Has Samantha Fox lost her curves?

Ms Fox, well known for her yummylicious body, had everyone asking, “Where have your curves gone, Samantha? She showed off a very slight frame as she left a TV appearance.

We all remember her for her curvy figure and an impressive bosom that became her bread and butter when she shot to fame as a young girl.

But Samantha Fox looked a shadow of her former self as she left a television studio looking a lot skinnier than in recent years.

The former topless model was snapped leaving the ITV studios in London yesterday having been a guest on the daily chat show, Loose Women. And she looked very tiny, her former curves almost non-existent as she posed for photographers outside the studios.

Although she was wearing black, which is known to be a slimming colour, her face looked very gaunt, and the tiredness around her eyes all too clear to see.

C’mon Sammy. Don’t be this way. We want the curvy Touch Me (I Want Your Body) star back again!

Vidya’s crash course in belly dancing

Actress Vidya Balan, who is doing her first ever special dance number in Santosh Sivan’s movie Urmi, is attempting to pull off belly dancing. We have learnt through sources close to the actor that she has hired a belly dancing instructor who is giving her a crash course in the dance genre.

We have also heard that Vidya is putting in at least five hours a day to master the dance form before she goes ahead with the shoot. “Many people in Bollywood who do particularly difficult dance sequences like belly dancing have been caught off guard while shooting and the result on screen has been heavily criticised because they did it without mastering the art.

We all know that Vidya is a perfectionist and her awards and accolades speak for itself. The minute she heard that she is going to do a belly dancing act, she got herself a trainer to teach her the tricks of the dance form. It will be interesting to see Vidya do belly dancing,” says an informer close to the star. We have also learnt that Santosh has been so impressed with Vidya’s dedication that from doing just an dance number, she will now be doing a cameo, too.

Ali Zafar fails to recognise Kat

Actor Ali Zafar who made an impressive Bollywood debut in 'Tere Bin Laden' managed to steal the limelight once again at a party, when he failed to recognise actress Katrina Kaif. It is common knowledge that Ali and Katrina have been signed on for Yash Raj's next film. So, when Katrina spotted her going to be co-star she thought it would be nice if she went up to him and made some polite conversation.

Katrina, was instead, greeted by a blank Ali Zafar. The actress however handled the situation with much aplomb, and gracefully introduced herself. She said, "Yes, this incident did happen. But it's no big deal. Ali Zafar is new. I've been around for about four years, and I still don't know everyone."

The following day, Katrina and Ali Zafar met again at the Yash Raj office. This time it was Ali's time to get embarrassed when Katrina approached him with a 'I hope you recognise me this time' statement. However, all's well between Katrina and Ali and they're both looking forward to shooting for their film.

Emma Watson in dorm evacuation

Harry Potter star Emma Watson was caught up in an emergency at her university on Tuesday after a leaking steam pipe prompted an evacuation of her dorm.

The actress, who is studying English Literature at Rhode Island's prestigious Brown University, was among a number of students who were forced out of the building in their pyjamas when a fire alarm sounded early in the morning.

A source tells TMZ.com the alarm was triggered by a faulty steam pipe which was later fixed and pupils were allowed to return to their rooms.

Pink 'sparks pregnancy rumours'

Pink has been seen with a fuller stomach, sparking rumours that she might be pregnant.

The singer is married to motocross racer Carey Hart but the pair previously split for several months and then reunited when they both regretted ending their relationship.

The couple have both said that they want to start a family together and Pink has now finished her 'Funhouse' tour.

The 31-year-old was seen in a gas station in Beverly Hills, where her stomach reportedly looked bigger than usual when her purple top blew back.

Pink apparently did not seem concerned about her weight gain and was laughing and joking with Hart.

Audrina Patridge 'fancies Johnny Depp'

Audrina Patridge has revealed that she has a crush on Johnny Depp and Henry Cavill.

The former Hills star admitted that she would love to meet Depp because he is a "hunk".

She told BANG Showbiz: "It would be a dream to meet Johnny Depp. Definitely. I know it sounds like so cliched, but Johnny Depp is a hunk."

Patridge added that she thinks British actor Henry Cavill is "such a handsome man".

She said: "I've been saying this a lot. I'd love to meet Henry Cavill, he's from The Tudors with Jonathan Rhys Meyers.

"If he ever reads this, or sees this, he's probably just going to think I'm some crazy stalker fan. I just think he's such a handsome man and he comes across as very respectable and carries himself very well."

I dream of being married

Katrina Kaif reveals how important marriage is for her in the latest issue of Cosmopolitan.

In an interview, she states: "I belong to the mindset where having a husband and children are very important. I dream of being married and having kids and living happily ever after.

That's me. " But may we remind her that the first step towards realising her dream is admitting she is in a relationship.

Courtesy: Mid-Day.com

Racy lesbian show on BBC

Its hot and its got a whole lot of girl on girl action but the new racy drama on BBC has come under fire for its graphic lesbian content.

Lip Service, which will broadcast on BBC Three next month, has already set tongues wagging thanks to its sexplicit girl-on-girl bedroom scenes.

The controversial series stars `Vanilla Sky` star Laura Fraser and former `Hollyoaks` beauty Roxanne McKee.

"Lip Service has the same buzz as Queer As Folk but might prove too edgy. There are a lot of naked sex scenes between women. Bosses think it`s too explicit for BBC1 - so they`re starting it on Three," News of the World quoted an insider as saying.

"Is this an attempt by the BBC to try and gain ratings?" added the insider.

