeared to confirm the romance speculation when they walked the red carpet together holding hands at the Carousel Of Hope Ball in Beverly Hills over the weekend.

Oscar-winner Berry and Martinez first sparked reports of a relationship when they were spotted together in Martinez's hometown of Paris in September.

Berry separated from model Gabriel Aubry - the father of her young daughter Nahla - in April, while Martinez previously dated Kylie Minogue.

Cameron Diaz dating 'Glee' star?

Cameron Diaz was reportedly seen leaving a party in Hollywood with Glee star Matthew Morrison on Saturday night.

Photographers snapped the pair getting into a car together, along with actress Joanna Garcia, after the three attended the two-year-anniversary of Bardot, a Los Angeles nightclub.

A source told E! Online: "They definitely came together and sat together. Cameron would lean over and chat with Matthew, but it didn't seem too flirty."

The insider added: "Diaz and Garcia seemed tight and had a great time. Matthew and Cameron had some one-on-one time in the lounge, but nothing seemed too intimate.

"Matthew seemed to be a huge gentleman and genuinely cared for both ladies the entire night."

Kim Cattrall: 'I had sex too young'

Kim Cattrall has reportedly revealed that losing her virginity at age 15 affected her future relationships.

The Sex And The City actress confessed that the first time she slept with a man, she was so disappointed by the experience that she then had low expectations of sex.

Cattrall told The Sun: "I should not have had sex so young. I lost my virginity at 15 and thought, 'Is that it?' I was not ready for the experience.

"It set a pattern after that. I was not expecting a great deal from sex - and I did not get it either. I would have been better to discuss sex with girlfriends - and I think girls are more open today."

The 54-year-old added that she used to think sex would lead to love.

She explained: "No-one really tells you how to do sex. I remember reading the Kama Sutra, but could not really understand it... I separated love from sex. Or just thought sex would lead to love. It did not, of course."

Rihanna misses Perry, Brand wedding?

Katy Perry's close friend Rihanna was not present at her wedding to Russell Brand this weekend, according to reports.

E! says that the 'Only Girl (In The World)' singer and boyfriend Matt Kemp were invited to the lavish Indian ceremony, but did not attend.

A source close to baseball player Kemp told the network that the couple's absence was down to "a last-minute change of plans" which created a conflict in Rihanna's work schedule.

The insider explained: "He was telling me [last] Saturday that he was leaving the country for a week with Rihanna. But then on Tuesday, he told me they weren't going."

Rihanna was rumoured to be Perry's maid of honour, and previously hosted a Las Vegas bachelorette party for the 'Teenage Dream' performer.

A spokesperson for Rihanna did not comment on the reports.

Madonna to open line of gyms

Madonna has announced that she and her investors intend to open several luxurious gyms around the world.

The chain of gyms will be called Hard Candy Fitness, and the first branch will open in Mexico City.

Subsequent centres are expected to be unveiled in Russia, Brazil, Argentina and 'several locations throughout Europe and Asia'.

The gymnasiums were described in an official statement as "facilities where fitness, fashion and entertainment create a unique member experience".

Madonna herself is said to be taking part in the design process, as New Evolution Ventures chairman Mark Mastrov explained: "Hard Candy Fitness will be a reflection of Madonna's point of view and will reflect her input on every detail including music space, light and other design cues. Madonna's touch will be everywhere."

Yuvraaj was a disaster

Katrina Kaif has acknowledged that her last film with Salman Khan was not a success.

The actress said that the failure of 2008 release Yuvraaj had forced her to readdress her working relationship with Khan, reports The Times of India.

Kaif revealed: "Salman and I had a disaster in our last romantic film Yuvraaj. We had mutually decided then that when we do our next film, it has to be something different."

The model-turned-actress achieved commercial success with the 44-year-old star in Maine Pyaar Kyun Kiya and Partner.

Kaif will next be seen opposite Akshay Kumar in Tees Maar Khan, which releases in December.

I will say yes to good Bollywood script

Freida Pinto has revealed she would star in an Indian film but only if she "loves" the script.
The Slumdog Millionaire actress said that the same rules apply to all roles she is offered, whether they are from Hollywood, Bollywood or anywhere else.

"Quite contrary to what people believe, I haven't said yes to every international script that has come my way. I have said no to quite a few," Pinto told IANS.

"Similarly, unless and until I fall in love with the Indian script, I will not do it."

The 26-year-old recently starred in Woody Allen film You Will Meet a Tall Dark Stranger and will soon be seen playing a Palestinian journalist in Rula Jebreal's Miral.

Wills Lifestyle Fashion Week begins

The Indian national capital is geared up for Wills Lifestyle Fashion Week with refreshing talent and alluring styles.

Wills Lifestyle Fashion Week, one of the Asia’s largest fashion trade events will have its Spring/Summer 2011 edition and will be held in the National Capital from October 23rd to October 27.

With an exciting collection of impeccable lounges, salons, exotic on-site restaurants and novel exhibitions will be held in Pragati Maidan from Saturday.

The event is hosted by the Fashion Design Council of India and is a platform where fashion is revised by bringing new talent, exciting color combinations and unique clothing construction.

Multiple trade opportunities are opened through larger participation by designers, buyers, sponsors and the fashion fraternity.

Wills Lifestyle Fashion Week is India’s grandest celebration of fashion. The coming together of India’s leading designers, international buyers and support from all the sponsors at this platform reflects the event’s fame.

Several bollywood beauties and actors are expected to walk the ramps for top designers.

We hope with another edition of fashion week, we see new styles and serious business of fashion.

Being a bisexual in Pakistan is not difficult

Pakistan's cross-dressing talk-show host Begum Nawazish Ali hastened out of Mumbai to avoid a Shiv Sena backlash soon after being evicted from Bigg Boss house. But not before speaking to Subhash K Jha

We've both watching you on Bigg House. What are you plans?
As soon as I came out of Bigg Boss I went to a friend's house in Mumbai. In the morning I returned to my hotel by an auto- rickshaw. This evening I leave Mumbai.

You should have stayed a while?
I don't think the channel wants me to, not after the Shiv Sena's protests.I'm going back home, I'm missing my mom.I've been completely cut off inside Bigg Boss.

When I came out of the House they didn't allow me to talk to my family until very late in the night. I got a mobile phone at 1 am. At that time I woke up my Mom and Dad. Both my parents had been watching me on Bigg Boss and were very proud of me.

When you came out of Bigg Boss you must have heard of the political campaign to get you out of the country?
I did hear about it. It surprised me. I saw no logic behind this kind of a protest. Both Veena Malik and I were inside the House not as representatives of any country but as players in a game show. I didn't choose to be born in Pakistan. It's something that just happened to me.

