Lara Dutta had a fling with Tiger Woods too?

Tiger Woods' sordid tale has just got interesting. We hear that the ace golfer could have also been linked to Lara Dutta.

In 2001, a year after she won the Miss Universe title in Cyprus, the rumour was doing the rounds that Lara might have dated Tiger for a while.

A report published in USA Today way back in 2001 stated: "And, oh yes. He (Tiger Woods) denied that he was dating Miss Universe Lara Dutta of India."

The US tabloid reported that Tiger also denied "trying to steal Lara from New York Yankees shortstop Derek Jeter". "Nothing more than gossip, probably put out by Dutta's camp, the Woods Foundation people surmise, " the report added.

If Lara Dutta link actually turns out to be true, this will add an interesting twist that everyone has been waiting for. For the most part, Tiger's alleged mistresses are Caucasian and many of them are blondes. Lara Dutta could be the first hint of ethnicity in Tiger's menu of women, which is a welcomed change of events.

Below is the list of Tiger’s alleged lovers :

1. Rachel Uchitel, New York nightclub promoter and event planner
2. Jaimee Grubbs, Las Vegas reality show contestant and waitress
3. Kalika Moquin, Las Vegas nightclub-marketing manager
4. Jamie Jungers, Las Vegas lingerie model and waitress
5. Mindy Lawton, waitress in Orlando
6. Cori Rist, New York nightclub butterfly
7. Holly Sampson, porn star and a high profile escort
8. Unidentified British television host
9. Unidentified female, who is said to have a corporate position
10. Unidentified female, described as a “sex-addicted cougar.”
11. Joslyn James, porn star
12. Lore Dana Jolie, Playboy model and escort
13. Theresa Rogers, ‘fitness nut’
14. Unidentified female, supposedly a lawyer
15. Jessica Simpson, singer and actress.
16. Lara Dutta, Miss Universe and Bollywood actress ???

Rihanna asked to dress conservatively for New Year bash

Singer Rihanna is upset as she won't be able to do her usual raunchy stage show in Abu Dhabi on New Year's Eve because the organisers have told her to dress "conservatively".

"Rihanna is tearing her hair out over what to do. She wanted to put on her most eccentric and provocative show here. A huge part of her show is her sexy stage gear.

"But the dress code in Abu Dhabi does not encourage excessively revealing outfits," quoted a source as saying.

Now Rihanna, 21, and her team are busy devising a new show complete with modest outfits which don't show off too much of her body and won't offend audiences in conservative Abu Dhabi.

Enrique Iglesias can't stand Kournikova's excess perfume!

Spanish singer Enrique Iglesias has revealed he "can't stand it" when his girlfriend Anna Kournikova wears too much perfume.

The 34-year-old has said he prefers former tennis ace Kournikova's natural scent to any expensive fragrances and can't take it when she pours excess of it, reports

"Women who wear too much perfume put me off. I can't stand it when she (Kournikova) puts too much scent on," he said.

Iglesias who has been dating Kournikova for over seven years is planning to start a family with the blonde beauty, but denies claims that she is already pregnant. "We're just fine for now. No kids, no weddings. The time for that will come in the next 10 or 15 years. Every once in a while the rumours do the rounds that Anna is pregnant. As far as I know it's not true! They've had Anna pregnant five or six times already," he said.

Kelly Brook spices up Calendar Girls stage adaptation

Former model Kelly Brook has fans goggle-eyed as she strips off in West End's play "Calendar Girls".

The posters portray matured members of the cast hidden behind large bouquets of flowers or pieces of furniture. Brook, who has taken over the part of Celia that was previously played by Jerry Hall, is the only one who is just 30.

In the posters, the actresses mimic the tongue-in-cheek humour of the 2003 film, posing nude but covering their modesty with household objects like large bouquets of flowers or pieces of furniture, reports

Others in the cast include Janie Dee, Arabella Weir, Helen Lederer, Julie Goodyear, Hannah Waterman, Debbie Chazen, Jan Leeming and James Collier. It is being directed by Hamish McColl.

Brook is also celebrating as her boyfriend, England's rugby star Danny Cipriani, is returning to the pitch at Twickenham after injury.

Kat in love with Pattinson

Twilight star Robert Pattinson has swept our own Bollywood beauty Katrina Kaif completely off her feet. And if all goes well she’ll be meeting Pattinson during her annual holiday with her family in London next week.

The minute Katrina’s eyes fell on Pattinson she got hooked to the Twilight quartet. “I went and bought all the four books Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse and Breaking Dawn. I couldn’t put them down. I’ve been racing through the adventures of the hottest vampire Edward Cullen for the last one week. I finished reading three of the Twilight books in less than four days. Now I’m into the fourth. I just can’t get enough of him.”

And now Katrina wants to meet the real Edward Cullen. “You don’t understand. This is like an obsession for me. I can’t get Robert Pattinson out of my head. I see the love of my life in every object that moves or doesn’t move. I’ve never felt this way about any man before.”

Now a meeting between Bollywood’s blistering babe and Hollywood’s blood-thirsty heart-throb is discreetly being arranged. Though Katrina is not talking about it, her representatives are in touch with Robert Pattinson’s agent. It’s been made known to the global superstar that Bollywood’s eminently desirable Katrina Kaif would probably die of longing if the meeting doesn’t happen.

Says the besotted actress, “Obviously, I can’t stand under his window to get his attention. So yes, the meeting has to be more formal. He says he’s single. But I don’t believe him. That’s what they all say.”

Anthony Citrano refuses public apology

The photographer, who accused that Demi Moore’s picture on the cover of W magazine was airbrushed, has refused to offer any public apology.

Fashion photographer Anthony Citrano claimed that a portion of the ‘Ghost’ star’s left hip appeared to have been digitally erased on the cover, which she immediately denied.

Last week, Citrano received a letter from Moore''s lawyer, Marty Singer, demanding a public apology, reports the New York Post.

"As you are undoubtedly well aware, my client''s appearance is of great importance to her career and livelihood, and false claims or insinuations that she secretly uses extraordinarily artificial means to alter her appearance are extremely damaging," wrote Singer.

However, Citrano hit back and said, "Ms. Moore''s implication that her image went straight from camera to cover is incredible, whether she believes it or not. Simply put, this never happens."

As for Singer''s demand for a retraction and an apology, Citrano added: "Neither of these will be forthcoming".

Posh admits she’s a ‘useless’ cook

The former Spice Girl held a Christmas lunch at her place recently, which was shared by celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay, his lovely wife Tana, and their children.

And it is believed that it was Gordon who did all the cooking, for Posh is apparently not that good at it.

"He is always taking the mickey out of my cooking," the Telegraph quoted her as telling Hello! Magazine.

"I have to say, I am pretty useless. But you know, I try, and that''s the main thing. Besides, let''s see what he''s like at making dresses, shall we?" she added

Jessica Simpson launches swimwear line

Pop star Jessica Simpson will be launching a collection of swimwears on Dec 30. She describes her creation as "fun and flirty".

In addition to her ongoing accessories, shoes, outer wear, handbag and luggage lines, the 29-year-old has collaborated with bathing suit purveyor Red Carter and her mother Tina, reported

"My collection was inspired by my favourite vacations and the jet-setting getaways I dream about. It is fun and flirty, but still so classic," said Simpson.

Simpson's swimsuits for Red Carter are priced between $40-100.

