A raunchy lap dance for Rihanna

Porn star Bridget The Midget surprised Rihanna by treating the singer with a raunchy lap dance on he

The "Umbrella" hitmaker celebrated her 22nd birthday in Phoenix, Arizona Saturday. It was a surprise party thrown for her by rumoured new boyfriend Matt Kemp, reports contactmusic.com.

Rihanna, who later moved to a local bar with her friends, was singled out before the adult star began dancing around her chair.

Dear John

A soldier boy named John (Channing Tatum) and a student girl named Savannah (Amanda Seyfried) fall in love under a full South Carolina beach moon while he's on leave and she's on college break in Dear John. When John goes back to his army unit and Savannah goes back to her dorm, they write each other letters — hence the title of this perfunctory weepie, a determinedly uninteresting, sanded-down, prettied-up adaptation of Nicholas Sparks' already taste-tested 2006 best selling novel of the same name. But since the phrase ''Dear John'' also traditionally refers to the kind of letter a girl writes a boy when she wants to break up with him, readers and non-readers alike won't be surprised when romantic heartbreak alters the course of this tremulous saga. Lasse Hallstrom (The Cider House Rules) directs with a softness that makes even combat look tranquil.

The subplot about autism is its own topical distraction, as it is in the book. So's cancer. You might think that's enough of an assortment plate of issues to work with, but the producers thought otherwise: This may be the rare adaptation of a mass-market best-seller that adds complications in, rather than cuts them out. As a result, screenwriter and coproducer Jamie Linden (We Are Marshall) is kept busy writing stilted speeches for John to deliver likening himself to a coin, minted in the U.S. Army. John's dad (Richard Jenkins), you see, collects coins.

In such an overworked project (with a premise-busting epilogue that appears to have been added at the last minute), Tatum (G.I. Joe) and Seyfried (Mamma Mia!) are all the more welcome. Fresh, comely, and unpretentious, they bring real warmth and believability to the early scenes of young love. Ironically, they make the bond between John and Savannah look so natural that the ''dear John'' turn in their relationship makes even less sense than it does in the book. But that, dear reader, is something to ask the author, not this weightless movie.

Ten Things You Never Knew About Snoop Dogg

He steps through the fog and he creeps through the smog, 'coz he's Snoop Doggy (who?) Doggy (what?) Doggy... that's right, it's Snoop Dogg! This week, the recently-crowned creative chairman of Priority Records released his tenth solo studio album Malice N Wonderland. To celebrate, we at DS have amassed ten lesser-known facts about the rapper, reality TV star, porn director and harbinger of the G-funk era.

1. Born Cordazar Calvin Broadus on October 20, 1971, the former Rollin' 20 Crips gang member was nicknamed 'Snoopy' by his parents because of his physical resemblance to Charlie Brown's pet beagle.

2. In 1992, he hooked up with former NWA man Dr Dre for his first release as Snoop Doggy Dogg - the theme from crime thriller Deep Cover. Snoop appeared on Dre's solo debut The Chronic later that year before dropping his own quadruple-platinum genre-defining Doggystyle in 1993.

3. "Murder was the case that they gave me," Snoop rapped on that LP... and it wasn't just empty bluster. He and his bodyguard McKinley Lee were charged with murder after Lee shot rival gang member Philip Woldemariam dead. Lee pleaded self-defence and both men were later acquitted.

4. That wasn't the end of Snoop's legal troubles though, with various weapons and drugs charges dogging him (ahem) since then. The Home Office also banned him from visiting the UK in 2007 after an incident involving a duty-free shop window and some whisky bottles at Heathrow. "It's not the fans," Snoop complained, "it's just a few people in white wigs and members of parliament".

5. As well as his music career, Snoop has been a regular fixture on the telly in the past couple of decades. Highlights include a chronically laid-back-looking Snoop co-hosting a Beavis & Butthead 'Moron-A-Thon', sketch show Doggy Fizzle Televizzle and reality telly series Snoop Dogg's Father Hood. Brilliantly, the fifth episode of the latter featuring a family trip to Germany was titled 'For Schnitzle'.

6. "I keep hearing about muthaf**king Harry Potter," Snoop once said. "I'm like, 'Who is this muthaf**ker I keep hearing about?' I don't know him." As well a hit-and-miss movie career of his own (with roles in The Wash, Starsky & Hutch and Training Day), Snoop also produced and directed some mega-selling porn DVDs and claimed to have changed the industry forever. "I made a few. I know everybody like it, but everybody be afraid and 'shamed," he said of his temporary foray into the world of smut.