Talking about an orgasm she has in a lesbian scene, Roxanne said: "It turns into a When Harry Met Sally moment. I was encouraged to make it a lot louder than it would ever be in real life."

All we can ask is, “when does it come on?”

Australian blunder over wrong Next Top Model

SYDNEY: The showpiece finale of a popular Australian reality modelling show ended in a toe-curling blunder when the wrong winner was announced on live television.

Australia's Next Top Model's two finalists had already made their winner's and loser's speeches when presenter Sarah Murdoch, daughter-in-law of media tycoon Rupert Murdoch, revealed the mix-up.

"Oh my God, I don't know what to say right now. I'm feeling a bit sick about this," Murdoch said during Tuesday's broadcast. "This is what happens on live TV, folks. This is insane, insane, insane."

A bewildered Amanda Ware, 18, finally accepted the award and made a brief victory sashay down the catwalk, as 19-year-old Kelsey Martinovich took the bizarre defeat gracefully.

"It's an honest mistake, it's fine," she said, consoling the red-faced Murdoch.

Broadcaster Foxtel blamed the error on a "miscommunication" between backstage operators, and offered Martinovich a cash gift and a trip to New York as compensation.

Local media rated the error as one of the most embarrassing moments on Australian TV. "And the next top model is... no, wait a second," headlined the Daily Telegraph.

Judge Alex Perry later denied the incident was a publicity stunt to boost the show's ratings.

"I would stake my life on it," he told Sydney's 2DayFM radio.

"There's no way that she (Murdoch) would do that. I think you saw that the instant that she knew something was wrong, you could see it in her eyes, that wasn't lying, that wasn't acting."

Sexy naagin Mallika coming soon!

Split Image Pictures brings, in association with Venus Records and Tapes; India's first ever creature - feature film with the most stunning, never-before seen effects!

Come October, Mallika Sherawat is all set to scorch the silver screen by respiring one of the most mystical and fascinating characters of Bollywood – the 'Naagin' in the riveting thriller 'HISSS'!

Directed by renowned Hollywood filmmaker Jennifer Lynch, 'HISSS' has created quite a stir across the globe for its interesting amalgamation of the superstars of Bollywood and top technicians of the west.

Produced by Split Image Pictures Pvt Ltd and presented by Venus Records and Tapes Pvt Ltd, the film also stars renowned actor Irrfan Khan and the very versatile Divya Dutta along with American actor Jeff Doucette in prime roles.

As the story goes, the movie is about the Vengeance of Naagin, the Snake Woman whose mate is captured from the jungles of India by a ruthless American George States (Jeff Douchette).

She transforms into a stunningly attractive woman (Mallika Sherawat) with absolutely no clue about contemporary civilization or the ways of mankind, and ventures into the city in desperate search for her lover with vengeance on her mind and venom in her fangs.

What follows is a chase at breakneck speed, with horrifying deaths, narrow escapes and special effects never before seen in India!

Irrfan Khan, known for his power packed performances plays a detective on the hunt for the ruthless Naagin. Robert Kurtzman, make-up and special effects expert from Hollywood whose previous works include films like Predators, Vanilla Sky, Spy Kids, Hulk, etc has worked his magic on the 'Naagin' to create the most magnificent creatures of all time!

Packed with gripping performances and thrilling twists and turns, HISSS not only revisits the popular Naagin saga but also reveals the untold truth about this centuries old legend in the most fascinating manner!

What's more - the film's soundtrack is as exciting as the film itself; with pioneering collaborations between the east and the west! Besides having compositions by talented musicians like David Kushner, Panjabi MC, Alexander Von Bubenheim and LA Hip-Hop mogul Craig Nobles, Mallika Sherawat herself has lent her sexy voice to a song composed by Julian Lennon, a famous musician in his own right besides being the first son of the late Beatle founder John.

Renowned Bollywood music composer Anu Malik has also composed a special 'Holi' number for the film!

Produced by Vikram Singh, Govind Menon and William Sees Keenan and Co-Produced by Ratan Jain, 'HISSS' is slated for release on 22nd October' 10.

Steven Spielberg angers villagers

Filmmaker Steven Spielberg has attracted the fury of residents of a British village, who are accusing him of disrupting their lives while shooting for his new film War Horse.

The Jurassic Park director is busy filming the movie - adapted from a play about a young man who joins the cavalry in a bid to save his beloved horse - in picturesque Castle Combe, Wiltshire.

While Spielberg has reimbursed residents whose homes are being used in the movie, the people are fed up with the project's lengthy schedule and the tight security, reports torontosun.com.

"It makes me so angry that I can't even take my car out of my drive. The level of security is ridiculous. I'm ready for them to leave now," said a villager.

Family From TLC’s ‘Sister Wives’ Under Felony Investigation

By now, you’ve probably seen the ads for ‘Sister Wives,’ a reality television show on TLC which follows the life of a polygamous family. Well, it looks like the public isn’t the only ones who have seen the advertisements.

Apparently, law-enforcement officials in Utah have seen them as well. They are planning to launch a full-on investigation. The groups could be charged with a felony.

Kody Brown is the patriarch of the family. He is married to three women, is thinking about wedding a fourth and is the father of 13 children. Some are biological and the others are step-children.

Weirdly, the family, doesn’t seem to be upset about the possibility of ending up in jail. In fact, they are speaking out, claiming that the show is worth the risks. They have stated that they understood there was the possibility that they could land themselves in some trouble but decided that they were ready and willing to handle the consequences.