Kerry rejects Celebrity Big Brother offer

Former Atomic Kitten Kerry Katona has rejected a 200,000-pound offer to appear on Celebrity Big Brother following fears she would crack up on TV.

The 29-year-old mother of four is almost bankrupt and faces eviction from her 1.5million pounds home.

While she was thrilled with Channel 4 chiefs’ tempting offer, but she feared that being on Big Brother could cause her to have a nervous breakdown.

“Kerry could have cleared so many debts with this but pals warned her the show loves to mess with people’s minds and can cause meltdowns. Look at Les Dennis and Vanessa Feltz,” the Daily Star quoted a source as saying.

The source added: “They also thought that she may become a hate target. And as she is fragile she could break down.”

Kerry’s agent confirmed: “She was offered the chance to do it but has not accepted it.


Lady Gaga cries on stage

Lady Gaga burst into tears on stage after she was told that her album sales have reached eight million worldwide.

The singer, 23, got the news when she stormed through a performance at the Nokia Theatre in LA.

And later, on a Twitter update, she expressed her joy on the success of her album ‘The Fame’.

“Tonight for Christmas, they told me December marks one year since The Fame was released, and today we are 8 million albums sold,” the Daily Star quoted her as tweeting afterwards

Owen Gleiberman's The 10 best movies of the decade

I confess, looking back, that I have no great generalizations to make about the movies that came along this decade. Except for this: There were more films of extraordinary and inspiring quality than I can count — or include on this list. Without any trouble at all, I could easily have compiled a Top 100 list. Yet there’s something about that magical arbitrary number 10 that focuses you, disciplines you, forces you to ask yourself what matters. Here, in order of preference, are the movies of the last 10 years that thrilled, moved, delighted, fascinated, and meant the most to this critic. They’re the ones I couldn’t let go of because they wouldn’t let go of me. But don’t stop with my list. What are your favorite films of the decade, and why?

1. Far From Heaven (2002)
 The movies that have always spoken most to me are the ones that cast a spell, and no film I saw in the last 10 years was as meaningfully mesmerizing as Todd Haynes’s delectable and haunting masterpiece. A voluptuous soap opera that’s also a
dizzying hall of cinematic mirrors, it’s about the late 1950s, and it’s also about today — which makes it sound a bit like Mad Men ahead of its time, which it sort of is. Except that Haynes, in re-creating the look and mood of a Douglas Sirk melodrama down to the dialogue beats and purplish noir lighting, goes Mad Men one better by refracting the suburban life of 50 years ago through the pop looking glass of Old Hollywood. In Haynes’ film, the ’50s merges with our image of the ’50s, which merges with our own brave new traditional world. Far From Heaven is really the greatest David Lynch film that Lynch never made — a lusciously dark dream of movie-fed desire and romantic dread. Dennis Quaid, as a closeted gay husband stuck, hypnotically, in the wrong movie era, might be enacting a nervous breakdown in slow motion, and the relationship between Julianne Moore, as a proper housewife just waiting to bloom, and Dennis Haysbert, as the gardner who tends to her affections but can’t remove her racial blinders, has a tender heartsick rapture that echoes tellingly across the decades. For even as their “forbidden” love is portrayed as the relic of a bygone era, Far From Heaven forces us to ask: How often, even today, do we get to see a love like this one reflected in our own Hollywood looking glass?

2. Sideways (2004)
 The most exquisite comedy of the decade is also the most finely tuned neurotic love story since Annie Hall. Not too long after Alexander Payne’s movie was released, a joke started to make the rounds: that film critics all loved it because all film critics look like Paul Giamatti. (The joke was actually borrowed from an old one about rock critics and Elvis Costello.) My first reaction was to say, “You got me — touché!” But I’ll add that what we critics really cherished about Giamatti’s Miles, with his love of wine, women, and more wine, is that he looks and talks like a recognizably messed-up, completely unglamorous, blessedly real person. That, along with its perfect-pitch writing and directing, is what makes Sideways such an achingly funny, timeless, and lived-in tale of an ordinary geek dreamer’s redemptive romance.

3. The Century of the Self (2005)
 I see great documentaries every year, and the best of them (like Capturing the Friedmans) turn the investigation of reality into an art form. But Adam Curtis’s four-part nonfiction epic is the one documentary I’ve seen in the past decade that literally reshaped the way I look at the world. It’s a vast and searching essay-mosaic, made in a pop-collage style that might be described as Marshall McLuhan meets Natural Born Killers, that explores how the consumer culture recoded the nature of who we are inside. Curtis takes us back to the primal seed of modern marketing: the creation of public relations in the 1920s by Sigmund Freud’s nephew, who drew on his uncle’s theories to envision a new kind of human being — not a rational citizen but an irrational consumer, enslaved by the appetite of unconscious forces. Curtis makes connections — between advertising and psychiatry, the counterculture and the corporate culture — that reveal how “individuality” in our society came to be the ultimate conformist desire.

4. Gladiator (2000)
 What I first saw Ridley Scott’s Roman Hollywood spectacular, I totally dug it, but it just missed making my 10 Best list that year, because I had (foolishly) compartmentalized it in my mind as a Well-Made Genre Film. Then I saw it again, and loved it even more, and then I watched it again and again — and I realized that what happens in this movie, and what I got hooked on, goes deeper than a mere famous-general-turned- anonymous-slave-fights-and-slaughters-the-brutes-of-Rome action film. The majesty of Gladiator is that it’s a myth of masculinity that glints like a slashing broadsword. Russell Crowe’s performance, which I consider up there with the best of Mitchum, Wayne, Bogart, and Douglas, takes off from Maximus’ radically existential attitude: After finding his beloved wife and child murdered, he has no more desire to live and, in fact, never regains it — he just wants to join them in Heaven — and so he’s literally a man without a fear of dying. Crowe, who glowers at his enemies with unabashed homicidal cool, makes every line burn with the heat of delayed-vengeance-as-grace-under-pressure. In Hollywood, they really don’t make ‘em like they used to. Except that this one time, they did.

5. Chuck & Buck (2000)
 When I chose this as my number-one film of 2000, it provoked more reaction than any other number-one choice I’ve ever made. Granted, it’s not your ordinary movie of the year: a shot-on-video homoerotic arrested-development stalker comedy, starring squishy, pale-lashed Mike White (who also wrote the astounding script) as a shrinking-violet man-child who hunts down the former grade school pal he used to…uh, play games with, all to try and make their fun bloom again. But this portrait of cracked love is really a profound story of how the reveries of childhood can hold us, shape us, and rule us as adults. White’s performance is a revelation, and so is the astonishing intimacy of Miguel Arteta’s direction. Chuck & Buck makes you laugh and squirm at the same time, but it never condescends to anyone on screen. It’s a tribute to the freakishness of humanity, and vice versa.

6. Moulin Rouge! (2001)
 I’m asked all the time if I ever change my mind about a film. Well, here’s my greatest flip-flop in the 20 years I’ve been at EW. I originally gave Moulin Rouge! a B-minus, and though I did like parts of the film, I found much of it (especially the first 45 minutes) brittle, strange, fractious, and all over the place. A year later, I saw it again and swooned over every minute of it — though I now understand what initially put me off. Baz Luhrmann’s visionary musical obeys a kind of yin-and-yang pleasure principal: Whenever Ewan McGregor and Nicole Kidman are singing “Your Song” or “Come What May,” we’re carried aloft, but the rest of the film needs to be a little harsh, in order to make us long, almost physically, for those moments when the movie explodes into a pinwheel aria of rapture. In a decade that saw the rebirth of the musical, Moulin Rouge! is the one that recaptured the audacity of what musicals really are: pop passion plays of faith in a world that’s forgotten how to believe.

