Kat Von D Wants Jesse James’ Scenes Cut

Kat Von D, the star of L.A. Ink wants all of her previously shot scenes with her ex-boyfriend, Jesse James cut out of her show. Most people know that Kat was James’ rebound chick after he and Sandra Bullock broke up.

Well, when he and Kat were dating, he appeared on her show. Now that the footage is soon to be airing, she wants all of the scenes with him in it nixed.

Why you ask? Because they have since broken up and she has gotten back with her ex-boyfriend, rocker Nikki Sixx.

The producers of L.A. Ink are scrambling around trying to make it happen but are finding it difficult. They may have to pile on the commercials in order to make the show long enough. This makes things rather boring for fans, it also may affect ratings.

Fans of the show would probably be interested in seeing the footage with her and Jesse. What ultimately will happen, those who watch the show will have to wait and see. I’ve watched a few episodes and its okay and all but I probably won’t tune in again, unless maybe Jesse shows up. It would be quite interesting, though I’m not a fan of his. In fact, I’m Team Sandy all the way!!!

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