I think “arrangements” such as these are really weird. Why a woman would knowingly share her husband with 3 other women and have kids involved is beyond me. It;s hard imagining that someone could be so desperate. I wonder what the children think. Perhaps this kind of thing is normal where they live and so they’re not bothered. They do live in Utah, a state which tends to be more lax about this type of thing.

Bristol Palin’s Nacho Controversy

It looks like Bristol Palin might be in trouble for eating nachos of all things. There is photographic evidence of Alaska’s most famous daugher stuffing her face with the delicious treat. You may be wondering why or how nachos would cause such a big deal, well keep reading.

Bristol was snacking in an Alaskan bar. Indivduals under the age of 21 are not allowed in bars. There is one exception. If the bar is also a restaurant, a person under 21 may enter, but they must be with someone older then 21 and they can not be drinking.

So far, it looks like Bristol is free an clear. Though she is younger then 21, the bar was also a restaurant and she was in the company of someone 24 years old. These little facts, however, have not stopped authorities from investigating the entire incident. After seeing Bristol in the bar with her dancing partner, they decided to look into it. Unless pictures are found which show her throwing back a few she should be all good. Stay tuned…..

Lindsay Lohan Re-Enrolls in Rehab

The last month or so has been a whirlwind for Lindsay Lohan. She managed to get released early from rehab, fail two drug test, got thrown in jail and released. Well, the saga continues.

Word is, Lindsay has re-enrolled in a drug rehab program, this time in Orange County. She has reportedly enrolled for a 90 day stint. But with Lohan, who knows how long she will actually stay put.

If, after October 21, the date of her next hearing in her probation violation case, she gets put in jail for 30 days, it really won’t matter how long she plans on staying in the program. The program would be interrupted because she would have to go to jail.

This latest rehab stay would be her fifth. Needless to say, Lindsay is no stranger to rehab. Hopefully, she will finally get the help that she so desperately needs.

Beyond the money, I hope Lohan turns things around because drug addiction can quickly become a matter of life or death. If she doesn’t do something, things could end very badly for the young starlet.

Paul Wall Attacks Rowdy Fan

Paul Wall, the gangster rapper, recently got a bit, actually really, perturbed during a recent concert and it was all caught on tape. Wall was in the middle of a set in San Antonio when a disrespectful fan crossed him the wrong way.

Reportedly the fan gave the ‘gangsta grills’ maven the middle finger. Paul didn’t take too kindly to the gesture and things got a little violent, with Paul dishing out a beat-down with the microphone.

The altercation took place at the San Antonio Low Low Car Show. Wall was performing with fellow Texan and rapper, Slim Thug. Right before Wall goes crazy on the dude, the two exchange a few words. Obviously Paul didn’t like what was said and decided to respond with a bit of fist-a-cuffs via the microphone.

It looks like the guy is taking it like a true ‘gangsta.’ He got kicked out. However, the police weren’t called and he hasn’t pressed charges. I guess the ‘no snitchin’ rule is in full effect!

George Michael branded 'The Hermit' by jail inmates

Imprisoned singer George Michael has apparently been branded 'The Hermit' by his fellow inmates, because he doesn't talk to anyone and watches TV all day, according to reports.

The former Wham! star, who has served two out of the eight weeks sentence, was found in possession of cannabis and drug- driving following a car crash in north London in July.

"Everyone calls him 'The Hermit' because he could mix but he has chosen not to... I just think he wants to be alone," the Daily Express quoted a source as saying.

But the sources insist that the star isn't interested in making friends during his stint.

Michael was transferred from London's tough Pentonville prison to the Highpoint jail in Suffolk where he will serve out the rest of his sentence.

Salman's Dabangg creates waves in Pakistan

Bollywood movies were banned in Pakistan this Eid. As a result, Salman Khan
starrer Dabangg, the biggest Bollywood attraction during the festive season, was not released in Pakistan. However, the movie has now got a delayed release in the country, and the fans of Salman are flooding to the theatres.

The number of moviegoers in Pakistani theatres fell last month following the ban on Bollywood films. A booking clerk in Lahore was quoted saying that Pakistani film lovers were returning to the cinema halls with the return of Indian movies. He added that Dabangg received over 70 per cent opening.

The theatre owners are of the opinion that Pakistani films fail at the box office, as they are low-budget movies. Gulistan cinema owner Arif Khan said that Pakistan produced 8 to 10 movies in the first nine months while 25 to 30 Indian films were released.

Apart from Dabangg, other movies like Housefull, I Hate Luv Storys and Once Upon A Time In Mumbai did good business at the box office.

Rachel Bilson won't strip for films

The former O.C. star claims several directors have wanted her to appear naked in their films, but she has remained "strong-willed" and refused to take her clothes off.

"They like to put in nudity wherever they can. But I'm pretty strong-willed and believe it can be avoided," femalefirst.co.uk quoted Bilson as saying.

The 29-year-old actress says it is more awkward to shoot love scenes with a boyfriend than an actor you don't know.

"Doing a love scene with someone that you're involved with is more awkward than doing a love scene with someone you're not dating," she said.

"Either way, it's definitely weird though. It's certainly not normal to kiss a guy in front of 10 other guys and a camera," she added.

Joe Jonas Steps out of the Trio for Solo Project

Better prepare your handkerchiefs Jonas Brothers’ fans because the lead of the Disney famous band has finally confirmed that he will be going solo in his projects temporarily. A representative from Hollywood Records has formally announced that they are planning to release the album of the hot singer early 2011.