7. Requiem for a Dream (2000)
The lure, and peril, of addiction may be the story of our time, and Darren Aronofsky’s mind-blowing, soul-shattering film is probably the greatest movie ever made about what addiction really is: what it looks like and feels like, its power and terror, the
places it drags you to. The virtuosity of Aronofsky’s camera and editing techniques (the rapid-fire shooting-up montages, the wide-angle claustrophobia) would mean little if the director didn’t work with a spiraling ferocity that heightens the emotions of his characters, even as they lose their minds to drug highs so scary-vivid they’re almost tactile. When I emerged, shaken, from the first time that I saw Requiem for a Dream, I knew that the purity of Aronofsky’s intensity reminded me of another filmmaker. In a short while, I realized that it was the young Martin Scorsese.

8. Munich (2005)
Steven Spielberg’s engulfing drama about the aftermath of the massacre of Israeli athletes at the 1972 Olympic games is one of his most brilliant and hypnotic films, but it may also be one of his most elusive. The attempt by a team of Mossad agents to hunt down the terrorists who planned the Munich madness starts out as a movie staged with gripping procedural violence. But then the plan of vengeance begins to come apart — and it’s the way (or interlocking ways) that it comes apart that lends the drama its uniquely queasy, inside-the-heart-of-an-assassin suspense. In Munich, the attacking agents, led by a forcefully spooked Eric Bana, do the wrong thing precisely because they do the right thing, and that gives the movie a moral vertigo that sucks you in, and down, like a whirlpool. Spielberg has made a mythological thriller, a tragedy in which action loses its meaning even as it finds its target.

9. Lilya 4-Ever (2003)
 In the past decade, the greatest filmmaker to come to prominence outside these shores is Sweden’s Lukas Moodysson, but his films are so shaggy and low-key, so free of hooky pretensions, that he has never attained much visibility in America. Still, you have to wonder how the art-house audience could have ignored Moodysson’s great, transporting, agonizing drama about one of the reigning worldwide evils of our time: the sexual slavery that thrives just blocks from anyone who lives in, say, a major U.S. city. Moodysson follows a teenage girl (Oksana Akinshina), living in the post-Communist ruins of Eastern Europe, as she’s drawn to a human Venus Flytrap in the form of a pimp — then flown to Sweden, where, like thousands of other girls, she is caged and terrorized into a life of prostitution. The subject may be brutal, but Moodysson treats it with the humanity of Jean Renoir. His filmmaking is lyrical, open-eyed, devastating, and Lilya herself, even when her soul and body have been crushed, is never just a number. Lilya 4-Ever is a call to arms from a quietly wrenching artist who, mark my words, will speak far louder in the coming decade.

10. Casino Royale (2006)
Another movie that provoked a bit of shock and awe, if not outright head-scratching, when I chose it as the best film of the year. I mean, the oddity of it all — a critic actually singling out for the highest praise… a movie that was intended to be entertaining. But who says that great entertainment can’t, or shouldn’t, be as artful as this? The James Bond movies — the great early ones, with Sean Connery — weren’t just based on the novels of Ian Fleming. They also took off from a movie that, in its action extravagance and globe-trotting man-pursues-man excitement, became the formal template for the entire Bond series: Hitchcock’s North by Northwest. And this glorious stab at re-launching the series harkens right back to the merry dark existential playfulness of Hitchcock’s mastery. As Daniel Craig’s brutally sharp, ruthlessly charming, sandpaper-rough Bond maneuvers through a sensationally plotted labyrinth of high-flying action, elaborate double-crosses, the greatest poker game in movie history, and the most dangerous game of all — namely, love — we’re plugged into the moment only because we know that so much more than the moment is at stake. Will Craig, as Bond, ever be this good again? It would be a shame if they let the character’s complexity drop, because in Casino Royale he’s magic: a spy discovering who he is, which is why he can be all of us.

What are Bollywood Hotties doing this New Year?

Beaches, mountains or just spending time with family and friends - Bollywood celebrities are all set to take a break from tinseltown to usher in the New Year. While Sushmita Sen and Shilpa Shetty are heading to the waters, Mugdha Godse and Minissha Lamba will be with their loved ones.
Minissha Lamba: This New Year I'm going to be with my close friends.

Shilpa Shetty: (I'm) really excited about the Mediterranean cruise we are taking with the family, my first ever, making it even more special. I will be out at sea for the next two weeks... (I) will be bringing in the New Year on the ship.

Jaya Prada: I will be in Hyderabad with my mother. I believe that New Year or any other festival is the time to be with your family. And next day, like all the previous years, I will be going to the Tirupati Balaji temple before returning to work.

Fardeen Khan: We are going to the mountains this year. I'm off on a romantic holiday in Shimla for five days with my wife (Natasha) to celebrate New Year. I haven't been there earlier; so I'm looking forward to it.

Mughda Godse: This New Year's eve I'll be working and spend the rest of it with my family.

Celina Jaitley: I will be performing at the JW Marriott in Mumbai which means that I am making money this New Year.

Sushmita Sen: I am going to Goa or the Kerala backwaters. I haven't decided yet. I can't go out of India because my younger daughter doesn't have a passport yet.

Manoj Bajpayee: I will be in Delhi with my family. I will welcome 2010 with them at home. I will chat, dance, play music and eat... I'll do everything that makes one happy.

Sukhwinder Singh: I'll be home with friends to welcome the New Year. I'll sing and dance and be merry in general. I don't like going out because on New Year, all places are over crowded. Fun is when you are with friends and nothing is better than home.

Purab Kohli: I plan to be in Mumbai this New Year as it has been eight years since I've been spending this time here...I'm looking forward to a great party in 2010.

Rannvijay: I am going to my hometown Jalandhar after a very long time. I'll be spending my Christmas and New Year there with my family and friends.

Infidelity Is Okay

Angelina Jolie seems to be breaking up all the concepts that have been on people’s minds regarding their relationships.

In a recent interview that she gave to a German magazine, she came out with an explosive theory of her own, something that is not likely to be echoed in many quarters: that it is not important to be absolutely loyal to one’s partner in order to maintain a perfect relationship.

When asked if she maintained her relationship with Brad Pitt based on that principle, the Changeling and Tomb Raider star commented that she did not believe in restricting anyone’s life on the basis of some principle. She feels that it is important to provide ample space to one’s partner, even if that extends to compromising on one’s fidelity. She claims that though she has been in a pretty long relationship with Brad Pitt, they have never encroached on each other’s personal space.

It is normal and even healthy, to have occasional arguments with one’s partner, believes the actress who is rumored to have a notorious temper. It is worse to break up and then slander one’s partner than to be an infidel, according to the attractive brunette.

She does not believe that being in a relationship means that they have to be bound to each other all the time, and that it is okay to wander now and then. This sort of explains why, despite being dogged by numerous rumors of being on the verge of splitting, the couple has been going strong over the years. The secret, as can be gleaned from Angelina Jolie’s candid confession, lies in their open relationship.

Tiger Woods sex scandal turns-off netizens

Ever since golfer Tiger Woods' infidelities came out in the open, there has been a sharp decline in the number of men and women looking for affairs, claims a dating website.
Men looking for "discreet relationships" via dropped by 47.5 percent days after the scandal.