7. Snoop Dogg was the undoubted musical highlight of the Live 8 event at Hyde Park in 2005. At around 6.30pm on live British telly, he rapped his way through 'Ups and Downs', 'Hey Hey', ''Drop It Like It's Hot', 'Signs', 'The Next Episode' and a superlative 'Who Am I? (What's My Name?)'. Countless "s**ts", "n***az" and "muthaf**kers" aired unedited as the Beeb were possibly too impressed with the G-funk flow to find their bleeper. "This is what happens when you let a Dogg off the leash," Jonathan Ross later quipped.

8. Want to listen to Snoop in the car but worried about drowning out your helpful satnav? Fear not! With the recently-released Snoop Dogg voiceskin for the TomTom you can stay on the right path while getting your Doggy fix as he urges you to take a "sharp left... so fly" and other classic Snoopisms.

9. As well as his on-off collaborative partnership with Dr Dre, Snoop has worked with loads of hip-hop stars, including 2Pac, Nate Dogg, Warren G, Pharrell, Eminem, Coolio and 50 Cent. Best of all though was this year's one-off track 'Rocket Experience' recorded with Quincy Jones, Talib Kweli, Soulja Boy and Buzz Aldrin (yes, that Buzz Aldrin!).

10. Surviving clips of Britney Spears's abandoned 'Outrageous' video from 2004 show the pop superstar approaching Snoop on the B-ball court before jumping up to straddle his waist with her legs. She then proceeds to give his bearded face a luscious lick. Presumably Britters missed Snoop's 2001 Mystique Magazine interview where he reportedly said: "Britney would make a better prostitute than Christina. She's thicker. She'll make real money. I see her selling real fast." Outrageous indeed!

Hilton planning to tie the knot with beau

Socialite Paris Hilton is considering marrying beau Doug Reinhardt, who has struck the right chords with her parents.

Hilton, who turned 29 Feb 17, celebrated her birthday with "The Hills" star in Las Vegas and admitted she couldn't be happier, reports femalefirst.co.

Asked about their wedding plans, she said: "We'll see what happens in the future, but right now we are so happy to be together and we are really in love."

The duo were joined at nightspot Tao by her parents Rick and Kathy Hilton.

"What a fun night! My mom and Doug were so cute dancing together! I love how my parents love my love! We all had a blast! Great night," Paris posted on her Twitter page.

It’s a magic trick, really

Best known for his stellar performances in The Talented Mr Ripley, Goodwill Hunting and The Bourne series, Oscar-winner Matt Damon in his forthcoming film Invictus, brings real-life player Francois Pienaar to reel life on the big screen.

Directed by four-time Oscar-winner Clint Eastwood, the film tells the inspiring true story of how the President of South Africa, Nelson Mandela, joined forces with the captain of South Africa’s rugby team, Francois Pienaar, to help unite their country. The film presented by Warner Bros Pictures that also stars Morgan Freeman will hit theatres on February 26.

You’ve taken on a lot of physical action roles. How does that compare to playing a rugby captain now? Did your co-stars hold back from any of the tackles?
The biggest reason they held back was that it was Matt Damon’s stunt double in there most of the time! It’s really tough to choreograph rugby, it’s more uncontrolled. So, a lot of the stuff we shot was free play, which is just letting these guys go and nail each other, and hoping Clint captured that.

What did you identify as stumbling blocks?
Clint helped me out a lot. Francois (Pienaar) is a big guy and I’m an average size guy, so there were little tricks like putting the camera higher, or making me look a little larger in the foreground.

How does Clint Eastwood compare to other directors you’ve worked with?
There are people who just collect a bunch of footage and then edit it. You definitely feel more protected when a director is moving on when you’ve actually felt something happen and you know they’re watching intently. It gives you a real feeling of security because you know that you’re in very able hands and the director is watching the movie unfold.

What was meeting Nelson Mandela like?
When Morgan spoke of Nelson leaning over and commenting on his performance while they were watching the finished film, he also said, ‘The guy who’s playing Pienaar is fantastic!’ But we had a chance to meet him when we were in South Africa and it was wonderful.

How important are awards to a film like Invictus?
Well, awards are really the only reason to make movies (smiles). And that’s because a lot of people will look through the paper and ask, ‘Which five films have been nominated.’


Girls Aloud singer Cheryl Cole’s Surrey mansion was recently broken into; police are convinced the theives were only after her wedding rings, worth 2 million pounds. Perhaps the thieves thought the rings were a steal because they’d be lying around the house, discarded as they were by the wife of footballer Ashley Cole following his latest sexting and infidelity allegations .
Ironically, one of the square cut diamond rings was gifted to her by Ashley in 2008 when rumours of his affair with hairdresser Aimee Walton surfaced. Cheryl’s jetsetting around the world without her rings, and the chatteratti are convinced that this time, they’re truly heading towards splitsville. Or are they?