If I was born in Mumbai I'd have been an Indian. 63 years ago we were one nation. Mere dil se dua hai ki hum phir ek ho jayen. If that happened the entire South- East Asia would prosper so much. Why do we waste so much time in negativity?

Was there a solidarity between you and Veena Malik in the Bigg Boss house?
The interesting thing is, both Veena and I are from Pakistan and we're both from television. But we've met only 2-3 times. But obviously when you're abroad then meeting someone from home means a lot. Even as a person I like Veena a lot. She's frank and she said what she had to in front of you. Not like some other Bigg Boss housemates who bitched behind your back. She isn't two-faced.

Who was?
Shweta Tiwari. But Veena, Anchal Kumar and I really bonded. We used to converse in Punjabi in the House. I also become very friendly with Rahul Bhatt, a harmless soul. And Seemaji (Parihar). Hrishant Goswami was sweet.

Manoj Tiwari is quite a politician. Woh harfan maula hain. I really didn't face any unpleasantness from anyone. No complaints.But there was a tussle between Manoj and Samir Soni. Considering they were the senior-most members of the House I found their behaviour immature.

You've a strong feminine side to your personality. Why did you choose to focus on the masculine side inside the Bigg Boss house?
I was born a man. But to become 'Beghum' needs elaborate preparation. I need a whole team of people to dress me up.

Are you saying Beghum is just a character you play?
No she is a part of me. But she's very high-maintenance.

Is to difficult maintaining a bi-sexual life in a conservative society like Pakistan?
Not at all. Contrary to belief Pakistan is not such a conservative country. Pakistan is very accepting of me. I'm free to lead my life how I choose to. Now I need to go home and take some time off. I've been on camera for 20 whole days.

I couldn't forget you were being watched all the time. I feel drained. Because I was just being myself. There were problems with the food also…what I could eat and couldn't. At home we never think of such restrictions.

It was like going to boarding school?
Exactly. As a child I went to the best boarding school for boys in Pakistan. I ran away in a month.I don't like restrictions. It's against my nature. But I enjoyed my stay in Bigg Boss.

You live with your parents in Pakistan?
My parents are separated. I live with my mother in Islamabad. My father lives in Karachi. I spend a lot of time doing my television work in Karachi. When I'm there I stay with my father. But my bonding with my mother is unique.

Do you have a love life?
I had a love life. Now I am going to a normal life.

Do you plan to return to India?
I'd love to. Baat simple si hai. I don't like to mince my words. At the moment Pakistan is plagued with problems. Entertainment is not a priority there. I am an entertainer. And India can provide me with lots of work. When I come to India I don't come as a Pakistani. I come here as an actor. If I get work of course I'll return.

You are always welcome in India?
I know that. Thank you. I know the Shiv Sena was not speaking on behalf of all Indians. Indians are so hospitable. So many artistes from Pakistan are always welcome here. The Shiv Sena must have its own agenda. Hamara unse kya lena? Our life goes on as normal.

Katy Perry, Russell Brand begin honeymoon

Katy Perry and Russell Brand have reportedly jetted to the Maldives for their honeymoon.

An airport official has confirmed to The AP that the newlyweds - who married in India on Saturday - left Jaipur on a chartered flight with friends earlier today.

They are reported to have tied the knot in a private ceremony at a resort in the country - where they became engaged in January - over the weekend.

Neither Perry or Brand has directly addressed the nuptials although the pair confirmed the wedding reports with identical messages on their Twitter accounts which read: "WE DID! (sic)" alongside a photograph of their names.

A spokesperson for the newlyweds later confirmed the marriage in a statement, saying that the stars were "overjoyed to confirm that they were pronounced Mr and Mrs Brand" and describing the ceremony - which was performed by a family friend of Perry - as "very private and spiritual".

The couple began dating after meeting at the MTV Video Music Awards in 2009.

Tale of Lebanon's civil war missing bags UAE film award

 Lebanese film "Here Comes the Rain" (Shatti Ya Dini) that tells the story of missing persons from the country's civil war won a Black Pearl award at the Abu Dhabi Film Festival on Friday.

"I dedicate my film to all those who are in love with freedom and peace in Lebanon," said director Bahij Hojeij, after his film won the 100,000 dollar prize in the Best Narrative Film from the Arab World category.

Russian film "Silent Souls" (Ovsyanki), directed by Aleksei Fedorchenko, meanwhile won a Black Pearl in the Best Narrative Film category "for its poetic depiction" and the "excellence of its cinematic language."

The oil-rich Gulf emirate's festival, which ended on Friday, is the most richly endowed among its regional rivals, with Black Pearl awards for each category worth nearly one million dollars (724,000 euros) altogether.

The closing gala evening was attended by stars Uma Thurman and Jonathan Rhys Meyers.

Others awards included: Best Actor: Andrew Garfield in "Never Let Me Go" directed by Mark Romanek, United Kingdom/USA: Best Actress: Lubna Azabal in "Incendies" directed by Denis Villeneuve, Canada/France; and Best Narrative Film by a New Director from the Arab World: "OK, Enough, Goodbye" (Tayeb, Khalas, Yalla) directed by Raniah Attieh and Daniel Garcia, Lebanon, United Arab Emirates.

Celine Dion gives birth to twins

Canadian singer Celine Dion gave birth to fraternal twin boys in Florida, reported Saturday.

"Celine, Rene and their son Rene-Charles are thrilled," the 42-year-old singer's representative told People, adding that the babies were healthy but would spend the next few days in an incubator because they were born premature.

"Celine is resting now and they plan to discuss what to name the boys when she wakes up," her rep said. "Rene-Charles has been to the hospital to visit his brothers and is just so excited they are here."

Dion has won five Grammy Awards and sold more than 200 million albums around the world. Her hit, "My Heart Will Go On", was the title song of the movie "Titanic".

Brand, Katy tie nuptial knot, at last

NEW DELHI: Finally, the big, fat Indian jungle wedding of Russell Brand and Katy Perry took place as per plans at the tiger reserve in west India on Saturday.

In keeping with the Hindu tradition, which inspired the ceremony, the groom arrived on horseback - while the elephants, camels and more horses formed part of the wedding procession.

And while guests at a conventional wedding might be guided from the pulpit to reflect on life, love and marriage, throng were treated to the wisdom of a Hindu guru and a fortune-telling parrot.

No doubt much to everyone’s relief, the bird foresaw a long life, long marriage and long and successful careers for both bride and groom by picking out cards in response to guests’ questions - translated into Hindi for it by handler Pandit Rakesh Joshi.

There were fire jugglers and fire eaters, snake charmers and dance troupes, folk singers and drummers and several ‘costume’ changes for the henna-adorned bride and, less traditionally, similarly painted groom.

“It’s like somebody said “Throw your own wedding” to a couple of loved-up 14-year-olds who are a bit self-consciously cool and have just “discovered” Indian spirituality - and got it all jumbled up with mysticism and crystals and goodness knows what,” the Daily Mail quoted one source as saying.