In fact, dating trends of more than 25,000 users of the website also showed a 19.7 percent fall in the numbers of women looking to "play away from home".

"I have never seen anything have such a profound impact on people's dating plans," the Daily Star quoted Sean Wood, of, as saying.

"I'm sure the figures will return but it seems fewer people are wanting to play away from home this Christmas, all thanks to Tiger," he added.

The website compared the numbers in the week before the Woods event with figures for two weeks later.

3 Idiots set to rake in Rs 65 cr in first 3 days

3 Idiots has passed the cinegoer’s test with flying colours. The Aamir Khan-starrer raked in Rs 12.5 crore on Friday. Experts estimate the movie to net Rs 40 crore over the first weekend from the box office, with gross collections of Rs 65 crore. Khan’s last release, Ghajini, earned around Rs 40 crore net in the first four days, since the movie released on a Thursday. Aamir Khan said: “The response is huge, we are still gathering the enormity of opening collections. To match Ghajini’s opening day collections is something, to surpass Ghajini is completely overwhelming.”

“3 Idiots would set the record for the biggest opening of this year,” added Ashish Saksena, COO, BIG Cinemas. Till date, Saif Ali Khan and Deepika Padukone starrer Love Aaj Kal topped the chart with net collections of Rs 28 crore on first three days, followed by Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani, featuring Katrina Kaif and Ranbir Kapoor and Akshay Kumar, Kareena Kapoor’s Kambakkht Ishq, both at around Rs 23-24 crore.

Across multiplexes, the movie has witnessed over 95 per cent occupancies. “The film has lived up to expectations. We are hoping the extended holiday on Monday will add to 3 Idiots’ festivity,” confirmed Alok Tandon, CEO, INOX Leisure.

“The movie definitely had a repeat value,” said a media expert. No wonder, the producer, Vidhu Vinod Chopra, was able to convince theatre chain owners to increase ticket prices 30 per cent for evening shows and almost 100 per cent for morning shows. Ticket prices now range between Rs 300 and Rs 350 per person for evening shows and Rs 100-120 for morning shows. 3 Idiots released with over 1,500 prints in India and 344 prints overseas.

Britney beats Obama as most searched celeb

Pop diva Britney Spears has beaten US President Barack Obama as the most searched for celebrity on the Internet in the last decade.

The singer shot to fame in 1998 with her debut track "Baby One More Time", and during her time in the limelight she has been married twice, given birth to two children and suffered a public meltdown, which saw her hospitalised on an involuntary psychiatric hold in 2008 and her drama-filled life has resulted in her being named the most popular celeb on the web, according to search engine Ask Jeeves, reports

US leader Barack Obama, who was elected president last year, came in second, while soccer ace David Beckham was the third most searched for star.

Late British royal Diana, Princess of Wales and former British Prime Minister Tony Blair rounded out the top five.

I will be back

Hollywood filmmaker James Cameron has said he is convinced Arnold Schwarzenegger will return to the big screen once his term as governor of California comes to an end.

The action hero who shot to international stardom in Cameron's 1984 movie "The Terminator" swapped acting for politics when he was elected to office in California in 2003. Schwarzenegger returned to the franchise created by Cameron in recent blockbuster "Terminator Salvation", but did not shoot new footage - his appearance was compiled using old film from the first sci-fi blockbuster.

Cameron however is convinced that Schwarzenegger will return to show-business when his time in office comes to an end in 2010, reports

"When he's done running the fifth largest economy in the world, he'll probably want to come back to acting. Although I can't speak for him, I know he loves it," said Cameron.

Paris Hilton shares bed with a pig!

Paris Hilton and her boyfriend Doug Reinhardt have found new bed partner in pig Princess Pigelette.

The socialite revealed that they often sleep together with her miniature pet pig. "Doug and I will be lying in bed, watching DVDs, and she''ll just lie there between us. She''s a little sweetheart and I love her," Contactmusic quoted her as telling Britain''s Hello! Magazine. She added: "My little brother bought a little pig when he was in Las Vegas and I was so jealous - I''ve always wanted one. “I went online and found these tiny teacup pigs that stay under 12lb when they''re fully grown. They''re incredibly smart, lovable, really clean and litter trained. "They''re so lovable and the love they give is unconditional. They make me happy and it feels good to have them around. I make sure I take very good care of them all - they''re like my children." Hilton has a total of 13 pets.

'Avatar' actress to play lustful lady in film

“Avatar” actress Sigourney Weaver is set to play an older teacher who lusts after a man almost half her age in a new comedy.

The actress, who turned 60 in October, is currently working on "Cedar Rapids", in which she portrays a veteran teacher who romances a 35-year-old former pupil, played by Ed Helms, reports She insists that relationships between older women and younger men are actually quite common. "I play his grade-school science teacher that he had a crush on. Years later, we consummate our relationship and are going out, but I have to break it off because he's so serious about me," she said.

Cruise sued for spying on magazine editor

Tom Cruise is being sued for allegedly spying on a magazine editor, according to reports.

As per documents obtained by, Michael Davis Sapir has claimed that the ‘Top Gun’ star hired a private investigator to illegally wiretap the magazine editor''s phone. Also, attorney Bert Fields and jailed private investigator Anthony Pellicano have been indicted. Cruise had first sued Sapir for 100 million dollars in 2001 after Sapir claimed to have video evidence that Cruise "engaged in a homosexual relationship". However, the case eventually resolved with the confirmation that no such tape existed, reports. But, now Sapir has alleged Pellicano illegally wiretapped his phone during the time the 2001 lawsuit was active.

Kim poses topless for salad advertisement

'Who says salads can't be hot' says Kim Kardashian as she strips off in a steamy advertisement for a new healthy range introduced by an American fast food joint.
The 29-year-old reality TV star who first became famous because of a leaked sex tape, seemed to take inspiration from the infamous home video for the advertisement, reported E! Online. The socialite stars in an advertisement for American fast food chain Carl's Jr. and manages to turn eating a salad into a highly sensual experience. Kardashian appears naked in the bath, apart from some strategically placed bubbles, in one scene while in the other she is seen writing around on a bed, eating a salad wearing nothing but a cream coloured robe. The second of the three Kardashian sisters, Kim has recently been on a health kick herself, slimming down after a magazine in the US released a photo of her that had not been retouched, exposing her cellulite. 'Complex' magazine mistakenly posted the wrong picture of the star, one that hadn't been touched up by the airbrush. The magazine quickly pulled the shot and replaced it with the official retouched photo, but not fast enough to prevent it spreading across the Internet.

Kate Hudson loves family feuds on X-Mas!

Hollywood actress Kate Hudson is looking forward to going home for the holidays because she loves watching her relatives bicker on Christmas.

The "Almost Famous" actress will take her young son Ryder back to the Colorado town where she grew up but admits the celebrations are often far from festive when her family begins feuding, reports "We go to Colorado every year where we grew up and just hang out. It's a great time because it's the one time when we all really get together. I can't wait to see who gets in the first argument, that's always a good one. There's always going to be one argument. There's always going to be the one that everybody's worried about in the family - always," she said. "There's always somebody saying, 'I'm really concerned about your brother or I'm really concerned about aunt so-and-so'," she added.

Dunst's 'Spider-Man' character to be killed?