Welcome to WAG land, the Wives And Girlfriends club of English premier league footballers. They’re gorgeous, stick up for felli WAGs and spend most of their time wearing the aggrieved look of the tragedy-struck but just-holding-on-diva, who decides to give her philandering footballer love-rat of a husband/boyfriend one ‘last’ chance for the gazillionth time. But then, in British football, once you’re good on the field, you’re a demigod off it too, where female fans can do anything from falling all over you to taking their tees off to show their appreciation. And which demigod doesn’t like a little hero worship?

After Ashley’s not-so-innocent sessions with the hairdresser too, Cheryl had denied her rocks the prized position of her ring finger; but the Coles eventually kissed and made up. The missus generously forgave her fella, defending the Chelsea defender by the logic, “I’ve had enough knocks in the past to know what the circumstances are.” But now, she’s had enough of the circumstances, or of the knocks maybe.

Perhaps Cheryl would like it if Ashley quit Chelsea. Reason? Taking no chances after Chelsea skipper John Terry’s locker room romps with French lingerie model Vanessa Perroncel, Cheryl broke all contact with former friend and co-WAG Vanessa, fearful that her own husband could’ve been one of the French maneater’s conquests. But precaution isn’t always a hundred per cent safe, is it? Ashley’s not just being accused of cheating on Cheryl with a blonde secretary, but of also bombarding a topless model with sex texts and naughty photos of himself. A distraught Cheryl, leaning on the WAG sisterhood for succour, has been offered a place to stay by Queen WAG Victoria Beckham in her LA house, while she battles to make a decision about her husband, who’s “stupidity she’s tired of,” according to a friend.

Chelsea’s the football club that’s churning out headline after headline these days, but for exploits of another kind. And John Terry has just given a whole new meaning to the term ‘team captain.’ The ex-England captain’s most watched goal was perhaps his French kiss (and of course, much more) with crème brule Vanessa Perroncel. Involved in a string of racy affairs quite as a matter of habit before, but forgiven each time by wife Toni Poole, Terry’s liaison with the underwear model supposedly was a shocker because of wannabe WAG Vanessa’s history. As ex-lover of Terry’s friend and Chelsea teammate Wayne Bridge, she’d also been ‘best friends’ with Toni – shopping, holidaying and getting fake tans together. Apparently, Terry stabbed pal Bridge in the back by bedding his former fiancé, but then the press also began to reveal other conquests by Mademoiselle Perroncel. At last count, the grand total had been seven Chelsea footballers – married and not. Maybe she was looking to make her own football team, but Vanessa, believed to be having a lifetime ambition of being a super WAG, and eventually marrying a footballer, denied the torrid Terry thing-together. The media savvy lass, who was being offered as much as 2,50,000 pounds by a tabloid for a tell-all version, hired PR royalty Max Clifford to manage the debacle.

Toni, meanwhile, in the picture perfect role of prima WAG and pained wife, flew off to Dubai to nurse her bleeding heart. Despite Terry’s sacking as England team captain by boss Fabio Capello, things seem to be ending on a happy note. Toni decided to forgive hubby dear ‘one last time,’ whatever that means, while Terry doled out 400,000 pounds to keep Vanessa from singing out their love duet to the press.

Victoria Beckham, hailed unanimously as the Queen of WAGs, had her own rival WAG episode to deal with. David Beckham moved from Manchester United to Real Madrid, and Posh made her displeasure apparent at this change in countries by being seen spending most of her time (read shopping) in New York and England. Enter comforter WAG Rebecca Loos, Beckham’s personal assistant in Madrid, whose main duties were to take footballers in and out of parties. In between the party hopping, Loos and Beckham were alleged to have had amused each other between the sheets with equal gusto. Posh denied that it had ever happened, but Rebecca had already blown the whistle. Loos was dubbed by the press as the ‘Sleazy Senorita,’ and went on to become a successful reality TV star; Beckham was said to have bedded many other women in Spain to occupy his time. Maybe it would’ve done Posh good to have checked out some boutiques in Madrid.

Meanwhile, true to her role of Queen WAG, she’s always tops when it comes to lending support to other cheated-on footballer wives. Victoria’s latest shrink session is now on with Toni, who is seeking Posh’s advice on whether to forgive and forget, or to boot the brute-of-a-husband out. Start a training bootcamp for rookie WAGs, wotsay, Posh?

Jolie sparks surgery rumours with neck mark

'Twilight' wont help Pattinson

American director Allen Coulter admits he may not have hired Robert Pattinson for "Remember Me" if he had seen "Twilight".

The 23-year-old has won a legion of fans for his portrayal of Edward Cullen as a vampire in the franchise but Coulter says he probably wouldn't have given him the role alongside Pierce Brosnan because the blockbusters don't stretch him as an actor, reports Contactmusic.com.

