Sonam's Illness Costs The Producers Rupees 75 Lakh

Bollywood stars are very costly even when they are ill. Recently, the producer of Sonam Kapoor and Shahid Kapoor starrer upcoming movie Mausum, had to bear the burden of such a problem.

The actress was suffering from typhoid and was unable to shoot for few days which resulted in a loss and created a big hole in the film producer's pocket. There is a buzz that the producer had to suffer a big loss of around Rs 75 lakh due to the unavailability of the actress.

The Masakalli gal from Delhi 6 has recovered from the disease now,. only after causing this big loss. Recently, the entire set of this film directed by Shahid Kapoor's father, Pankaj Kapoor had to be dismantled in Mumbai. They were supposed to shoot few romantic scenes of Sonam and Shahid. But Sonam fell sick and was absent for a long time, so they had to cancel the October shoot. The producer had to suffer a big loss due to Sonam's sudden absence.

A source was quoted saying that the next schedule of the film will now be shot in Gwalior wherein a few scenes will only require Sonam.

The news was confirmed by co-producer Sheetal Talwar, who said that they could not continue shooting due to Sonam's illness. She also affirmed the loss of Rs 75 lakh but said that it's okay because they can earn it later on. She was more concerned about the health of the lead actress. Talwar said that if Sonam is fine now they can recover the money from the film. Talwar said that the Mumbai schedule of the shooting will start soon after completing the Gwalior schedule.

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