Hollywood actress Kirsten Dunst's red-headed character Mary Jane from the "Spider-Man" franchise is reportedly going to be written off after the fourth instalment.

Insiders claim Dunst's character will be written off in the next movie and replaced by Anne Hathaway as Spider-Man's new love interest, reports "The plan is for her character to be written out, probably by dying. Anne will take over as Peter Parker's new love interest for this project and for 'Spider-Man 5' and 6 which are being written now," said a source. "Anne's in Los Angeles doing a lot of meetings on the movie, because filming is right around the corner," the source added.

Paris still hangs stockings for X-Mas!

Socialite heiress Paris Hilton has revealed she still makes her mother Kathy put out a stocking full of presents for Christmas.

"We usually open our presents first thing in the morning. I'm like a kid at this time of year and I just can't wait. I literally believed in Santa Claus until I was around 16! My mom still puts a stocking out for me so I can still pretend," Hilton, 28, said. The singer-actress-designer said: "I just love Christmas. It's a great excuse to go all out. I always spend the day with my family. This year we're doing it at home, which is really exciting. "My mom will cook an amazing meal and we'll eat lots and just spend time together. Later on in the day I'll invite some of my friends, whose parents have passed away or who don't have family in town to come over. I hate to think of anyone being on their own on Christmas Day," she added.

Lily Allen's mime worse than Britney

Lily Allen has pledged never to mime at a live concert, saying it would be embarrassing if she failed to get the words right.

The 24-year-old singer is set to tour Down Under where Britney Spears came under fire for lip-syncing during her Circus gigs. "I have never ever, ever lip-synced in my life. I think I would be even worse than Britney,” The Sun quoted Allen as saying. “I would get it so wrong. At least when I get the lyrics wrong you can hear me get them wrong! "If you could see my mouth saying something completely different as to what came out of the speaker that would be embarrassing!" she added.

Hollywood here comes

Divya Dutta like a true Libran surely knows how to balance work and pleasure.

The talented actress will be going to Los Angeles to have a meeting for another Hollywood biggie.

And that’s not it, after attending the meeting; Divya will welcome 2010 with her bunch of friends in the city of Angles. So looks like this trip will surely be rewarding for the actress form both the professional and personal side.

The icing on the cake was that recently the actress received an award for the ‘Best supporting actress in a Comic role’ for the movies ‘Welcome to Sajjanpur’ and ‘Love Khichdi’ racing past many other gifted actresses competing in the same category.

And that’s not it Divya is also wooing the hearts of millions by her stage shows.

Looks like the upcoming year has a lot in sort for Divya.

Hot Gul Panag's passion gets official recognition!

Gul Panag’s passion for cars and bikes has landed her on the jury panel of NDTV Profit Car and Bike Awards, 2010. Gul will be the first Bollywood actor to have been invited to be a jury member of the most credible of all auto industry awards.

Gul owns a Royal Enfield, a BMW F650 Funduro, a custom made 4X4 Scorpio and a BMW 520. Recently Gul was at the jury briefing in Hyderabad where she had the opportunity to test-drive all the nominated cars and bikes.

“I am a motor enthusiast and personally look into the maintenance of my bikes and cars. I keep a complete up-to-date track of all the cars and bikes being launched around the world.

In fact most of my male friends take my guidance before purchasing a new car or bike! It was fun to test drive all the nominated cars and bikes at the meet. I have completely enjoyed the process of selecting the ultimate winners. May the best wins, ” says Gul.

Last year Priyanka Chopra and Saif Ali Khan was felicitated as Brand Ambassadors of the year, but till date no prominent Bollywood personality has made it to the list of jury members.

The award function will be held on January 6, 2010 where the winners will be honored. The best of the cars and bikes will be awarded with the coveted trophies at Hyatt Regency, Delhi to coincide with the Auto Expo 2010.

Lady Gaga has a new boyfriend?

Pop star Lady Gaga is rumoured to have got a new boyfriend for herself and has been spending some quality time with him in Hollywood.

After she broke up with her latest boyfriend Speedy back in July, the Paparazzi hitmaker has found a new dating partner with whom she was spotted partying at Hyde in West Hollywood on Sunday night.

The identity of the person in question has not been revealed though, E! online reported.

"Gaga was partying at the lounge and getting intimate with a new boy-toy. The two were dancing and drinking and then left early by themselves," said a source.

"She was in a typical over-the-top getup, this time with silver studs, and her beau was in a jacket that matched the look. They sipped on Veuve (champagne) throughout the night," the source added.

The 24-year-old star and her ex-boyfriend was last seen together in June in Hawaii. The following month, it was reported that she was dumped by him after being caught cheating.

Susan Sarandon and Tim Robbins split up

Actors Susan Sarandon and Tim Robbins have announced their breakup after more than 20 years together, reports. “Actress Susan Sarandon and her partner of 23 years, actor Tim Robbins have announced that they separated over the summer,” Sarandon’s publicist said in a statement. “No further comments will be made.” The longtime couple have two children together, Jack, 20, and Miles, 17.

Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakquel (2009)

If only for the sake of adults, couldn't the folks behind the Alvin films have had the good grace to turn Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakquel into a musical? Like the original big-screen Alvin and the Chipmunks (2007), this new one is a slapstick pacifier, the kind of movie that features gags like Simon getting three-point-shotted into a wastebasket by an angry jock. Yes, griping about intentionally stupid jokes in an intentionally silly sequel seems like a churlish and rather pointless thing to do. Yet when Alvin, Simon, and Theodore take the stage to perform a number like "You Really Got Me" (sounding more like a pip-squeak Van Halen than the Kinks), or when they twirl around on top of a blender and toss off a smokin' a cappella version of "You Spin Me Round (Like a Record)," it's funky, charming, and — yes — irresistible. In the age of Glee and American Idol, when even little kids groove on the pop of different eras, the songs in Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakquel are natural-born showstoppers.

The trouble is, there are only three or four of them in the whole movie. My hopes were raised with the appearance of the Chipettes, a trio of Bambi-lashed female chipmunks who mail themselves to L.A. in a FedEx packet and sign a contract with Ian Hawk (David Cross), the evil agent-promoter from the first film. But they get to do exactly one song (it's a goodie, "Single Ladies"). Mostly, we're stuck with a lame plastic plot that has Alvin and his boys going to high school, plus Zachary Levi (from NBC's Chuck, essentially taking over for Jason Lee, who makes only a token appearance) doing sub-Adam Sandler routines as the chipmunks' caretaker. Will kids eat up this cutely fractious claptrap? Of course they will. They'll eat up whatever you put in front of them. But that doesn't make The Squeakquel good for them.

The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus

The passing of time has not lessened the shock of seeing Heath Ledger hanging from a noose — the late actor's very first scene as a slippery businessman named Tony in The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus. But it's just as well that death's reality is acknowledged up front; after that, the surreality of Terry Gilliam's existential fantasia soon absorbs Ledger — as well as the bonus trio of stars pitching in, of sad necessity, as versions of Tony. Johnny Depp, Jude Law, and Colin Farrell all don Tony's ice-cream-white suit during Gilliam's rambling meditation on destiny, free will, the magic of the sideshow life, and the lure of the devil. And they dust the director's characteristically squirrelly, dense, and visually overloaded project with the sparkle of celebrity.