"If I had seen 'Twilight', I might not have hired him. He is so limited by the kinds of traits he has to express. It's not that psychologically complex," said Coulter.

Coulter thinks the "Twilight" movies will not help Pattinson develop his screen skills.

However, Coulter is pleased he took a chance on Pattinson in the New York-based drama which focuses on a touching love story between Pattinson's emotionally adrift character and a fellow college student because it gives the young actor the chance to showcase his acting skills.

He is hopeful Pattinson's popularity will make the film a success.

Acting is my craft says Harrison Ford

Hollywood star Harrison Ford says he's in the profession of acting only for money.

The "Indiana Jones" star is one of the richest men in Hollywood and claims that money is his only incentive to keep going.

"I'm in it for the money. And I mean that in the nicest possible way. This is my job," femalefirst.co.uk quoted him as saying.

"Acting is my craft. I've spent my whole life working on it and I want to get paid well to do it, because otherwise I'm being irresponsible, not valuing what I do for a living," he added.

Lindsay feared drug addiction would kill her

Hollywood star Lindsay Lohan feared that her addiction to drugs would kill her.

The "Mean Girls" star used alcohol and illegal substances to ease the pain of her personal problems, and said things got worse when her father Michael Lohan started giving interviews about her in 2007, reports femalefirst.co.uk.

"When my father was going public, that's when I hit rock bottom. I abused substances too much and it wasn't the answer to my problems," she said. "I tried to mask my problems with alcohol, cocaine, and mind-altering substances. Now I'm in a place where I don't need to use anything and I feel emotions because I choose to.

"I never want to be close to losing everything I worked for and aspired to have my whole life. "I've made some dreadful mistakes but learned from them - that has probably saved my life," she added.

Lohan got to know about cocaine because of her drug user father.

"I was only aware of cocaine because of my dad. I was terrified of it. But I tried it because I was stubborn, stupid and wanted to see what it was like," she said.

"It's not something I ever want to do again. It became uninteresting to me. I'm hyper anyway and I have that kind of personality, so I don't need something like that," she added.

Padma Lakshmi has a baby girl

Well-known international model Padma Lakshmi, who described her prgenancy a "medical miracle", has given birth to a daughter here.

The baby was born Feb 20 and the mother has named her Krishna. Lakshmi, who divorced renowned author Salman Rushdie in 2007, has refused to name the father of her baby, according to dailystar.co.uk.

The 39-year-old beauty announced in October last year that she was expecting her first child, branding the pregnancy a "medical miracle" after years of struggling with endometriosis.

Daniel Craig secretly marries girlfriend

Bond star Daniel Craig is said to have secretly married Japanese girlfriend Satsuki Mitchell after he was spotted with a gold ring on his wedding finger.

Mitchell, 30, also had a ring on the third finger of her left hand. However, a spokesman for Craig refused to confirm, insisting that it was "a private matter".

The wedding band was on display as he and Satsuki held hands when they left an ?Artists for Peace and Justice' meeting in Brentwood, California. The wedding band was also visible during the "Help Haiti" telethon appeal, reports dailymail.co.uk.

"We all suspect they have got married. He has always said Satsuki is the one but he didn't want a big showbiz wedding, that would be his worst nightmare. He's very private," said a source.

Jolie reunites with dad

Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie has finally reunited with actor father Jon Voight.

The father-daughter duo were photographed spending quality time together in Venice, Italy, where she is preparing to film "The Tourist" alongside Johnny Depp.

She was accompanied by partner Brad Pitt and their children, reports contactmusic.com.

The "Tomb Raider" star parted from dad in 2001 after he voiced concerns about her mental health shortly before she adopted son Maddox from Cambodia.

Voight has made several attempts to mend his fractured relationship with Jolie, and the veteran star revealed last November the pair was back in contact.

Carey Mulligan wins best actress at BAFTA

Britain's up-and-coming star Carey Mulligan won the best actress category at the British Academy Film Awards (BAFTAs) Sunday in London, where Kathryn Bigelow scooped up the best film and best director awards for her Iraq war drama "The Hurt Locker".

Mulligan, 24, took the prize for her lead role in the British-made film "An Education", based on a novel by Nick Hornby on the adolescent life of journalist Lynn Barber.

In what was a true veteran versus newcomer contest, Mulligan beat competition in the best actress category from Meryl Streep for "Julie & Julia" and Audrey Tatou for "Coco Before Chanel".

Shaking with emotion, Mulligan said after winning the award: "I really didn't expect this at all, so I didn't think of anything to say. Thank you so much, BAFTA. I was here a year ago, and I didn't imagine in a million years that this would happen".