Perhaps not quite the appraisal celebrity-wedding planner Mindy Weiss hoped for - but as long as the bride and groom are happy, her work is done.

The Mandap (wedding canopy) was erected in Aman-i-Khas’s central large pavilion tent, which was strung with orange, red and yellow ribbons rather than the mute, cream hues of the rest of the resort.

The gold wedding thrones were installed, the marigold garlands strung and the traditional Nagaras (Rajasthani drums) rolled into place ready.

Katy decided to give Russell a baby elephant as a love token. Russell presented his bride with a ruby imbued, he reckons, with protective powers.

Several dresses. But all designed with one, or perhaps two, key points in mind.

“Katy was determined that her sari-inspired dresses showed off her cleavage of which she’s very proud,” the source added.

The evening before the ceremony she wore a maroon sari, on the day itself she started off in blue but had several different colours and changed throughout the day.

Russell opted for a nude-tone kurta and pyjamas, later putting on a long, heavily-ornamented, fitted coat.

Katy and Russell wrote their own vows and guests must have envied the couple their wedding ‘thrones’ - as Katy’s lasted 30 rambling minutes.

A source said: “Katy was really looking forward to hearing ­Russell’s vows and his speech.

“She thinks that his Dickensian way of talking is just the most erotic, sexy, brilliant thing she’s ever heard.”

A local worker helps out with preparations yesterday

Later Katy sang to Russell - something many were nervous about as she was determined to do so ‘A Cappella’ - with none of her usual heavy production.

Reformed drug addict Russell is teetotal and, though Katy isn’t, they decided the wedding would be a dry one.

In the days before the celebrations kicked off, the local store was asked to order 1,380 cans of soft drink and 5,000 bottles of mineral water. The wedding feast was traditional Indian and vegan.

There were no fireworks as the proximity of the wildlife sanctuary rules out fireworks and forbids any noisy celebrations.

But Russell and Katy are unlikely to mind.

Mariah Carey 'in talks to get U.S. 'X Factor' slot over Cheryl Cole'

Mariah Carey is said to be in negotiations to become a judge on The US X Factor, shattering Cheryl Cole's dreams to build her profile in the US.

The 'Vision Of Love' singer is in talks to join the judging panel - ending months of speculation that Cheryl was a main contender for the role.

Mariah, 40, has told show bosses she will take the job if filming dates fit in with her work schedules.

Cowell was reported earlier this month of trying to persuade Fox TV executives that Cheryl was perfect for the show.

"Look, I've said I'd love Cheryl out there but whether it will happen, who knows?" the Mirror quoted him as saying last night.

"Mariah Carey would be an amazing addition to the US show. And she's exactly the right calibre of star that we want for the show.

"I can't say more because it's too early and I can't say. But there will be surprises," he said.

However, a source in the US reveals: "The Fox executives are totally against Cheryl joining the panel.

"Simon has put her forward and is trying to persuade them she's perfect for the job.

"But they're saying that together with her accent being difficult to understand, and nobody knowing who she is, she doesn't have the star qualities to draw in an ­audience.

"They are going to be competing with American Idol's star-studded panel of Aerosmith's Steven Tyler and J-Lo, and Cheryl just doesn't cut it compared to them. She's not a name.

"While Simon may want Cheryl he understands Fox's insistence that he delivers a strong panel to bring viewers, and therefore advertising, in and make as much money as they can," the source said.

The source adds: "Mariah Carey's people say she's fully behind the idea and they're very interested in taking talks further. Mariah has already had the initial meeting with Fox so she will more than likely take the spot Simon wanted for Cheryl."


Mallika Sherawat, I guess most men will agree, is hot. Until she opens her mouth in her movies. She doesn't say a word in this film. Great!

She appears butt-naked pretty much throughout, makes love to a snake (her soul-mate); pushes her tongue almost down the serpent’s throat as the thick, slithering animal makes its way up her thigh. Hush. This is pornography for the hormonally demented teen. Or maybe this is erotica. The only difference between pornography and erotica is probably in the lighting of the room!

The skin-tight snake-suit makes Ms Sherawat Anaconda of the east. She gobbles men alive. Rightly. They’re all wife-beaters and rapists anyway. A cop with the designation of detective as from the American force, Irrfan Khan, investigates these serial deaths.

The snake-woman’s main target is an old white gent who growls in Bob Christo’s Hindi: “Mein naag mani legi” (I’ll get the snake’s jewel). It seems he needs it to cure his cancer. He lives in a cave, shoots his servants dead, forces them to untangle two snakes while they’re having sex and captures the male one alive.

The separated female snake is the gorgeous “icchadhari nag" (serpent who changes form at will). She wants her lover back. Blame yourself first for films you fail to figure.

The mythology of the “icchadhari nag”, this film informs us, dates back to India’s history from 2300 BC. We know it from Bollywood alone (Nagin, Nigahen, Nagina). One of those movies under an assumed title ‘Pratigya’ plays on a screen within this screen. My personal all-time favourite from the genre has to be Jaani Dushman (2003). This one’s lame compared to that curio.

The snake is, I suppose, a strange Indian phallic symbol, worshipped among unmarried girls, pouring milk. Its female human form, a buxom woman in movies, bays for the male blood, while she can’t resist the sound of the ‘been’ (snake-charmer’s flute-like instrument). She begins to instantly dance for our pleasure. This stuff can warp many brains. It did Deepa Mehta's recently (Videsh). It’s evidently affected one Ms Jennifer Lynch, daughter of a well-known Hollywood name David Lynch (Mulholland Drive, Eraserhead, Blue Velvet). Well.

I walk out of the theatre and hear popcorn vendors, ushers go, "Hiss, hisss, hissss, hisssss…." Hilarious! Nag, punch me. Please.

Katy Perry's engagement ring story revealed

Katy Perry's engagement ring story revealed
"The whole ring thing happened many months ago, when Russell was in Delhi on his way to Jaipur and I was referred to him through mutual friends, I don't necessarily do engagement rings, unless commissioned, and this came as a request, and there was urgency to it," Us magazine quoted Singh as telling

"I showed him a design and my favorite stone -- the Golconda diamond -- the most magical of Indian diamonds from many hundred years ago when the Golconda mines were flourishing.

"And in a matter of minutes choices were made, He [Russell] requested privacy, and I was happy to oblige. I understand how some things must remain sacred and special, especially in momentous times like a wedding.

"Russell is extremely charming and a lover of our country. Good wishes to them both," Singh added.

Spirituality, homosexuality, thriller on offer at box office

A film based on the preachings of Shirdi Sai Baba, another on the controversial issue of homosexuality and a thriller too - movie buffs will have three distinctively different films in 'Maalik Ek', 'Dunno Y... Na Jaane Kyun' and 'Nakshatra' on offer this Friday.