Tom Waits adds his own pixie dust as the devil, come to collect on a deal made long ago with Dr. P himself (Christopher Plummer, an excellent conjurer). But as is so often the case since his Monty Python days, Gilliam is best at visual games and weakest at storytelling. In Imaginarium, individual scenes are dazzling (a disappearance through a mirror, a walk on stilts that reach to the sky). But the assembled moments amount to a portfolio of collages — in this case, with a memorial theme.

China should let more movies in

BEIJING — Hollywood director James Cameron urged China to open its doors to more foreign films, arguing it would boost the local cinema industry after the WTO ruled Beijing was illegally restricting movie and other media imports.

In Beijing to promote his latest sci-fi extravaganza, "Avatar," Cameron said Wednesday that China's breakneck economic growth meant it no longer needed measures to protect its film industry.

"China's economy is expanding very, very rapidly. And I think the feeling right now is that perhaps it doesn't need to be protecting itself quite as much," Cameron, the director of blockbusters that include "Terminator 2: Judgment Day" and "Titanic," told reporters. "Chinese filmmakers are very strong ... they're highly respected."

The Chinese government protects local films by limiting the number of film imports on a revenue-sharing basis to 20 a year, a quota that effectively limits Hollywood blockbusters to 20 slots annually.

These and other restrictions have been a key complaint by Western countries, who say that China's rapid rise as a trade power has been in part aided by unfair policies that boost sales of Chinese goods abroad while limiting imports into its market.

"I think that by opening the doors in China to other filmmakers, it will raise the entire film industry in China," Cameron said. "It will get people more excited, there will be more seats, more cinemas, more excitement about the cinema-going experience, which will also raise the Chinese filmmakers' ability to play their films."

On Monday, a World Trade Organization panel upheld a ruling in a case brought by the U.S. government that China was obstructing trade by forcing foreign suppliers to distribute movies, music and books through state-owned companies.

China expressed disappointment at the decision but gave no immediate sign whether it could keep trying to defend the controls.

The WTO case focused on complaints by groups representing music labels such as EMI and Sony Music Entertainment, publishers including McGraw Hill and Simon & Schuster and Hollywood studios Warner Bros., Disney, Paramount, Universal and 20th Century Fox. The groups say the Chinese rules cost them tens of millions of dollars each year in lost business opportunities.

China's box office is booming, but still comparatively small compared to the U.S. market. Government statistics show that revenues surged from 920 million yuan in 2003 to 4.3 billion yuan ($630 million) in 2008 — compared to $9.8 billion in the U.S. last year.

"Avatar" is a special-effects heavy space fantasy starring Sam Worthington and Zoe Saldana that combines an inter-species love story with human-alien conflict over natural resources on a distant planet in the 22nd century. The film opens in Chinese cinemas in 2-D and 3-D in January

Madonna is decade's most famous celebrity

Madonna has been named the ‘Most famous celebrity of the decade’ after grabbing more column inches than any other star.

A study of celebrity reports from British national newspapers showed that, Robbie Williams, who has enjoyed comeback success this year, was the most written-about male celebrity of the past 10 years.

With a high profile marriage and divorce, adoption bids and one of the most successful careers around, Madonna has accrued 45,633 mentions over the decade. This was around 17,000 more news articles than her nearest rival Williams. The study was commissioned by online UK TV channel Liv.

"This is a fascinating insight into which celebrities have real showbiz staying power with the UK print press and have proved their popularity over the last decade. Madonna's ability to be able to re-invent herself and her image has meant she has stayed at the top of her game throughout the noughties and we salute the queen of pop," the Telegraph quoted Alex Ayling, Liv commissioning executive, as saying.

The results were calculated by TNS Media Intelligence using British national newspapers.

The top 10 celebrities in the Column Inch Countdown for the last decade, with the total number of articles:

1. Madonna 45,633
2. Robbie Williams 27,976
3. Britney Spears 27,910
4. Brand Beckham (Posh and Becks) 26,561
5. Kate Moss 26,494
6. Victoria Beckham 25,204
7. David Beckham 24,631
8. Michael Jackson 22,426
9. Simon Cowell 22,263
10. Sir Paul McCartney 20,347

Zeta-Jones' agent slams her breast flashing reports

Hollywood actress Catherine Zeta-Jones' representative has blasted reports the actress accidentally flashed a nipple during a recent performance of her Broadway show "A Little Night Music", branding the rumours "completely false".The Welsh beauty appears onstage alongside Angela Lansbury in the Stephen Sondheim play, which opened at New York's Walter Kerr Theatre earlier this month.Recent reports claimed that Zeta-Jones inadvertently bared her breast to some shocked members of the audience during a show last week, in a scene where she reportedly turns her back on the crowd and opens her kimono to flash her long lost lover, reports star's spokesperson has slammed the claims, insisting that she never disrobes throughout the whole play."The report is completely false. Catherine is never 'naked' in any part of 'A Little Night Music'. She is, and always has been, completely covered in flesh colored undergarments," said the representative.

Taylor Swift felt rejected at school

Taylor Swift has revealed that she was unlucky in love with boys at school.

The ‘Love Story’ hitmaker, who admits her songs are laced with feelings of rejection from her days at high school in Nashville, Tennessee, said that she used to give her crushes advice on gifts for their girlfriends.

The singer, recently been linked to Twilight hunk Taylor Lautner, still remembers her bad luck with boys during her formative years.

"I used to say I had a condition called girl-next-door-itis. I'd always be really good friends with the guy and then he'd ask me what to get his girlfriend for Valentine's Day and I'd hide my feelings and smile and give him great ideas," Contactmusic quoted Swift as saying.

When Theron almost fell into the casting couch

Oscar winning actress Charlize Theron has recently revealed details of how she nearly fell victim to the casting couch culture in Hollywood.

The South African star moved to California at the age of 19 to try her luck in the movies. Theron, who won an Oscar for the 2003 drama "Monster", admits it was tough trying to make it in show business and she saw the darker side of Hollywood first hand, reported

Narrating the incident, she said, "I thought it was a little odd that the audition was on a Saturday night at his house in Los Angeles, but I thought maybe that was normal.

"He was in his Hugh Hefner pyjamas, I go inside and he's offering me a drink, and I'm thinking, my god this acting stuff is very relaxed.

"But it soon becomes very clear what the situation was. I was like, 'Not going to happen! Got the wrong girl, buddy!'"

Fergie suffers wardrobe malfunction on Nine set

Black Eyed Peas' vocalist Fergie is said to have accidentally flashed the cast and crew of musical movie Nine when she kept flying out of her corset while doing a saucy dance routine.

Fergie, 34, real name Stacy Ann Ferguson, plays the part of vampish prostitute Saraghinain in the Rob Marshall movie, and she has to perform a vigorous all-singing all-dancing routine in the film.

According to, Fergie's skimpy outfit could barely contain her assets, and the movie's costume designer Colleen Atwood was forced to rethink the star’s clothing after the embarrassing wardrobe malfunction.

"Fergie's dance was all about keeping Fergie in the corset. It was a really tiny corset and (it) didn’t have straps," the Daily Express quoted Atwood as saying.

"We had to add them in the end because, with all that dancing, she was just flying out of it," she added.


"Radio" starts off in a way similar to "Love Aaj Kal", just like the Saif Ali Khan-Deepika Padukone film began with a break up, "Radio" has a divorce starting the proceedings. To the credit of director Ishaan Trivedi, Himesh Reshammiya and a couple of well integrated songs as part of the background score, "Radio" manages to impress in the first 30 minutes.