Having just recently ended their promotional tour for Camp Rock 2 in North America, Joe was said to have been spotted on a studio working on his upcoming solo projects alone. A trusted insider on Hollywood Records said that the singer has already started working with different producers and writers for his new music which he wants to have an edge of the ‘dangerous and sexy’. The former Disney star also announced his wish to change his image from preppy teenage love boat with suit and tie outfits to sexy bandit mostly wearing t-shirts and leather jackets.

Early this year, Joe has already dropped some hints that he wants to pursue the same path Nick Jonas has taken which is a project that does not involve any of his brothers. Joe just recently announced that he is currently writing songs for his grand side project. Before any negative reactions from fans though, it should be cleared that this move is just a temporary project and that the Jonas Brothers will still be performing on stage together.

Lata Mangeshkar turns 81

'Teri Awaz hi Teri Pehchan Hai…' yes! You guess it right we are indeed talking about the evergreen Lata Mangeshkar.

The Bharat Ratna Lata Mangeshkar turned 81 on Tuesday. The renowned playback singer grows younger with her voice even as she gets older.

Popularly known as 'Lata di', she started her singing career in 1942. Till now she lent her voice to over one thousand Bollywood movies.

Lata di sung songs in over thirty-six regional Indian languages and foreign languages. He exceptional voice quality and singing caliber took her to 'Gunnies Books Of World Record' for maximum recording in the world during 1974-1991.

She bagged several awards during her singing career, which includes Padma Bhushan (1969), Padma Vibhushan (1999), Dada Saheb Phalke Award (1989), Maharashtra Bhushan Award (1997), NTR National Award (1999), Bharat Ratna (2001) and three National Film Awards.

Sonakshi Sinha stumbles on ramp

MUMBAI: Dabangg Girl Sonakshi Sinha faced embarrassing moment during Blenders Pride Fashion Tour 2010 at the Leela Palace Kempinski in Bangalore on Sunday night.

The Rajo of 'Dabangg' stumbled on ramp as soon as she walked out to showcase the collection of designer Gavin C Miguel latest collection.

However, the latest hot babe of Bollywood quickly walked back and didn't come to ramp again with Gavin C Miguel as she usually did.

It is still unclear how she fell on ramp but the incident was really awkward for Sonakshi.

Sonakshi has been centre of attraction in all the fashion shows after the blockbuster of her debutant film Dabangg along with Salman Khan.

Sonakshi in for Joker; Kat, Dip out

Akshay Kumar can score another goal. It is likely that the romance of Bollywood’s hottest young chicken Sonakshi Sinha in Shirish Kunder’s Joker. Sonakshi actions is ranked Dabangg place.

Be seen in Sajid Nadiadwala Salman Khan face back again, and is in talks with Ramesh Tauran for the race-2 with Saif Ali Khan. The film also stars Priyanka Chopra and John Abraham.

It is now known that Farah Khan and Shirish, Joker Sonakshi have an interest in his film. A business consultant, said “Sonakshi was largely accepted in the film.

However, they are still working on details such as price and dates.” Meanwhile, Deepika Padukone is annoyed that some media have said it’s Joker. A source close to Deepika said, “Deepika did not even come close to Joker.

Not that she is not willing to work with Akshay, Farah and Shirish. But she is concerned about the information, since none of them approached her.

During the shoot of Farah Khan’s film Tees Maar Khan, the idea of another film sprouted. Farah’s editor-husband planned Joker with Akshay Kumar in the lead, which the star will also co-produce. But here is the real problem? Who will play the female lead. Salman Khan has started pushing Sonakshi Sinha’s name.

The buzz has it that both Katrina Kaif and Deepika Padukone are in the running for the role. If Kat has expressed her desire to be in the film to Akki, Deepika is the natural choice. The new twist is that Sallu is recommending Sonakshi; the starlet is the new ‘it’ thing in Bollywood and is already there for Sajid Nadiadwala’s Kick due to Sallu’s reference.

Actor John Travolta on a two-day India visit

MUMBAI: The Saturday Night Fever actor John Travolta landed at the Mumbai Airport on Saturday night. The actor greeted people gathered outside the airport terminal with a Namaste.

The Hollywood actor who is in India on a two-day visit will launch a new model of a premium aviation watch company on Sunday morning. He will also make an appearance at an award function later in evening where he will be honoured.

The actor who flew down to India by his private Jet is accompanied by his daughter Ella. Travolta is likely to meet some Bollywood stars on Sunday evening. But he denied that he will be performing to one of his popular songs along with a Bollywood actor.

There were reports that Akshay Kumar is likely to get Travolta to a jig with him on the actor's popular number Saturday Night Fever. But Travolta denied saying that it is not on the agenda. Asked what was his looking forward to while here in India, he said, "People of India. I have heard so much about the country."

The actor who is likely to fly out of the country on Monday evening will be shuttling between the Grand Hyatt at Santacruz and The Oberoi in Nariman Point.

Emraan, Neha in Pune to promote Crook

PUNE: Emraan Hashmi and Neha Sharma arrived in Pune to promote his upcoming new film Crook- It's Good To Be Bad, being released on October 8, 2010 by Vishesh Films.

The film is launch pad for Neha Sharma.

The film is based on the issue of racial discrimination with the Indians abroad, especially highlighting the recent attacks on Indians in Australia. Directed by Mohit Suri, the film stars Emraan Hashmi and newcomer Neha Sharma along with Arjan Bajwa.

