Another Rakhi Sawant: Sakshi

Sakshi Pradhan, who was considered to be one of the strongest contestants in 'Bigg Boss 4', has been eliminated from the reality show on Colors and she is busy giving lots of interviews these days. The 'Splitsvilla' winner is known for her 'bindaas' attitude and straight forward talks.

Miss Pradhan has already given fifteen interviews so it was natural for her to get tired. But the girl was seen in high spirits, speaking continuously about her experience in Bigg Boss house.

When the young girl was asked by the media whether she is afraid of being called the next Rakhi Sawant, Sakshi said that she is not like Rakhi. She added that Rakhi might be a great person but she is happy to be known as Sakshi as she is a docile and honest girl with great faith on 'Karma'.

Sakshi was further quoted saying that she does not require any image makeover. She shared about her upcoming, yet untitled 'telefilm'. She informed that the telefilm is based on a case in which some youngsters were arrested by the police for partying near Pune highway.

Sakshi said that she is playing the lead character in this telefilm and the main aim of making this telefilm is to help the youngsters to understand the fatal side of drugs. She added that the best part of the telefilm is that it does not unnecessarily add the sex element.

The girl is expecting the industry people to acknowledge her acting skills. Sakshi also laughed out another controversial issue related to her and that is her false pregnancy test. She said that these bizarre issues only add to the spice of any reality show.

Well, we understand Sakshi that you wanted to remain on the show for few more days by creating such controversies but better you enjoy some good time with family now!

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