The way scenes unfold is indeed different. The unique narrative keeps one reasonably engrossed in the proceedings. But once the conflict in RJ Himesh's personal life is established with two women (ex-wife Sonal Sehgal and co-RJ Shenaz Treasuryvala) adding to the confusion, the movie starts meandering.

The writer's intent about showing past love coming back in the protagonist's life is understandable but somehow the final outcome isn't engrossing enough.

Yes, the songs are soothing but they are so many and come in quick succession that they tend to become distracting after a while. Moreover, the proceedings cease to be gripping enough with the drama fast losing its sheen.

The silver lining here are the performances. Himesh shows improvement over his "Aap Kaa Surroor" and "Karzzzz' days and comes up with a natural act for most part of the film. Enacting emotional scenes is his forte, as evidenced in his countless music videos, and this is on full display in "Radio" as well. Watch out for the sensitive moments that he shares with both the women.

Shenaz as well as Sonal fit into their parts quite well. In fact they not just look good but also stay within their characters to come up with an act that is definitely better than expected from people who have just started off. Yes, they do become part of a couple of inexplicable and embarrassing scenes like the one where they start breaking the plates in a restaurant. Or the one where Shenaz dresses up as a clown. But leaving such aberrations aside, they do show sparks.

One can't fathom though the need to have Paresh Rawal in the narrative. He is completely isolated from the storyline and fails to give a final punch in the finale. Paresh Rawal's role seems to be a case of a last moment addition in the script. As a prank caller hired by the radio station, his jokes fall flat. And he doesn't share a frame with any other actor even once.

The second half of the film doesn't quite stand strong on it's feet. A scene or two do bring in an emotional touch to the story but beyond that "Radio" doesn't quite get the right tuning on. In the end, what remains with audiences is a good soundtrack and performances.

One can clearly sense that Himesh has made a sincere effort to stand tall as a leading man in a non-masala film like "Radio". He cannot be written off yet and has it in him to do more movies provided he gets a better platform.

Rocket Singh - Salesman of the Year

They say, ‘Show class, have pride, and display character. If you do, winning takes care of itself.’ And whoever they are, they're often right.

Like any other business, sales and service fundamentals are no rocket science. All it needs is honesty, dedication and integrity. But the blitzkrieg of cold calls and unsolicited offers on your phone everyday show that these virtues haves been mothballed for good. Poor Harpreet Singh Bedi (Ranbir Kapoor) who has ‘just’ passed his college hasn’t learnt these tricks of the trade yet.

His mark sheet is an embarrassment but that never stopped him from dreaming of an exciting and adventurous career in ‘AYS sales’. He is like an honest professional, who lived in every one of us before those unreasonable deadlines, targets and peer pressure got better of us. Soon, his idea of success begins to clash with the ‘professional’ ways of his colleagues, team leader and the boss.

But Harpreet who has inherited nothing but integrity and a modest scooter from his fuddy-duddy grandpa (Prem Chopra) refuses to give in to this chicanery. Instead he forms his very own, at your service 24x7 Rocket Sales Corp. that works from the AYS premises itself.

With his honesty pep talk he also poaches the ‘best’ AYS talent which includes, his sales shark team leader (Naveen Kaushik), perennial lech techie Giri (D. Santosh), hot customer relations manager Koena (Gauhar Khan) and an office boy Chhote Lal (Mukesh Bhatt) better known as ‘cup-plate’.

Together they restore the idea that business is not just about numbers but it’s about people and when people are happy numbers surge anyway.

As the orders start pouring in and sales sky-rocket, AYS begins to feel the heat. What follows is Harpreet’s conquest over the ideas which AYS boss (Manish Choudhari) considers mainstays of any sales business.

Rocket Singh works fantastically due to Jaideep Sahni’s crisp story and dialogues, Shimit Amin’s taut direction and Ranbir’s pristine performance as he plays the desi Jerry Maguire. As for women, it is Gauhar Khan and not Shazahn Padamsee who steals the limelight. Prem Chopra is delight to watch after a long, long time.

Salim-Sulaiman's music & background score is easy on the ears and never hinders the pace of the story. All in all there is no stopping this Rocket Singh and if you like some uncluttered entertainment you know where to board this flight.

Raat Gayi Baat Gayi

3 couples, an 8-year-old marriage and a one-night-stand to end all others. Percept Picture Company and PNC presents a Rajat Kapoor production of the year’s most outrageously funny comedy that starts with a night of questions and ends up in bed with zero answers!

‘Raat Gayi Baat Gayi’ catches Rahul (Rajat Kapoor) waking up on a very heavily hung-over morning with his wife Mitali’s (Iravati Harshe) constant cribbing.

Whilst her voice crashes through his head he remembers snatches of a conversation he had the previous night, at a party, with a stunning young woman, Sophia (Neha Dhupia).

As he blinks through his thoughts he stumbles on the fact that one thing led to another and Sophia and he got drunk, talked a lot and finally ended up in bed making crazy love to each other-or did they? The end of the night remains hazy.

What’s worse is that Mitali just can’t seem to keep it together around him- she’s livid, she’s upset, she’s not telling him why- all rolled into one and Rahul keeps thinking back to the previous night and wondering if she caught a whiff of what happened the previous night with Sophia.

As Rahul chases his night for answers, his friends Saxena (Dalip Tahil) and Amit (Vinay Pathak) are suffering through their own marital crises! This one’s an outlandish comedy from the team of ‘Bheja Fry’ that promises no dull moments!

Keira Knightley poses nude for artist

English actress Keira Knightley has reportedly stripped off to pose naked for an acclaimed artist.

The Pirates of the Caribbean actress, who bared all to film a bath scene with Sienna Miller in their 2008 movie The Edge of Love, has allegedly been shedding her clothes during sessions at London's Halcyon Gallery for Mitch Griffiths, reports

"It's considered a great honour to be painted by Mitch. He is a highly respected nude painter and is painting a number of subjects for an exhibition next year. He is delighted Keira agreed to take part," said a source.

Working in Playboy was like family affair

Former "Baywatch" star Pamela Anderson has claimed working in "Playboy" was like a "family" affair.

The former model who first posed for the adult publication at the age of 22 insists she never felt exploited by the magazine's founder Hugh Hefner when she stripped for pictures and was always comfortable in his company, reports

"It felt like a real family environment. Once I got to know Hugh Hefner I saw that he was, in fact, a real supporter of women. 'Playboy' wasn't exploitative at all and it was my decision," she said.

The 44-year-old also revealed she was encouraged to flash her flesh by her mother who thought it would help make her more feminine after she was approached to pose while working as a waitress.

"My mom was supportive - she told me to go for it. I was always a tomboy and she thought it would be good to look back on one day," she said.

Sushmita’s aziz man

Mudassar Aziz , Sushmita Sen’s latest man and director says that the Sush starrer Dulha Mil Gaya is essentially a light hearted fun film, that keeps entertaining you and making you laugh “The film comes a point in the film where it raises a question about your relationships,” he says.

But will Sushmita Sen say 'Dulha Mil Gaya' after Mudassar has become aziz to her? “I cannot answer that query. That’s the question you are asking her, and so I won’t be able to answer on her behalf,” he says smartly answering your question from his side.

“But having said that, it is essential for a director to certain length that his leading lady is looking good onscreen and I have made sure of that. Sushmita is an electrifying actress,” he gushes.

