Octomom’s Doctor Regrets Everything

The doctor who artificially inseminated Octomom (AKA: Nadya Suleman), Dr. Michael Kamrava, regrets his decision to do so.

Though it may have seemed like a good idea initially and I’m not sure how, he now believes that it was a mistake.

The doctor has promised that he will never do such a thing again. So passionate is he about this, that when he was making this statement, he teared up, almost crying.

Octomom, Nadya Suleman, has had a difficult time making ends meet and supporting her children. She never got the exposure, endearment and most importantly money that other mothers of multiples did, for example, Kate and her 8 children. Most of the press about Octomom has to do with her house being foreclosed on and her performing odd jobs to save it.

While it is impossible to go back, it is at least good to know that the doctor is sorry. Hopefully, Sulman will find a way to take her of her self and comes to peace with being a single mom of 10 children.

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