Bigelow said she was overwhelmed by the dual recognition of best film and best director for her war epic, as she became the first woman in BAFTA history to win the best director award.

She fought off competition including ex-husband James Cameron, whose sci-fi blockbuster "Avatar" had also been nominated in both categories.

"Avatar" and "The Hurt Locker" had eight nominations each for best film, as did "An Education".

"This is beyond our wildest dreams. This is so unbelievable, we're just so deeply honoured and humbled," said Bigelow.

British actor Colin Firth won the best actor award for his part in "A Single Man".

At the start of the ceremony at London's Royal Opera House Covent Garden, Prince William, 27, was announced as the new president of BAFTA, taking over from veteran filmmaker Richard Attenborough.

We have to save Haiti

Veteran actor Sean Penn is heading back to Haiti to help the survivors of the destructive earthquake last month.

The 'Milk' star, who's also an activist, was among the first celebrities to go to Haiti to aid the relief effort and insists he can't wait to get back.

"We have to save Haiti," said Penn, before leaving for Haiti's capital Port-au-Prince, reports dailystar.

During his recent three-week stint in Haiti, Penn slept in a tent and survived on just a few hours of sleep a night.

He said: "Relocation is, right now, the primary focus."

The actor wants more people to join him. "You can come to Haiti and do work if you're a doctor or a relief worker or if you can write a cheque...Everything helps," he said.

Who inspired Lady Gaga?

Poker Face'' singer Lady Gaga''s outrageous outfits and crazy hairstyles have been attributed to a woman friend of hers, who is also her mentor.

New York party fixture and go-go dancing DJ, Lady Starlight, revealed how she created many of her over-the-top outfits and persuaded Lady Gaga to parade around on stage in skimpy PVC undies and Indian headdresses.

"It''s crazy knowing that the biggest star in the world was inspired by me," the Mirror quoted Starlight, real name Colleen Martin, as saying.

"But I was the one who told her to take her trousers off because I rarely wore any myself. She''s always been so great on talking about me.

"Giving credit where it''s due rarely happens in the music industry, but Gaga has always done that and I''m very grateful for that," she said.

The two had met and become friends on Gaga''s 20th birthday, and they teamed up and named their act Lady Gaga and the Starlight Review, wearing tiny bikini tops and sequinned knickers.

Starlight, now 34, taught Gaga, real name Stefanie Germanotta, how to make over-the-top outfits.

"The outfits were quite often stuck together with glue. Sometimes they held up and sometimes they fell apart on stage. We always wanted the flashiest garments possible... and to be as naked as possible," Starlight said.

"She was already working on her album and a lot of what''s on The Fame were songs that we''ve performed.

"As I''m 11 years older than Gaga, I do see myself as her mentor. And I know that my love of all things British must have rubbed off on her," she stated.

Lady Gaga has also spoken fondly about their friendship, recalling times they spent together.

"Lady Starlight and I would spin vinyl in my apartment, sewing our bikinis for the show and listening to David Bowie and the New York Dolls," Gaga said.

Starlight, who is still DJing and appearing at clubs with Gaga''s ex Luc Carl, says she doesn''t care that she has been left behind.

"My style, performance art and DJing inspired her persona. Now she''s gone on to become a global phenomenon and I''m so proud," she added.

Ten Things You Never Knew About Sisqó

It was arguably the greatest Big Brother entrance of all time. Sisqó's introduction to the Borehamwood compound on Sunday night, which included a full performance of his 2000 spring break anthem 'The Thong Song', was truly hilarious stuff. But apart from penning a hit single about a female with "dumps like a truck" and "thighs like what", what do we really know about the R&B singer? Keep reading to discover ten pop facts about the Baltimore star.

1. Sisqó was born Mark Althavean Andrews in November 1978.

2. The singer found fame with R&B group Dru Hill in the 1990s (scoring two platinum albums), before launching a solo career in 1999. Sisqó's "flamboyant stage personality" is often credited as a primary reason behind Dru Hill's breakthrough to the mainstream.

3. Def Jam/Def Soul record label boss Kevin Liles predicted big things for Sisqó when he went solo in 1999, comparing the young musician to the world's biggest popstars. "Only time will tell if Sisqó will reach the level of Prince or Michael Jackson," said Liles. "But what you remember about those artists is that there are no others like them. And there is no other artist like Sisqó."

4. Sisqó's infamous 2000 spring break anthem 'The Thong Song' earned him five MTV VMA nominations. Sadly, he only took home one, for 'Best Hip-Hop Video'.

5. Sisqó is best known as a singer, but he also has an impressive filmography. There may have been no Oscar noms for Snow Dogs, Pieces Of April or Surf School, but he gave a decent turn in not-actually-that-bad rom-com Get Over It!.

