Snooki Working With ‘Po-Po’ to Finish Community Service

Snooki, of New Jersey Shore fame, has just finished the community service obligations assigned her after she was busted for disturbing the peace.

Many of you probably remember seeing her in handcuffs being carted off the beach. For her indiscretion, she was sentenced to 2 days of community service and forced to pay a fine of $533.

She will be working aside the “men in blue.” Snooki will be doing her customer service at the Seaside Heights police station and is slated to perform a plethora of duties, including vacuuming, clerical work filing and cleaning up.

Overall, two days of community service isn’t bad. $533 also shouldn’t be a problem for Snook these days, considering how much she and her cast mates are getting paid these days. However, she should consider cutting back on her drinking, tanning and bad behavior.

She is putting herself at risk and endangering her well being. Even though Snooki is a bit wild, she does seem really sweet. I hope nothing bad happens to her. Hopefully, she will consider this a lesson learned.

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