"Maalik Ek" marks a comeback of sorts for actor Jackie Shroff, who dons the garb of Shirdi Sai Baba. The film is based on the saint's preachings and philosophies.

The film will take audiences back to the era when Sai Baba was refused or was prohibited from various communities and villages surrounding Shirdi in Maharashtra as the villagers thought he was a thief.
The much-delayed, low-budget film is directed by Deepak Balraj Vij and produced by Kishori Shahane Vij under the banner of Om The Mantra Productions. The film also stars veteran actor Manoj Kumar, Divya Dutta and Rohini Hattangadi.

Jackie admits that this role has changed his outlook.
"When I was offered this role, I was apprehensive whether I would be able to do justice to it or not. It took six months for the director to convince me. But once I got into the character and wore Sai Baba's clothes, everything looked easy," Jackie told
"I didn't prepare for it at all. I could automatically walk like him and even talk like him. This role has changed my soul and perception," he said.

On the other hand, "Dunno Y...Na Jaane Kyun" deals with homosexuality. Directed by debutant director Sanjay Sharma, it tells the story of a serious relationship between two men. It stars Kapil Sharma and Yuvraj Parashar in lead roles.

The director has also roped in yesteryears actresses Zeenat Aman and Helen in key roles along with Rituparna Sengupta, Kabir Bedi, Tara Sharma and Asha Sachdev.

Sharma says his aim was to tell people that homosexuals are not abnormal.

"Through this film I wanted to bring out the relationship between these characters. How they feel, their emotions... My aim is not to make fun of them. It was a big challenge for me to deal with this subject. I'm happy that at least I gave it a shot," said Sharma.

"I want to send a message through my film that homosexuals are also human beings. They are not abnormal. So people shouldn't see them with a different perspective. Like we love, even they love. It's very important to create this awareness," Sharma added.

The film boasts of bold intimate scenes that attracted the attention of the censor board. According to recent reports, the board has cut a lovemaking scene featuring actors Yuvraj and Kapil, by about 60 percent. The film has been showcased at different festivals.

Another film that hits screens this Friday is Milind Soman-starrer "Nakshatra". Directed by Mohan Savalkar, the film is a romantic thriller that deals with the complexities of life. It is a story that portrays different shades that paint a bond of love between two completely different people.

It is a story about a dreamer, whose dream is misled by destiny.
Apart from Milind, it also stars Anupam Kher and newcomers Shubh Mukherjee and Sabina Sheema.

Bigg Boss 4: Veena Malik attacks Ashmit Patel

After placing match-fixing allegations on ex-boyfriend and Pakistani cricketer Mohammad Asif and unceremoniously dragging Bollywood actress Neetu Chandra's name in the international cricket scandal, Pakistani starlet Veena Malik seems to have surprisingly turned her attention towards Bigg Boss co-participant Ashmit Patel this week.

Ashmit, a favourite with girls on the reality show, has currently been given a kitchen task of cleaning dishes in the Bigg Boss House. But when he stressed on cleanliness of utensils, out of the blue, Veena suddenly lashed out at him.

"Aap ko bahut shaq hai baat karne ka, aur main yahan pe relax kar rahi hoon... Go.... Apna kaam karo... mujhpe ehsaan kar rahe ho kya."

When Ashmit started to leave the argument, saying he's going for a workout, Veena shouted at him again, "Meri bala se workout karo... I don't care," she shot and added, "Jhoothe bartan dhota hai, toh khana bhi toh khata hai."

From the looks of it, Veena gives more significance to tiffs over emotions of the co-participants on the show.

Ashmit's publicist Dale Bhagwagar agrees. "Veena is just a drama queen. She talks about tehzeeb and integrity, but seems to do everything for effect," he remarked.

Undoubtedly, Veena's attention-seeking antics are questionable, but the irony is that such cocky behaviour has also come to be known as a necessary evil for reality shows, so it has to be tolerated by the other participants.

"Ashmit is a responsible person. He might get upset on the spur of the moment, but I'm sure he will get over this volley of words and bounce back with dignity," Bhagwagar added.

It will be interesting to watch how far Veena's 'stings' will take her on Bigg Boss. As far as the viewers are concerned, they seem to be lapping up every bit of the drama, as much as they are enjoying host Salman Khan's dabangg moves and jibes.

I'm not in Bollywood's rat race, says Raima Sen

Actress Raima Sen admits she is getting choosier and wiser about her films, but says it has nothing to do with beating competition in the film industry.

"I am not in any sort of rat race in Bollywood. I don't think I have to do only big banner films and so many films in a year. I have always been choosy...but now I am getting choosier about my work," Raima told IANS in an interview.

The 30-year-old daughter of yesteryears' actress Moon Moon Sen, says she doesn't aspire to be in the league of leading ladies in the glamour industry.

"I am not competitive, I am quite lazy and laid back, and so I just do the best of what I get. I am only bothered about my work, nothing else," she said.

Raima was in the capital Saturday - the first day of the ongoing Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week (WIFW), where she had come to meet her Mumbai-based designer friend Roma Narsinghania, who made her debut at the event.

Dressed in an onion-coloured outfit designed by Narsinghania, Raima looked at ease and was happy about not having to walk the ramp this time. Her face lit up the moment she was asked about her upcoming projects.

"I have this film called 'Mirch', then 'Memories in March', followed by 'Naukadubi' with my sister Riya and also 'Just Another Love Story'. I have also recently signed one Hindi and one Bengali film. But it's too early to talk about them," said the actress, seen in films like "Parineeta", "Chokher Bali" and "The Japanese Wife".

Raima said though she has worked in movies on a variety of subjects, she has no favourites.

"All I want to do is good work. I have done my share of mistakes in the past - in terms of choosing my films. It won't be right to name any, but I admit that whenever I was in second thought about any project, the decision usually proved to be wrong and those films never worked.

"So now, whenever I have even the slightest of doubt, I refuse it straight away," she said.

Raima has recently finished judging children's reality show "Twinkle Twinkle Dancing Stars" on Bengali entertainment channel Mahuaa Bangla. But she cringes at the idea of appearing on small screen shows like "Bigg Boss".

"I am quite content with my movies. I won't ever go and enter something like 'Bigg Boss'," she added with a smile.

Octomom’s Doctor Regrets Everything

The doctor who artificially inseminated Octomom (AKA: Nadya Suleman), Dr. Michael Kamrava, regrets his decision to do so.

Though it may have seemed like a good idea initially and I’m not sure how, he now believes that it was a mistake.

The doctor has promised that he will never do such a thing again. So passionate is he about this, that when he was making this statement, he teared up, almost crying.