Producer Mahesh Bhatt said, "Crook- It's Good To Be Bad, both entertains and enlightens the viewer. It takes an unflinching look at the burning issue of racism which has devastated the life of thousands of young Indians, who go to Australia in search of a better life putting not only all their money but even their lives at stake. The film also locks horns with our own inner demons."

"Seldom in life do you have the good fortune to hold your head high with pride after watching the first cut of one's own movie. Crook is one such film from our production house which makes one proud. The film manages to do what most films aspire to do but seldom succeed. Mohit Suri has shown the complex truth of Racism in Australia in a very entertaining way," added Mukesh Bhatt.

Suri said, "Racism and all other social evils are a part of every human heart, irrespective of his class, creed, color or sex. Good and bad, god and evil lie within us. It's our choice to decide is it good to be bad in today's world or does it pay to be good?"

George Lopez and Wife Splitting

Funny man, George Lopez and his wife are splitting up. The couple have been married for 17 years, a lifetime in Holly-weird but unfortunately have decided that things just aren’t going to work out.

They have one child together, a 15 year-old daughter. The soon-to-be ex-couple wants to keep things very amicable because they don’t want things to play out negatively in front of their daughter.

Apparently, the couple knew this day was coming and had subsequently, been working on how things would play out for a long time. I’m assuming as it concerns custody arrangements, money, basically the division of assets.

I hate to hear about divorce, especially when the couple hase been together for a long time. Congrats to the couple for keeping things classy for their child. Hopefully, things work out for the best for everyone involved.

I'd love to live in the '60s

Jaime Winstone has said that she would have liked to have experienced living in the 1960s and '70s.

The 25-year-old actress, who stars in Made in Dagenham, said that she was envious of the vintage fashions that she wore as part of her costumes.

She told The Sun: "I wanted to take away a pair of very small hotpants with a flower power pattern as a souvenir from the film set - they were the best I've ever seen or worn but they just wouldn't let me have them.

"The hotpants were from an archive collection. They were the real thing, so no way would they let me get my hands on them and take them home."

Winstone added: "I'm into the clothes of those days, back in the '60s and early '70s, all the little dresses and pants.

"I'd have liked to live back then for the music and the fashions. The Stones in their prime, Jimi Hendrix and The Doors - I would have married their singer Jim Morrison like a shot."

'Kat is most self-centred'

Kat Von D's ex-husband Oliver Peck has slammed the LA Ink star for being "self-centred".

Peck - who owns Dallas tattoo shop Elm Street Tattoo - was married to Von D from 2003 until 2007.

"She’s the most self-centred person I've ever been involved with," he told In Touch.

"Toward the end of our marriage, she was wanting to get liposuction and she was taking drugs in order to lose weight."

Peck continued: "[It] got to the point where she was drinking until she was throwing up every day. She’d be incoherent and sometimes destructive."

He said that the marriage lasted until a mutual friend told him that Von D was "having an affair".

Von D is currently dating Sandra Bullock's ex Jesse James.

Mariah Carey falls on stage

Mariah Carey has fallen on stage during a gig in Singapore.

The singer - rumoured to be pregnant - was performing to over 100,000 guests at the Formula 1 Singtel Singapore Grand Prix event yesterday.

In a YouTube clip, the 'Obsessed' star is seen singing her hit song 'Make It Happen' when she slips over in her stiletto heels.

Carey was then caught by one of her backing dancers as she told the crowd: "Hold up, I want someone to help me take these shoes off. I wasn't supposed to be wearing them!"

She then continued singing while ushering her assistant to come out on stage and help her remove the shoes.

Carey, who sang a string of her biggest hits at the event, including 'Dreamlover, 'My All' and 'Hero', recently said that she will announce her pregnancy "when the time is right".

Devgan film 'Aakrosh' faces censor cuts

Ajay Devgan's latest project is in trouble with the censors because of its alleged offensiveness towards women, and racism.

Aakrosh, helmed by Priyadarshan, is expected to face multiple cuts, the Mumbai Mirror has reported.

A source told the paper: "Both [producer Kumar] Mangat and Priyan were not happy with the cuts.

"They were not ready to accept the U/A certificate and they are now approaching the revising committee.

"The film releases on October 8 and there is very little time left for them."

Censors have criticised the film for scenes which feature "derogatory" remarks about the Indian police force, women and different Indian castes.

Jennifer Nicole Lee, the sexy fitness guru

Jennifer Nicole Lee is that woman on her the praises seem to be ending since she is super damn sexy with marvelous heart-hitting curves on body, ravishing, stunning, gorgeous, steamy and dusky complexion lass.
Born on June 13th 1975, Jennifer Nicole Lee happens to be a fitness model, actress and an author. The multi-talented woman is widely known for losing 70 pounds and then launching her career as a fitness guru even after bearing two kids.
Jennifer was born in Rochester, New York to Italian immigrants. Nicole Lee got a Bachelor’s degree in International Relations from the University of Tennessee (where her parents had moved after her birth) at Knoxville.

Jennifer Nicole Lee got noticed when she gained 200 pounds and bore two children and later lost 70 pounds. She then was crowned Miss Bikini America after she participated in the contest.
Jennifer launched herself as a fitness guru and soon became hugely popular and turned celebrity. She has also authored several books. Her books have been published both electronically and in print. Jennifer Nicole Lee has also launched a line of swimwear.
In 2006, Jennifer Nicole Lee was conferred the title of Ms. Muscle and Fitness by Muscle & Fitness Magazine. She shared this title with Alicia Marie. So far, she has made appearances on Inside Fashion, Oprah and The Early Show.
Today she enjoys a strapping fitness guru career and equally enjoys with writing and other works.