6. Did Sisqó ever release any more singles after 'The Thong Song'? Yes, he did! 'Unleash The Dragon', 'Incomplete' and 'Dance For Me' all broke the UK Top 40. However, since 2001 he has failed to secure a chart hit.

7. At the peak of his fame, Sisqó shifted a whopping 6,000,000 copies of his debut solo LP Unleash The Dragon. Time to own up, who bought one?!

8. Sisqó is no stranger to reality TV, having previously appeared on the US series Gone Country on CMT. The show gave celebrities the chance to win a country music recording contract. Unfortunately for Sis' though, he lost out to Julio Inglesias Jr.

9. Oddly, during the video for 'The Thong Song' there is actually only one female sporting the said item of underwear. The rest of the women in the raunchy promo are all wearing bikini bottoms.

10. Sisqó was accused of misogyny and exploiting women as sex objects with his video for 'The Thong Song', which involved him and various scantily clad females. However, the clip's director Joseph Kahn has always defended the track. "Well, this song is about asses. So you can either accept it and do something like I did, or you can go and try and turn 'The Thong Song' into some kind of Chemical Brothers video and make it all pretentious; about some f**king communist upheaval or something," he says. "Let's just relax and make a booty video!"

Lady Gaga bursts into tears at photo-shoot

Pop star Lady Gaga left the staff at a magazine photo-shoot in a tizzy when she suddenly burst out in tears and stormed off the sets.

The singer reportedly told the staff she hated the provocative photos, in which she posed topless in a pair of spiked trousers, before sobbing and threatening to walk out unless her boyfriend was allowed to photograph her, reports contactmusic.com.

"I'm just not in a good place right now," she said.

"The magazine wasn't going to stand for that so they told her people where to go. Her behaviour was weird," the source added.

Cheryl to conduct a lie detector test on hubby

Cheryl Cole is planning to conduct a lie detector test on husband Ashley Cole who is reportedly cheating on her.

"At least by doing a lie detector test, Cheryl will know one way or another whether what Ashley tells her is true or just a pack of lies. And if he is lying, I expect their marriage will be history," said a friend.

Wired up to the machine that measures signs like pulse rates and breathing rhythms, the Chelsea star would be asked a string of questions over his alleged infidelity, reports dailystar.co.uk.

The singer is devastated after learning about Ashley's affairs with Liverpool FC secretary Vicki Gough, 30, and American babe Ann Corbitt. He was also accused of sending naked pictures of himself to Sonia Wild.

"Everyone around Cheryl is telling her to get shot of Ashley. By the end of the week it may well be that divorce proceedings have begun," said a source.

Paris Hilton's beau clashes with her ex

Socialite Paris Hilton's 29th birthday bash turned ugly when her boyfriend Doug Reinhardt got into an argument with her ex, Brandon Davis.

The onlookers were stunned after the heiress and Reinhardt began arguing in the middle of New York hot spot Tea Room Thursday which led to a furious Hilton walking out of the venue.

The situation turned worse later when Reinhardt was at the centre of another argument with oil heir Davis, who was once romantically linked to Hilton, reports contactmusic.com.

According to reports, Reinhardt was said to have been angry after Davis arrived unexpectedly and appeared to be inebriated.

"One minute, Paris and Doug were looking all loved up; the next minute, they started bickering. Doug didn't seem happy about all the attention she was getting. Paris started to pout and gave him some girly punches in the back before storming off," said a source.

"The next minute Doug was shouting at Brandon. The music was so loud that we couldn't hear what he was saying, but he then got Brandon thrown out of the door," the source added.

But Hilton patched things up with Reinhardt and ended the night with a smile.

Now its Elizabeth Hurley-Nayar

Elizabeth Hurley has reportedly planned a special gift for her husband of three years Arun Nayar – changing her name to Elizabeth Hurley-Nayar, when she is not working.

"Arun is quite old-fashioned about these things," The Telegraph quoted a friend of the couple as saying.

The pal added: "She is doing this to please him. It''s her publicly accepting that she is his woman."

And one of her first appearances in London with her new title will be at the Love Ball this week.

The show is being organised by Natalia Vodianova, the Russian model and philanthropist, in assocation with Harper''s Bazaar at the Roundhouse in north London.

"She has required her name to be like that on the list of attendees and on the table plan," Jane Wynard of the National Magazine Company appararently revealed

Charlize Theron loves being single

Charlize Theron is single and she seems to be loving it.

According to sources, the 34-year-old South African actress "looked fantastic" as she hosted a party for "The Hurt Locker" Oscar nominations at Philippe West Hollywood, reports the New York Post.