Kourtney Kardashian's Family Welcomes Baby Boy Mason Dash Disick

Kourtney Kardashian gave birth to her son, Mason Dash Disick, on Monday, and obviously the Kardashians want to share their excitement with the world.

Kourtney's younger sister took to her Twitter account, posting, "I'm an auntie!!!! My little Mason Dash Disick is here!!! We are so happy!"

Kim, along with mom Kris, stopped by E!'s "Chelsea Lately," where they said they couldn't cancel their appearance on the show, even sharing they were wearing the same outfits on the show they had worn to the hospital. "We have to think of another name [besides grandma]. This is getting crazy. We're really, really excited and it's been an amazing evening," Kris said. "[Mason]'s in my dressing room — is that wrong?"

Rob Kardashian's ex-girlfriend Adrienne Bailon also turned to Twitter to wish Kourtney and Scott all the best in their new roles as parents. "Congratulations!!! @KourtneyKardash I LOVE YOU!!!," she wrote, adding, "And #Masondashdisick ha! Happy Birthday!!!"

Kourtney, who announced her pregnancy in August as she was promoting her show, "Kourtney & Khloé Take Miami," spoke to E! News about adding son Mason to the family, noting that she was excited to be having a boy. "A boy is definitely needed in this family!" Kourtney said in October. "Scott and I are thrilled to add a little boy to the bunch."

She later shared that she thought her younger sister Kim would be the first to start a family. "She definitely thought it was going to be her first. Kim has, like, every baby name picked out," the "Keeping Up With the Kardashians" star said. "Out of all of us, I was definitely the last one that was even thinking about it."

Between Kourtney's new baby and Khloé's wedding, it's been a big year for the Kardashians, who were chosen as MTV News' #9 Women of the Year.

Aamir shows up, disappears again

Looks like round one goes to Aamir Khan. The actor who has disappeared from Mumbai as part of a game for his forthcoming 3 Idiots, revealed himself briefly in Varanasi before vanishing to another city.
True to his reputation as a perfectionist, Khan disguised himself as an elderly Banarasi Babu before venturing out into the temple city. In keeping with his first clue: ‘Maa ke aangan mein raat bitaaun’, Khan chose Varanasi because his mother Zeenat was born there.
It is believed he also visited the Dasaswameth Ghat where his mother often went for boat rides as a child. Although his grandparents moved to another bigger place, Khan was said to be keen on visiting his mother’s first home, Khwaja Manzil in the Tiliya Nala locality.
According to a source close to his family, Khan called his mother in Mumbai and asked for directions to her home. “Aamir’s mother simply refused to believe that he was in Varanasi. So he gave the phone to a local and asked him to tell his mother of his whereabouts. Since he was in disguise, the locals couldn’t recognise him,” the source said.
After a lot of searching, Khan did find his mother’s first home and met the current owners. He’s also said to have spend the night there as the guest of the current owners.
On early Sunday morning, when the actor revealed his real identity to all the people who had helped him the previous day, shock and awe were writ large on their faces. “However, news of his presence in Varanasi spread so fast that more than 10,000 people reached there to see him. The police was called in for crowd control. But by 8 am he had disappeared again,” says our source.
Late Sunday evening, Khan gave the second clue to his whereabouts. It is believed that this hide-and-seek game — which he calls Alternative Reality Game — with the audience is the actor’s brainwave to generate hype for 3 Idiots, which releases this Christmas.

Kate Winslet named best actress at European film awards

Kate Winslet was named best actress at the European Film Awards this weekend for her Oscar-winning performance in Holocaust drama The Reader.

Director Stephen Daldry collected the prize on her behalf at the ceremony, held in the German city of Bochum.

British film-maker Ken Loach received a lifetime achievement award, while Danny Boyle's Slumdog Millionaire picked up a People's Choice prize.

Austere German drama The White Ribbon was named best European film of 2009.

The film - winner of the prestigious Palme d'Or at Cannes - received additional awards for its direction and script, both collected by Austria's Michael Haneke.

Prison drama

Tahar Rahim, a French actor of Algerian descent, was named best actor at Saturday's event for his role in prison drama A Prophet.

French star Isabelle Huppert, meanwhile, received a special award for "European achievement in world cinema".

Katalin Varga, a UK co-production made in Romanian and Hungarian by British director Peter Strickland, was named "European discovery" of 2009.

Hosted by Germany for alternate years, the awards have been bestowed by the European Film Academy since 1988.

Last year's ceremony, held in the Danish capital Copenhagen, saw Italian mafia drama Gomorra won five prizes including best film.

Tara Reid poses topless for Playboy

Actress Tara Reid, who was left with a scarred stomach after a liposuction procedure went wrong, has posed topless for Playboy magazine to prove that her body looks fine.She said, "It wasn't a good surgery, it happens sometimes. I got it fixed and now I'm OK, and I want people to know that I'm OK. I've been OK now for the last five or six years but people only show old pictures which is so unfair and that's part of the reason why I did the Playboy shoot - to show the world this is me and this is what I look like."Reid, 34, had been offered to strip for the publication several times in the past but she had always turned down the opportunity."I have been offered to pose for the magazine in the past but I didn't really think it was the right time. I was younger and I am in my 30's now and I feel that I am at the best age in my life - mentally, physically and spiritually," she said."So many unbelievable stars have done it throughout the years and I figured, 'Why not?' "

Kate Hudson's sexy dress leaves son, 5, shocked

Actress Kate Hudson’s five-year-old son was shocked to see her in a sexy costume for new movie musical ‘Nine’.

The 30-year-old beauty was wearing a sparkling silver mini dress in one song and dance scene but her glamorous film look left young Ryder shocked when he paid his mum a visit on set.

“Ryder came to the set when I was doing my number and I remember him feeling (shocked),” the Daily Express quoted her as saying.

“He actually grabbed my face at one point when I took him up onstage when I was wearing all the (clothes) – to him, it must have looked like, ‘What is my mother doing? This is so embarrassing.’ He looked at my face and went, ‘Mum, everybody’s staring at you,’” she added.

However, the ‘Brides War’ star says she can sympathise with her son because she experienced the same shock whenever her actress-mother Goldie Hawn wore revealing dresses.

“I kinda understand what he was getting at. One time my mum came out wearing this little red dress. And I had that feeling like, ‘Everyone’s gonna be looking at you!’” she added.

Gardening is Nicole Kidman's stress-buster

The 42-year-old mum-of-three, who is married to country singer Keith Urban, said she picked the habit from her mother.

“I grew up with a mother who, when she was stressed, would go out and garden,” the Daily Express quoted her as saying.

“Somehow, that’s rubbed off on my sister and myself. My dad got my sister and I running and my mum would garden.

“My sister runs, I run and we’re both gardeners. I’m about to start on roses,” she added

Mischa Barton prefers kissing girls

The former The O.C. star mentioned she felt more comfortable doing love scenes with women. "I don''t know why that keeps coming up. It doesn''t annoy me that much. It''s so much easier to kiss another girl,” Fox News quoted her as saying.

She added: “You''re so much more relaxed filming and you can have a laugh. It can get a bit tense with a guy."
Barton has done love scenes with other girls in The O.C. and 2008 film ‘You and I.’

She further said she has never really felt heartbroken. She said: "I''ve never been dumped. One tried to make it quite mutual though so that felt as close to dumping as I''ve got. I kind of lost it and was like, ''You are not turning this on me. I dumped you first.''

"I felt like my heart was broken at the end of a couple of relationships but it wasn''t really."

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