Octomom, Nadya Suleman, has had a difficult time making ends meet and supporting her children. She never got the exposure, endearment and most importantly money that other mothers of multiples did, for example, Kate and her 8 children. Most of the press about Octomom has to do with her house being foreclosed on and her performing odd jobs to save it.

While it is impossible to go back, it is at least good to know that the doctor is sorry. Hopefully, Sulman will find a way to take her of her self and comes to peace with being a single mom of 10 children.

Kat Von D Wants Jesse James’ Scenes Cut

Kat Von D, the star of L.A. Ink wants all of her previously shot scenes with her ex-boyfriend, Jesse James cut out of her show. Most people know that Kat was James’ rebound chick after he and Sandra Bullock broke up.

Well, when he and Kat were dating, he appeared on her show. Now that the footage is soon to be airing, she wants all of the scenes with him in it nixed.

Why you ask? Because they have since broken up and she has gotten back with her ex-boyfriend, rocker Nikki Sixx.

The producers of L.A. Ink are scrambling around trying to make it happen but are finding it difficult. They may have to pile on the commercials in order to make the show long enough. This makes things rather boring for fans, it also may affect ratings.

Fans of the show would probably be interested in seeing the footage with her and Jesse. What ultimately will happen, those who watch the show will have to wait and see. I’ve watched a few episodes and its okay and all but I probably won’t tune in again, unless maybe Jesse shows up. It would be quite interesting, though I’m not a fan of his. In fact, I’m Team Sandy all the way!!!

Tight security for Brand-Perry wedding India

Tight security was in place on Saturday as British comic-turned-Hollywood actor Russell Brand and US pop star Katy Perry geared up to tie the knot at a luxury resort in western India.

A shroud of secrecy surrounded the marriage preparations of the couple who were expected to wed later on Saturday in a Hindu ceremony on the fringes of the Ranthambore tiger reserve in Rajasthan state, according to media reports.

The luxury Aman-i-Khas resort, where the nuptials were reportedly set to take place, was shielded by bamboo and grass screens to stop onlookers from peering into what the media has dubbed the couple's "jungle wedding."

Brand, 35, and Perry, 25, arrived in Mumbai on Wednesday and flew to Rajasthan.

Perry's dress will have an Indian theme and she will have traditional Indian henna tattoos on her palms as part of the wedding preparations, media reported.

Guests at the celebrations, 80 miles (130 kilometres) from famed tourist city Jaipur, were said to include pop princess Rihanna and rap mogul P. Diddy, who was expected to perform before the wedding pair.

Staff at three top-end venues booked for the couple and their guests -- the Aman-i-Khas, Sher Bagh and and the Oberoi Vanyavilas -- in the Ranthambore area enforced strict security to stop outsiders from entering.

On Friday, bodyguards clashed with photographers trailing Brand and guests in the wildlife park, punching two of the photographers and their driver, according to a photographer of a French news agency.

Brand, a recovering drug and alcohol addict with a reputation as a womaniser, was arrested last month for allegedly attacking a photographer at Los Angeles airport and was freed on 20,000 dollars bail.

The hirsute star who found fame as a comedian and later as a TV and radio presenter, proposed to singer-songwriter Perry while on a New Year's holiday in Rajasthan in a whirlwind romance, according to reports.

Perry is famous for her hit songs, "I Kissed a Girl" and "Hot n Cold".

Ranthambore authorities have told the pair to keep festivities quiet, explode no fireworks and play no music after 10:00 pm so animals in the reserve are not frightened by the noise, India's Mail Today reported.

The couple were expected to host a reception on Sunday at the luxury Taj Rambagh Palace hotel in Jaipur.

Are John Mayer and Kim K An Item?

According to Page 6, Kim K and John Mayer may be an item, or at least in the beginning stages of becoming one. If that is the case, I have one word (and this is leveled at Kim K)…Run!!!

He is a heart breaker and only seems to care about himself and his conquests. Sure, he’s smooth and attractive, but he’s bad news. So far, he has been a “love em’ and leave them” kind of guy.

On top of that, he has a big mouth. He’ll embarrass a woman in a hot New York minute. Kim, if you need proof, listen to Taylor Swift’s new song, ‘Dear John’ or review what he’s done to Jennifer Aniston and Jessica Simpson.

I can see the attraction for John, Kim is gorgeous. However, if Kim knows what is good for her, she will cut tail and run!!

The duo supposedly first got together at a party to see if there was any chemistry. Reportedly there was and the two hung out a few times during that time and had a good time.

Jhootha Hi Sahi

Who says lying is bad? Watch Jhootha Hi Sahi and you will come to understand that lying will get you everywhere. In the twenty first century when everyone is desperately seeking their soul mate, lying is perhaps the best way to find that perfect someone for yourself.

After the phenomenal success of Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na, Abbas Tyrewala is back with his next romantic comedy about a simple guy who lies his way to love.

John Abraham plays the role of Siddharth aka (Sid) who runs a bookshop in London with his Pakistani friend Omar (played by Raghu Ram). In true Bollywood style the bookshop is called ‘Kagaz Ke Phool’. Sid is already in a committed relationship with Krutika (Manasi Scott), who controls all aspects of his life.

Accidentally, Sid’s phone number gets listed on a suicide helpline flier and he starts getting calls from unknown people attempting suicide. Being the good guy that our hero is, he starts counseling these lost souls.

One night Mishka (Pakhi) calls up the suicide helpline and Sid stops her from committing the act. The two become good friends and start having regular phone conversations every night.

One day Mishka comes to Sid’s bookshop, Sid recognizes her immediately but Mishka cannot. The duo start dating, John puts up a nice double act in this movie.

During day he dates Mishka as the stammering bespectacled geek while in the night he has phone conversations with her as a confident young man. The movie has the light and fresh feel of the Tom Hanks, Meg Ryan starrer ‘You’ve Got Mail’. Will Mishka forgive Sid when she finds out about his lies? You will have to find that out for yourself.

The film has strong ensemble cast that has put up some really good performances. John Abraham looks convincing in his guy-next-door appearance. Raghu Ram of the ‘MTV Roadies’ fame puts up a commendable act with his superb comic timing. The scenic beauty of London and its locales are used extensively to add to the fresh appeal of the film.

AR Rahman’s music does a bang-up job and stays in your mind long after you leave the movie hall. However the movie gets tad bit boring in the end thanks to its extended and over-the top climax. Overall Jhootha Hi Sahi is the perfect weekend rom -com to watch with your family and friends.

Soha Ali Khan is dying to watch Robot

Endhiran has become a raging hit in the country, breaking not only box office records and raking in the moolah for its producers, but also starting a debate on whether the Khans are the real superstars of India!
And while the common man has stood in long queues to take a look at the Rajinikanth antics even at wee hours in the morning, Bollywood belles are not to be left far behind in the race to show their love for the south superhero.