Chopra does not fancy Brazilian men'

Priyanka Chopra has revealed that she doesn't fancy Brazilian men because they are too forward.

The actress was apparently pursued by a wealthy Rio De Janeiro businessman while she filmed her reality show Fear Factor in the city.

"Brazilian men turned out to be a little too upfront for me. They don't waste time in making their moves," Chopra told Real Bollywood.

"This guy didn't ask me out. He asked me to marry him right away. I don't think I am interested in marrying any foreigners. Only an Indian guy for me, thanks.

"I was bronzed and tanned and dressed rather Brazilian. Maybe they mistook me for a local girl."

Aishwarya Rai and Bipasha Basu also reportedly received unwanted male attention when they shot Dhoom 2 in Rio.

Snooki 'treated for alcohol poisoning'

Nicole 'Snooki' Polizzi was reportedly hospitalised after a night of clubbing and drinking while taping season two of Jersey Shore.

According to Radar Online, the reality TV star was rushed to a Miami hospital and treated for suspected alcohol poisoning.

"She was so drunk that she had to be carried out of the nightclub Dream by the show's producers," a source said.

However, the programme's bosses apparently decided to cut the alleged incident from last Thursday's episode.

The insider added: "Snooki was out of commission for about two days and was left in pain after undergoing the hospital treatment."

MTV and Polizzi have yet to comment about the reported hospital stay.

Polizzi was fined $500 (£315) and ordered to serve community service earlier this month for drunk and disorderly conduct on a beach.

Abbey Clancy 'loved catwalk debut'

Abbey Clancy has reportedly revealed that she "loved every minute" of walking on the Giles Deacon catwalk during London Fashion Week.

Clancy, who is expecting her first child with Peter Crouch, said that she enjoyed doing something different.

She told Now: "I've always wanted to do runway. Giles is great at mixing quirkiness with sexy and girly. My dress was corseted so although it was classy it was still sexy. Some of the finale pieces were unbelievable."

The 24-year-old also explained that she had fun wearing "all the glitter" on the runway.

She added: "I had to have [my] eyebrows bleached and I absolutely loved all the glitter. Everyone's so used to seeing me with smoky eyes and big hair, but doing the catwalk is a chance to be a different character.

"I loved every minute of it! It was over in a flash! It went too quickly."

Cheryl Cole is single

Amanda Holden has reportedly said that Cheryl Cole and Derek Hough have never been an item.

The Britain's Got Talent judge said that Hough is the perfect "companion" for Cole but nothing more.

She told the News of the World: "I knew all along that Cheryl and Derek were just friends, not lovers.

"I saw them together and he is very gentlemanly. He is the perfect escort and companion for her but that is it."

Holden added that Cole is independent and doesn't need to be in a relationship.

"I absolutely think that people should stop assuming that Cheryl needs a man to get on with her life," she said.

"She is a strong and feisty girl and she fine on her own."

JWoww should do Playboy

Jersey Shore star Nicole 'Snooki' Polizzi has said that she thinks castmate Jenni 'JWoww' Farley should pose for Playboy.

The reality star was asked on Jimmy Kimmel Live about reports that JWoww has been offered a photoshoot in the legendary men's magazine.

"Have you seen her boobs?" she asked Kimmel. "JWoww has such a nice body and I think she should do Playboy."

When asked if she would ever strip herself, she replied: "No! Are you crazy?! [My boobs] are real. When this dress comes off it's like down there! They don't stay up!"

Snooki also revealed that she thinks she has made lifelong friends in her co-stars, joking that she will continue to visit the Jersey Shore until she is 90 years old if she can.

"Everybody in the house is so close and we have the same personalities and I feel we could be going to the Jersey Shore until 90 years old," she said. "As long as I can walk and drink and my liver is still fine I'm good to go!"

Demi Moore settles with Aussie magazine

Demi Moore has reportedly agreed to settle a court case with an Australian publication.

The Ghost actress, who sued Pacific Magazines after New Idea printed a series of black and white photographs from the 2008 Oscars party without her permission, allegedly agreed to a settlement to avoid being called to give evidence in court.

Federal Court judge John Middleton told the ABC: "From the media interest, it appears there will be a large number of disappointed fans [now] that Ms Moore will not be attending tomorrow to give evidence."

Moore and her lawyers have apparently not yet agreed on an amount and settlement terms.

'Titanic' actress Stuart dies, aged 100

Titanic actress Gloria Stuart has died at the age of 100.
The Oscar nominee passed away last Sunday in Los Angeles after suffering from lung cancer for several years, according to The Washington Post.

Stuart became the oldest Oscar nominee ever in 1997 when she was nominated for playing an older version of Kate Winslet's character Rose in James Cameron's hit film Titanic.

"When I graduated from Santa Monica High in 1927, I was voted the girl most likely to succeed. I didn't realise it would take so long," she joked in her memoir I Just Kept Hoping, published in 1999.

The actress appeared in more than 40 films in the 1930s.

Lindsay’s Dad Goes After Her Laywer

Lindsay Lohan’s dad is at it again. This time, the person he’s going after, or at least threatening to go after, is his daughter’s lawyer, Shawn Chapman Holley.

You know the lady who just got the judge to overturn Lindsay’s stay in the slammer and who has been representing her for the past few months.

Well, Lindsay’s dad, Michael Lohan, is accusing Shawn Chapman Holley of ruining the Lohan family.