And after guests including director Kathryn Bigelow, Jeremy Renner, Robert Duvall, Martin Landau and Ray Liotta left the restaurant, Theron stayed back to celebrate a female friend''s birthday over dinner.

Theron and Stuart Townsend ended their nine-year relationship after Christmas.

When Sienna dressed as a belly dancer

Hollywood actress Sienna Miller's sister Savannah used to dress her up as a belly dancer when she was a little girl.

The 28-year-old star was a victim of her elder sister's designing genius when they were young, as Savannah used to try out embarrassing outfits on her, reported The Telegraph.

"I'd make her wear purple chiffon harem pants with a bra I'd embroidered myself, and turn her into a little belly dancer," said Savannah, who now works with her actress sibling on fashion label Twenty8Twelve.

"Looking back, I can see that we've been working together on clothes in some capacity, for as long as I can remember," she added.

Discussing her collection, which is named after Sienna's birthday, 31-year-old Savannah said that the idea behind their designing has changed.

"When Sienna and I first started, it was about designing clothes that we would want to wear. Now, I feel the clothes are more about what our clients would want to buy, which is not always the same thing. I've learned to understand the customer, while remaining true to who we are," said Savannah.

Tarantino confident of not winning Oscar

Hollywood director Quentin Tarantino, who has been nominated in the best director category for his film "Inglorious Bastards" at the Oscars this year, says he is confident that he will lose the award to Kathryn Bigelow, director for "The Huert Locker".

Tarantino is hopeful he will land the prize for best picture or best original screenplay, but he isn't so convinced about receiving the best director trophy.

"It would be really nice to win an Oscar for one of the three things or eight things I'm up for. And I think I stand a very good chance. I think we stand a good chance for best picture and I think I stand a very, very good chance for best (original) screenplay. I can't imagine Kathryn is not going to get it for best director. I'm going to vote for Kathryn," said Tarantino, reports contactmusic.com.

The director was previously nominated for the prestigious award for his 1994 movie "Pulp Fiction" but lost out to Robert Zemeckis for "Forrest Gump".

This year, he is competing with Bigelow for her work on "The Hurt Locker", James Cameron for "Avatar", Lee Daniels for "Precious: Based On The Novel Push By Sapphire" and Jason Reitman for "Up In The Air".

The Oscar ceremony will take place in Los Angeles March 7.

Timberlake's ‘lap dance’for Biel

Justin Timberlake sent temperatures soaring with girlfriend Jessica Biel after reportedly giving her a lap dance.

The singer was first seen tearing away from a crowd of screaming girls at the after-party for his William Rast show at Hudson Terrace.

"There was just a crush of girls, everyone went wild," the New York Post quoted a source as saying.

The star then apparently made a beeline through the crowd to a red velvet curtain where Biel was waiting for him. The source continued: "He opened the curtain and stepped Jessica behind it, then wrapped them in it before giving her a long kiss."

The source added: "He ended up giving her a lap dance. It was pretty raunchy."

Dad allowed to see MJ's medical records

Michael Jackson's father Joe has been reportedly permitted to go through the King of Pop's medical records by a Los Angeles court.

The judge in the court ruled that Joe Jackson is entitled to view the medical records.

However, he has access to only those records made at UCLA Medical Center on the day his son died. Joe had requested the court to let him see the medical records, so that he could determine if anyone was to blame for the ''Thriller'' hitmaker''s death.

The administrators of Jackson''s estate had initially lodged an objection with the court, reports Contactmusic. They had claimed Joe was not entitled to the papers because he was not a dependent of his son.

DiCaprio has no plans of playing Sinatra

Leonardo DiCaprio has said he has no plans of playing Frank Sinatra in Martin Scorsese''s new film.

Rumours have been abuzz that the ''Titanic'' star is set to portray the ''My Way'' hitmaker''s in the upcoming biopic. However, DiCaprio has denied them.

"There are no plans to do that (portray Sinatra) as of yet," the Daily Express quoted DiCaprio as telling New York magazine. Meanwhile, Scorsese has revealed that he is waiting for the script to finish.

He said: "With those records, Frank will do the singing. But we''re waiting for a finished script."

Victoria Beckham defends size zero models

Former Spice Girl Victoria Beckham has defended the use of size zero models.

Contrary to the normal notion, the singer-turned-fashion designer insists many girls on the runways do not starve themselves and instead have a naturally small body shape , reports femalefirst.co.uk.

"Most of these girls are naturally thin. And I don't think we should be discriminating against someone because they are too thin or too curvy or too large or whatever it is," she said.

"I had a casting last week and had some terribly thin girls come in and it wouldn't have worked," she added.