According to reports circulating in the media, Bollywood actress Soha Ali Khan, who has not found the time yet, has expressed a desire to watch the Rajinikanth – Aishwarya Rai Bachchan starrer “Endhiran” after she got to hear rave reviews of the film from her friends.

In a statement to the media, Soha Ali Khan says that she has been a huge fan of Rajinikanth for a long time and considering that Robot has been such a huge hit in the country, she is eager to watch the film as soon as possible.

Earlier it was the likes of Amitabh Bachchan and Aamir Khan who had showered their praises for the 60-year-old Rajinikanth, who even at this stage successfully carries a film on his own shoulders and continues to win the hearts of girls not only down south but also in Bollywood. But little did Rajinikanth himself expect that the Nawab begum Soha Ali Khan will show her love for his film.

Shakira wants Himesh Reshammiya?

If you think that Himesh Reshammiya will take a sabbatical from his singing (and acting) just because of a few critics slamming his works, think again.
Recent reports circulating in the media claim that the Bollywood singer is on his way to recording an album with Hollywood favorites Shakira and Vanessa Hudgens.

The new upcoming album will reportedly feature Himesh Reshammiya in its audio and video versions and by the way the media has been describing it, the new album is nothing less than ‘larger than life’.

The album has been tentatively titled ‘At Da Edge’ and if reports are to be believed, Roman White, who has worked with the likes of Justin Bieber, Carrie Underwood and Taylor Swift on various musical projects in the past, will be present during the work on the Himesh Reshammiya album. And this album being an international project, it will feature Himesh Reshammiya singing in English.

According to the media, every song in the upcoming album will be penned, composed and voiced by Himesh Reshammiya, with Vanessa Hudgens and Shakira joining the singer in duets and in the music videos. Every video for the film will be shot at various locations worldwide, with one song to be shot at the Taj Mahal in Agra.

Russell-Katy set to tie knot in Rajasthan

Hollywood heartthrobs 35-year-old Russell Brand and 25-year-old Katy Perry are set to solemnise their wedding, reportedly in Rajasthan by the end of this month.

The couple is learnt to have selected a five-star resort near Ranthambhore national park in Sawai Madhopur district for the momentous and fateful day.

Though the preparations have been kept top secret, sources said that the marriage is planned for October 28 and 29 and it would be followed by a six-day bash.

Brand had proposed to Perry at the Taj Rambagh Palace hotel in Jaipur on New Year's Eve last year. Though the couple has not disclosed the location of wedding, to ensure privacy, the sources say that Aman-e-Khas resort, Ranthambhore is the chosen location.

According to a US magazine Daily Mail, the couple has plans to wed in India but they have not confirmed the location. The couple, who have been dating since September 2009, have reportedly arranged for 85 guests among closest family members and friends.

The guests have reportedly been told to travel to “a secret location in India for the ceremony, which is expected to take place later this month” the magazine said. The wedding will be in traditional Indian style.

In the list of guests are expected Perry’s best friend and singer Rihanna, Brand’s friends Noel Gallangher, David Williams, and Jonathan Ross. Most of the guests will be flown out via private jet and accommodated in “luxury tents”. After wedding ceremony, some of the guests would be taken for tiger safari in Ranthambhore national park.

Kim Cattrall to endorse Tetley Tea?

Hollywood actress Kim Cattrall has reportedly been approached to appear in a new Tetley Tea advertisement.

"We've approached Cattrall's agent about the possibility of lining her up to become the eighth member of the gang and featuring in a forthcoming advert with the tea folk," quoted a spokesperson from the firm as saying.

The "Sex and the City" actress who has previously appeared in advertisements for the British tea brand could become the eighth member of the cartoon gang used in the commercials.

Preity Zinta to make acting comeback

Preity Zinta is rumoured to have signed for a new project with Yash Raj films.
The actress is expected to be part of Mere Brother Ki Dulhan, alongside Katrina Kaif and Imran Khan, The Times of India reports.

Despite a lengthy absence from the industry, she appeared unphased, saying: "The day I don't have a choice and will have to do a film out of desperation, I will hang up my shoes here."
The 35-year-old Kal Ho Naa Ho star revealed that she is unconcerned about her competition in Hindi film.
"As for the number game, I've never succumbed to the temptation of falling into its trap," said Zinta.

Lily Allen 'avoiding stupid baby names'

Lily Allen has said that she is looking forward to motherhood, but is trying to avoid a "stupid" baby name.
The singer, who is due to give birth to her son with boyfriend Sam Cooper in January, told Stylist that they have been considering names since discovering the sex of the baby.

Allen said: "The whole thing became a lot more real to me when I found out it was a boy. You start to think of names, and then you can go shopping, and it all feels like it's happening."

She added: "I've got a really stupid list of names, but I'm not going to show you. But, no, we probably won't [use it].

"I think Sam is way too straight and traditional for that sort of thing. He'd get the p*ss taken out of him on the building site."

'Iglesias, Kournikova are together'

Singer Enrique Iglesias's representative has dismissed rumours that the pop star has split from his longterm girlfriend Anna Kournikova.

"They are definitely together. Enrique has been out of the country on a promotional tour, so maybe that's where the speculation is coming from," quoted his representative as saying.

The singer has been dating the former tennis star since 2002 but despite their eight-year relationship, the couple has consistently denied having any plans to marry.


Hugh Jackman, Gerard Butler team-up to fight poverty

Actors Hugh Jackman and Gerard Butler have joined forces to fight poverty.
Introducing the Global Poverty Project''s premiere of the movie "1.4 Billion Reasons," Jackman urged guests to text a donation to the GPP, offering his personal services as a "technical adviser" to get them to pay up.
The "Wolverine" star even offered a one-on-one workout session as an auction item, and said, "Don''t worry, we''ll make the workout aerobics," reports the New York Post.
Guests included Rory Tahari, Bronson van Wyck and Anthony Edwards.
Fashion icons Donna Karan and Anna Wintour joined Jackman and Butler at MoMA on Wednesday night in the campaign.

What's The Reason Behind Christina Aguilera And Jordan Bratman's Split?

Christina Aguilera is experiencing a bad phase in her life as she has filed a divorce to end her five-year-old marriage with music marketing executive Jordan Bratman. The divorce petition was filed on October 14, 2010.

The American pop singer has specified the date of separation with her husband as September 11, 2010. She has sought for a joint legal and physical custody for their two-year-old son Max.

There is a lot of speculation going on regarding the reason behind this divorce. There is a buzz that the main reason behind this separation was Christina's lust for lesbian romps. Jordan was reportedly forced to divorce her due to her increasing lesbian inclination.

As per the gossip mills in Hollywood, the couple were in an 'open' relationship, where Christina was allowed to out go ahead with her female fantasies. However, lately Jordan, 33, started feeling jealous which led to the breakup.