He called Holley’s phone and left a threatening voice mail, stating that he would “dig up dirt” on her and ‘blow her out of the water’. Wow. This is pretty unbelievable if you ask me. In my estimation, Michael Lohan is a bit disillusioned.

Chapman isn’t the person ruining his family, The whole clan appeared to have problems long before she came in the picture to try and help Lindsay untangle a legal mess of her doing. The people to blame for the entire debacle and those that have come before this latest one are the Lohan matriarch and patriarch, Dina and Michael along. And let’s not forget, Lindsay herself.

She is the one choosing to continually use drugs, act uncontrollably and not use the help that has been provided to her. She is in denial and so our her parents. It’s always everyone else’s fault other then Lindsay’s. Until these three get it together, Lindsay is likely to always have problems.

For Shawn Chapman Holley’s part, she’s taking the high road. She has chosen not to press charges at this time.

Douglas blames ‘Saggy Ass’ for rejecting the raunchy 'Basic Instinct 2'

The 65-year-old ‘Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps ’ star — who’s married to actress Catherine Zeta Jones — says he stayed well away from the critically panned Basic Instinct 2 because he didn’t feel confident back in the raunchy role.

“The first one was great and Sharon Stone was fantastic but who would want to see my saggy ass?” he said.

“I just didn’t feel like doing another. The first one was a tough one to do and we pulled it off so god bless them but I didn’t go near the sequel.”

Michael recently insisted he’ll never live up to the greatness of his father Kirk Douglas.

“I don’t think of myself as a legend,” he said last month. “My father is a legend. I’ll never match him on that score.

I just love the fact that whatever I do I still get to share with him at the age of 93.”

Douglas will next be seen in Oliver Stone’s ‘Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps’ that releases in India on September 24th. The actor is battling throat cancer.

Which actor should team up with Sharon Stone if a further sequel to Basic Instinct 2 is planned? Leave your comment below

Dating Hollywood, Bollywood together

She is probably the only actor ever to have two of her films, one Hollywood and the other Bollywood releasing on the same date but actress Pallavi Sharda says it was 'pure coincidence'.

The actress will be starring in the Hindi film Dus Tola and the Hollywood film Walk Away, both of which are releasing on October 22. Both the films, however, were shot a year apart but Walk Away took a bit longer to be completed. The co-inciding of films has left Pallavi's disappointed though, as she wanted to give time to both the films.

On Dus Tola
Dus Tola is a comedy based in a simple village setting. It's the story about Shankar an innocent goldsmith (Manoj Bajpayee) who falls in love with the 'town belle' Suvarnalata (played by Aarti Chhabria). Shankar's pursuit of Suvarnalata doesn't find much favour with her father who wants to marry his daughter off to a rich man. And thus the comedy of quirks ensues.

So, where does Pallavi fit in? "I play the role of Geeta, who is a dance teacher in the village and she's the outsider who is watching the drama unfold. She is sweet simple girl who later plays a crucial role in mending the love life of Shankar sonar."

"In a way, I think my role perfectly suited me considering I am a classically trained dancer and it was actually real fun teaching young girls."

Sharda loved working with Manoj Bajpayee. "It was a very exciting experience and it was such an honour especially since I've always followed Manojji as an actor"

Walk Away - The Male Sex and the City?
Walk Away is a cross-over film that explores different cross-cultural ties. It's the story of four guys who need to make several choices. "It's about what the guys choose to walk away from, so it's really about the kind of dilemmas that they face at different points of time but I think everyone can relate to it. In fact, many people have gone on to call it the male Sex and the City," she laughs.

Sharda, in fact, has even played a small role as Sajida Khan in Shah Rukh Khan's hit film My Name Is Khan.

On being Indo-Australian
I've been born and brought up in Australia but I'm a chameleon and I change so much depending on who I am talking to that people can't believe I can talk with an Australian and a hard-core Hindi accent with equal ease," she says.

Incidentally, both Sharda's films clash with Mallika Sherawat's much-touted Hollywood film Hisss. However, Sharda chooses to be diplomatic, "I don't know about that but such things don't bother me; these things are the producers' call," she says.

Pallavi says she has a couple of projects in hand but she prefers to stay tight-lipped about her upcoming projects for now.

Beckham filmed confronting affair heckler

David Beckham has been filmed launching into a tirade against a heckler who made fun of recent allegations about his private life.

The incident occurred when a male fan of Beckham's team LA Galaxy twice shouted "Stop with the prostitutes" - referring to claims by vice girl Irma Nici that the footballer paid her for sex in 2007 - as he made his way down the players' tunnel at a recent match.

In the footage published today by the News of the World, Beckham can been seen advancing towards the man and angrily asking: "Do you want to say it again? Do you want to say it again?"

As the man attempts to convince Beckham that he was not behind the verbal attack, the 35-year-old continued: "You got a Galaxy shirt on! You got a Galaxy shirt on! Say it to my face!"

A second fan who filmed the confrontation told the paper: "It was a big shock to see David react in such a way. A real shock to everyone.

"The guy who yelled out was only young - he looked about mid-20s. He was about 6ft 2in, had blonde hair and wore a navy blue Galaxy jersey."

The supporter added: "I was very surprised David Beckham decided to turn around and approach him. He's an international superstar. I expected him to ignore the comment and keep on walking. I know his team lost, but he looked frustrated throughout the game."

Beckham has furiously denied Nici's claims ever since her story appeared in a recent edition of InTouch magazine and is believed to be suing both her and the publication for £5 million.

