Are John Mayer and Kim K An Item?

According to Page 6, Kim K and John Mayer may be an item, or at least in the beginning stages of becoming one. If that is the case, I have one word (and this is leveled at Kim K)…Run!!!

He is a heart breaker and only seems to care about himself and his conquests. Sure, he’s smooth and attractive, but he’s bad news. So far, he has been a “love em’ and leave them” kind of guy.

On top of that, he has a big mouth. He’ll embarrass a woman in a hot New York minute. Kim, if you need proof, listen to Taylor Swift’s new song, ‘Dear John’ or review what he’s done to Jennifer Aniston and Jessica Simpson.

I can see the attraction for John, Kim is gorgeous. However, if Kim knows what is good for her, she will cut tail and run!!

The duo supposedly first got together at a party to see if there was any chemistry. Reportedly there was and the two hung out a few times during that time and had a good time.

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