The 29-year-old pop singer was reportedly taking consolation from her lesbian friend DJ Sam Ronson, who was the main reason behind this divorce. As per the industry insiders, they are considered as lovers as they were spotted getting very close at a party following Christina's split with Jordan. But Christina has denied all these rumors saying that she is just a good friend. She has termed it as a dirty trick by her beau to attain good ground in this divorce battle.

Well, the truth will come out sooner or later!


MJ was afraid that he was gonna end up like my father: Lisa Marie Presley

Michael Jackson's ex-wife Lisa Marie Presley has revealed that the King Of Pop always feared of dying in the similar way her father Elvis Presley passed away.

Jackson constantly told her of his fears when the two were married in the mid-1990s.

Presley was chilled when she heard the King of Pop had died from an overdose of powerful anaesthetic Propofol last year (Jun09) - because in many ways the tragedy mirrored that of her father''s passing in 1977.

And her ex-husband''s fateful words came back to haunt her.

"When I was watching the footage of the ambulance backing out of the driveway, I went back to this conversation I had with him (Jackson) at Neverland in the library; we were sitting by the fire," the Daily Express quoted her as saying in TV chat with Oprah Winfrey.

"He was telling me that he was afraid that he was gonna end up like my father. He was always asking me about when he died and how it happened," she said.

And Presley still can''t believe how many similarities there are in the drug-related deaths of the two men she loved: "Down to the play-by-play-by-play incident, it was identical.

"It really blows me away to be honest with you. I still try to figure out what is it that I had to go through it twice, where these two incredible people... had the same fate. What is it about me? I went through it once and that was painful and I went thought it again and I don''t quite understand it," she added.

Heidi Klum reveals Halloween excitement

Heidi Klum has shared some details about how her family is celebrating Halloween this year.
During an appearance on yesterday's Jimmy Kimmel Live, the Project Runway host said that she loved decorating the family house for October 31 and taking her children to the pumpkin patch.

"I decorate the whole entire house with spider webs all over the place," she explained. "We have these scary skeleton dudes hanging by the door that have sensors so every time you go by... I get scared because I forget sometimes and you walk past and they say, 'Woooo!'"
The supermodel went on to joke that the family had about 50 pumpkins because each of her four children with Seal got to choose their own, adding that instead of carving the pumpkins the children decorate them on the outside.

She remained mum on what she plans to wear this year, but said that while she hasn't chosen a costume for daughter Lou, 1, yet, her older children will probably be "scary like witches", adding: "They love it, they love Halloween."

When asked if she gets to choose Seal's costume, she joked: "I help him. He tells me how far he wants to go. He's got more used to it now so he just goes with it which is good! Two thumbs up!"

Klum was on the show to promote the eighth season finale of Project Runway which airs across two episodes, with the first part showing this Thursday at 9/8c on Lifetime.

Jennifer Aniston dog 'treated for depression'

Jennifer Aniston's pet dog Norman has reportedly been diagnosed with depression.

Aniston took Norman to a specialist canine therapist after the dog disappeared for a night and started acting unusually upon his return, claims Now magazine.

A source said: "Jen became seriously worried about Norman's mental health after his disappearance. He came back dazed and lacklustre and often didn't seem to recognise her. She's concerned this could be it for him and she's devastated.

"The dog therapist said Norman was depressed and that's what was causing him to act oddly."

The therapist is said to have prescribed the 15-year-old pet with medication, but Aniston is intent on nursing him back to full health on her own.

The source added: "She's hoping to coax him out of it herself. People may laugh at her, but Norman really is her best friend. She can't bear to see him like this, but he's very old and she's starting to accept he might be on his last legs."

It was reported in 2008 that Aniston spent $250 (£159) on massage, acupuncture and Reiki sessions for Norman.

Pakistani contestant Begum evicted from 'Bigg Boss 4'

Pakistani contestant Ali Saleem, better known as Begum Nawazish Ali, was evicted from the popular reality show "Bigg Boss 4" in the episode aired Friday after he received the lowest votes.

Saleem, who was fondly referred to as Begum in the "Bigg Boss 4" house, is one of the two Pakistani contestants against whom the Shiv Sena has been protesting.

Begum was nominated for eviction along with the other Pakistani contestant, actress Veena Mallik, and popular TV actress Shweta Tiwari. He received the lowest votes.

All through his stay on the show, Begum seemed very opinionated and loud-mouthed about every incident on the show. However, he regaled the inmates with his vibrant personality once in a while.

Initially, he cribbed about sharing a bed with anyone and insisted on being named the captain of the house in order to enjoy the comfort of a specially appointed room in the house. Gradually he mixed up well with the rest of the contestants.

"Bigg Boss 4", being shot at a house in Lonavala, started with 13 contestants in a house without any communication with the outside world. The contestants are under constant camera surveillance.

Carey Mulligan hates revealing clothes

Hollywood actress Carey Mulligan says she is very self-conscious when it comes to her figure and hates wearing revealing clothes.

The actress says she feels "self-conscious" when she wears outfits that are too short or tight and likes to don clothes she feels comfortable in, reports

"I don't like wearing tight things and I'm self-conscious about clothes that are too short. Doing the red-carpet stuff is intimidating enough, so I'm wearing a lot of Prada, as the clothes are a perfect shape for me, because I'm bottom-heavy," said Mulligan.

"I am not great at having my photo taken, so I often look like I don't want to be there. Staring down the barrel of a camera feels quite unnatural," she added.

Courtney Love branded a 'crackhead' for posting nude pics on Twitter

Russell Simmons has called his pal Courtney Love 'a crackhead' for posting nude photos of herself o
n Twitter.

"I think she is a sweet girl . . . It''s probably exciting to be a crackhead, I wouldn''t say I was a crackhead but I did smoke a lot of crack," the New York Post quoted him as saying at the launch party for his new Oxygen series, "Running Russell Simmons."

"I had fun smoking a lot of angel dust . . . Right now I''m a monk. I''m boring, I''m on a green juice fast at this moment so I''m a little high now. I had a double shot of ginger, which makes you a little flighty," he added.
"I''m fairly insulted that he associates me with that drug. What does that mean?" Love said.

Indian's fight against child marriage in focus at Abu Dhabi fest

The spotlight was once again on India at the Abu Dhabi Film Festival, courtesy a British filmmaker. Kim Longinotto in 'Pink Saris' depicted the evils of child marriage and the caste conflict in the interiors of northern India - and a woman's fight to bring about change.

n her docu-drama shot in the state of Uttar Pradesh, Longinotto shows how families often marry off girls at a young age, how they are mistreated by their in-laws - physically abused by the husband and sometimes raped by the father-in-law - and how often caste conflict plays a villain for lovers.