George Michael is 'a hermit' in prison

George Michael has reportedly been spending time alone since entering prison, instead of mingling with other inmates.          
According to the Sunday Mirror, Michael has told prison officers that he does not want to make friends.

A source said: "Everyone calls him The Hermit, because he could mix but has chosen not to. He always watches the Jeremy Kyle Show - he's a big fan."

Michael was transferred to Highpoint Prison, Suffolk to serve the remainder of his eight-week sentence for driving under the influence of drugs.

The insider said that the popstar has refused to use the gym, rarely goes for walks and only enters the communal areas to use the telephone, adding: "I think he just wants to be alone."

First Indian gay film to be cut by censors?

Kapil Sharma's latest film Dunno Y… Na Jaane Kyun could face serious cuts from Indian censors because of its gay sex scenes.

Director Sanjay Sharma was asked to remove the sequence featuring leads Sharma and Yuvraaj Parasher, Bollywood Hungama has reported.

In an interview with the site, co-star Karpal said: "Why should the censors be scandalised if two men are kissing and making love?

"The ones in my film are very aesthetic. And so what if it's two men making love? Love is love regardless of gender."

The film is the first Indian movie to feature a sex scene between two men. It has been resubmitted to the revising committee, in a bid to keep the scenes.

Denise Van Outen 'not planning more kids'

Denise Van Outen has said that the demands of motherhood have made her ask herself if she really wants more children.

The 36-year-old presenter gave birth to her first child Betsy with husband Lee Mead on May 1. Speaking to Fabulous, Van Outen revealed that she currently has no plans to extend her family.

She explained: "Before Betsy was born, and for the first two weeks after giving birth, I was absolutely sure that I wanted to be pregnant again. But then Betsy found her lungs! All the smiles and the gurgles make everything worthwhile, but nothing could have prepared me for just how hard being a mum is.

"The sleep deprivation is the worst and, yes, it has made me think about whether to have another one. My friends say to give it a year and that it's too early to say for sure, but at the minute I would say no, we're not going to have any more."

Van Outen is currently taking part in a charity trek along the Inca Trail at Peru's Machu Picchu heritage site.

Dannii Minogue reveals Kylie cancer support

Dannii Minogue has spoken about how she supported her sister Kylie throughout her treatment for breast cancer.

Writing in her autobiography My Story, Dannii said that her role was "to keep her as occupied and happy as possible".

Dannii said that she visited Kylie regularly during her chemotherapy treatment in Paris. "My most important job was to keep her as occupied and happy as possible and do whatever it was she wanted to do," she explained.

"If Kylie wanted to go for a walk, we walked around pretty boutiques on the streets around her apartment building. If she wanted to do a Sudoku puzzle then fall asleep, I'd sit quietly with her.

"And if she wanted to watch Ready Steady Cook or The Weakest Link on TV every night, then we'd do that, too."

The X Factor judge added: "Sometimes I'd put on some music, and I'd encourage her to get up and dance around the living room with me. I was keen to get that little performance fairy inside her moving and telling her, 'Yes. You will get back on stage. You absolutely will, and then everything will be as it should be.'

"As the days turned into weeks, my admiration for her grew and grew."

Sugababe Amelle in drink driving arrest

Amella Berrabah has been arrested on suspicion of drink driving.

The 26-year-old Sugababes star was pulled over in the early hours of Thursday morning while driving her McLaren Mercedes on Camden Street, north London.

A spokesman for Scotland Yard said: "Amelle Berrabah, 26, will appear on bail at Highbury Corner Magistrates' Court on October 8 charged with driving with excess alcohol."

The News of the World has reported that the incident occurred following an argument between Berrabah and her boyfriend Tom Benn.

Police were allegedly called to their apartment after neighbours heard shouting and banging.

I'd get naked for PETA

Lea Michele has announced that she would be willing to get naked for a PETA ad.

PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) celebrated their 30th anniversary on Saturday night by hosting a gala in Los Angeles. Radar Online spoke to the many celebrities in attendance, asking whether or not they would be willing to go naked rather than wear fur.

Glee star Michele admitted: "I don't think we need to see a billboard of me naked to know I am anti-fur, but if they asked I would probably do it."

The second season of Glee continues on Tuesdays at 9pm on Fox.

Mallika refuses to share her 'Sexy' tag with Kangna Ranaut

Mallika Sherawat resents her Dhamaal 2 co-star Kangna Ranaut and she isn't hiding it. And it's because Kangs is being tagged as having a 'sexy' role in the comic flick. Mallika feels the term belongs exclusively to her.

Says a source from the unit, "Mallika conveyed her displeasure to the producer and director. She plays Sanju's hot businesswoman wife while Kangna plays his sexy secretary.

Ms Sherawat doesn't want to share the attention the guys on the sets shower on her. So right from day one, she went out of her way to be coquettish to the actors in the film - Sanjay Dutt, Riteish Deshmukh, Arshad Warsi, Ashish Choudhry and Javed Jaaffery."

Adds the source, "Though this is just the first schedule, the two lead actresses are already not on talking terms." While Mallika would chat nineteen to the dozen with the rest of the cast during breaks, she gave Kangna the cold shoulder. Soon enough, Kangs got the drift and kept away.

The source further feels that Sherawat might not be deliberately ignoring her co-star, "She behaves like a diva. Especially now that she's been staying in Los Angeles for a year and has done a Hollywood film.

But Kangna has made her peace and ignores Malli as well. She feels the 'diva' and she are from two different places -- and if Mallika doesn't want to talk to her, she won't make that extra effort."

Courtesy: Mid-Day.com

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