The docu-drama evoked a mixed response from film buffs at the festival here.
Longinotto, who shot her documentary in Atarra near Banda in Uttar Pradesh, says she is not seeking any recognition for her film.

"My aim is to create awareness. I don't want any awards or money," Longinotto told IANS.

Produced by Channel 4 at a budget of 170,000 pounds, the film revolves around 50-year-old Sampat Pal, founder leader of a women vigilante group called 'Gulabi Gang' in Banda district.

A victim of child marriage, she left her village after being mistreated by her in-laws and now champions the cause of women's liberation in her own unique way.

"Sampat is quite famous. All Sampat is trying to do is to bring change. Wherever Sampat goes, people assemble around her and listen to what she says. Everybody is scared of her," said Longinotto.

Sampat's characters reminded members of the audience of former police officer Kiran Bedi, who brought many changes in Tihar Jail in Delhi, and Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Mayawati.

The director shows the problems of girls who are married off in their adolescence through Rampyari and Niranjan even though child marriage is illegal in India.

With Rekha and Renu, she shows caste conflicts affecting young lives.

Rekha, who belongs to a Dalit family, is in love with an upper caste boy whose parents are opposed to their relationship.

"These girls were proud to tell their story on camera. It shows change and how women want to shift consciousness. My dream is to show the film to everyone. I am showing it in Goa at IFFI (International Film Festival of India). I'm trying to bring all these girls to Goa. I wanted to bring Niranjan here, but I couldn't because I couldn't get her a passport as there are no records about her," said Logninotto, who is taking the film to London and Copenhagen too.

This is not the director's first women-centric film.

Her "The Day I Will Never Forget" examines the practice of female genital mutilation in Kenya and the pioneering African women who are bravely reversing the tradition. Similarly her "Sisters In Law", winner of the Prix Art et Essai at the Cannes Film Festival, is set in the little town of Kumba, Cameroon, where there have been no convictions in spousal abuse cases for 17 years. It shows how two women, determined to bring change, are slowly making progress.

Some of her other works are "Theatre Girls", "Rough Aunties" and "Pride of Place".

"My dream is to see a day when baby girls are welcomed with open arms," said Longinotto, who feels child abuse is not India-centric. "In Europe, a Catholic priest abused children. One priest abused 200 children."

The audiences were moved by "Pink Saris" and many of them volunteered to help 'Gulabi Gang', Niranjan and Renu. Among them are two young school teachers - Beth Lewis and Ashley Hess.

"We would have not known about this problem if not for the film. We see people here from India but we don't know what is their life back home. We hope this situation changes. We would like to help," said Beth.

Ashley said: "We would like to help by raising funds...we can ask friends. People need to lift up their blinders."

Sarah Jessica Parker joins fight against sex trafficking in NYC radio spot

'Sex and the City' actress Sarah Jessica Parker and 'Precious' star Gabourey Sidibe have lent their voices to a New York City radio spot to fight sex trafficking.

"These kids can be runaways or victims of abusive parents ...they''re desperate, they''re vulnerable and they''re lost," the New York Daily News quoted Sidibe as saying in the radio spot that premiered Thursday.

"It makes me sick to think of those animals taking 12-, 13-, and 14-year-old girls and renting them out to a John," said Sidibe, who was nominated for an Oscar for playing a sexually abused teen.

"At least 100,000 American children are trafficked into prostitution in the United States each year," Parker said in the spot produced for free by advertising firm LPNY.

"It''s important that we fight this plague that affects the lives of so many of our children."

"Let''s help the Brooklyn DA get these dangerous people off the streets," Parker added.

Aguilera's split lip was result of a 'simple fall'

Christina Aguilera split her lip after 'a simple fall,' according to sources.
Earlier, reports suggested that Aguilera might have been a victim of domestic violence, since she busted her lip the very same day she filed for divorce from Jordan Bratman.
However, sources connected with Aguilera said she split her lip last week after "a simple fall."
"It''s as innocent as that," quoted a source as saying.

Clint Eastwood thinks 'nice fella' Obama needs proper advisers

Oscar-winner Clint Eastwood says he is not satisfied with President Barack Obama's job.

"You know, I think he''''s a nice fella, and I enjoyed watching him come along. And I enjoyed his watching him campaign and win the job. But I''''m not a fan of what he''''s doing at the moment," CBS News quoted him as saying.

He said he doesn''''t think the president has surrounded himself with the proper advisers and he believes Mr. Obama is not "willing to take a chance on losing."

The actor- who once served as mayor of Carmel, Calif - spoke about his experience as a politician and his thought on the present position of the country.

The 80-year-old director said he has no intention of going back into politics but he said the country was "in a very strange period right now, one of the strangest I can remember in my lifetime. "

The country is facing serious financial problems, he said, but it "seems like people are becoming political for some sort of notoriety, and not for d-- for really accomplishing anything."

I don't really get men, says Cheryl Cole

X Factor's Cheryl Cole says she feels more comfortable staying in the company of women after her split with love rat ex Ashley.

The 27-year-old beauty says she has never really understood men anyway - and even close pals like Simon Cowell and Louis Walsh "do my head in".

"I relate to girls a lot more than I do boys," the Sun quoted her as saying.

"I''m not one of those sort of girls. I just don''t get boys, I don''t really get men," she said.

She explained just how fraught things can be with fellow X Factor judges Simon, 51, and Louis, 58.

Cheryl went on: "You go through periods where they''re doing my head in and this week it''s Louis. Louis does my head in sometimes - but I love him."

I didn't understand my relationship with MJ, says ex-wife Lisa Marie

Michael Jackson's ex-wife Lisa Marie Presley confessed on The Oprah Winfrey show that she failed to understand her relationship with the King of Pop.

"I didn''t understand my relationship with him," quoted her as saying.

Though skeptics have labeled their 18-month marriage a sham, Presley, 42, insisted it was the real deal -- though she understands why Jackson''s behavior might cause people to question its validity.

"To some degree, he was a master at manipulating the media," she said.

"I understand that nobody really knew who I was. They just assumed I was going along with something he would be doing....I understand it better now. The manipulation was a survival tactic for him," she added.

Brandy says she's not had sex in years

R and B star Brandy has admitted that she has not had sex in years.
The singer and actress opened up to Life and Style magazine about her admittance on the October. 11 episode of the US Dancing with the Stars that she hadn''t been intimate with someone in six years.

In the interview, the 31-year-old clarified her remark.
"I haven''t been with a man seriously and in love in six years," the Daily Telegraph quoted her as saying.
"And, honestly, I tend to abstain if I''m not in a relationship," she added.
However, that doesn't mean she's been celibate for six years.
"Um, no. But it''s been a long time. We''re talking years," she admitted.
"I actually went on a blind date a couple months ago that was very interesting but nothing serious," she said.


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