Victoria who recently unveiled her fourth collection of dresses during New York Fashion Week has signed up for the Health is Beauty campaign by the CFDA (Council of Fashion Designers of America), and believes designers are beginning to change who they cast as models.

"The CFDA have reached out to designers, stylists and casting directors not to work with underage models, girls that are too thin and to be more ethnically aware," she said.

"The campaign the CFDA has launched is called Health is Beauty and they are definitely encouraging designers to work with healthier sized models," she added.

Victoria's designs have been worn by a wide variety of celebrities including Heidi Klum, Madonna, Mary J. Blige, Elle Macpherson and Jennifer Lopez since her debut fashion range in 2008.

Jesus was gay: Elton John

According to Sir Elton John, Jesus was a gay lord.

The singer made the controversial claim in a new US interview, reports The Sun.

Elton, 62, said: "I think Jesus was a compassionate, super-intelligent gay man who understood human problems."

He added: "Jesus wanted us to be loving and forgiving. I don''t know what makes people so cruel. Try being a gay woman in the Middle East - you''re as good as dead."

Talking about how he and David Furnish, 47 - now his "husband" - first got together, the pop veteran told Parade magazine: "I was attracted to David immediately. He was very well dressed, very shy. The next night we had dinner.

"After it, we fell in love very quickly."

He said of previous lovers: "I''d always choose someone younger. I wanted to smother them with love. I''d take them around the world, try to educate them.

"One after another they got a Cartier watch, a Versace outfit, maybe a sports car.

"They didn''t have jobs. They were reliant on me.

"In six months they were bored and hated my guts because I''d taken their lives and self-worth away. I hadn''t intended to."

Breaking up with lover proves lucky for Amisha Patel

After she broke up with longtime boyfriend Kanav Puri, Amisha Patel is nursing her aching heart. But seeing the way things are picking up for her now, looks like the breakup wasn't all that bad after all.

Luckily for her, she doesn't have to deal with her broken heart alone. Her mother and the rest of her family are by her side to help her deal with this. But that's not the only good thing in Amisha's life right now.

If sources are to be believed, a few big filmmakers approached Amisha last week with some good roles. She has even postponed her pending vacation for later, now that she has some good projects on her hand.

Amisha had apparently split with Kanav because she wasn't ready to be married and wanted to give her career another shot. Doesn't it look like she has her chance now? Maybe her split was for a good reason after all…

'Got TV show for birthday'

Victoria Justice has reportedly joked that she got a television series for her 16th birthday.

According to Just Jared, the former Zoey 101 star - who stars in the upcoming show Victorious - told the latest issue of Six7*8th magazine that she celebrated her birthday with Nickelodeon.

"I wasn't expecting anything, so I got really emotional and started to cry," she is quoted as saying.

"The whole cast was there, in addition to my mum and all my friends at the network. It meant a lot to me."

She added: "Dan Schneider, the executive producer and creator, said to me jokingly, 'Some kids get a car for their sixteenth birthday, but I got you your own TV show.' It’s a pretty awesome gift."

Victorious is scheduled to premiere on March 27.

It's difficult to get Mandela's accent

Oscar nominee Morgan Freeman is set to entertain audiences as he plays the challenging role of Nelson Mandela in Invictus presented by Warner Bros Pictures. Here he talks about his experience of meeting the man himself.

How does it feel to play your friend on the big screen?
It feels rather terrific. It’s a situation that was meant to be.

Did you feel a lot of responsibility?

How did Nelson Mandela react to the film?
He smiled a lot and nodded! When I first came on-screen he leaned over to me and said, “I know this fella!” I got the impression that he wasn’t embarrassed.

Did you consult him at all while making the film?
No. I consulted film and tapes of him. But I didn’t go to him and say, “Madiba, how did you feel about this?” He’s 90-years-old now.

How well do you know him?
I’ve run into him in different places in the world over the years. But it’s not like I’d call him up in the middle of the night and go, “Yo Madiba, how’s it going?”

Tell us a bit about your research and what you found most challenging?
The most challenging was the voice... the accent. I’d been watching him for years. Once I got the notion that I would be playing him on-screen, it became a question of paying close attention to him, whenever I was in his company or when I’d see him on screen.

How important are awards to a film like Invictus?
They’re just a pat on the back. The main thing about awards is that they serve as an economic surge for the film. If your movie gets nominated for any award it does it a big favour. People might go and see it again.

Hilary Duff gets engaged!

Actress and singer Hilary Duff, who had a recurring guest role on the popular CW series last season, is engaged to Edmonton Oilers forward Mike Comrie.

Publicist Nanci Ryder says the two were engaged last weekend while vacationing in Hawaii. She says in an e-mail distributed by the Oilers on Friday that the two ``are very excited to share this happy news.''

The proposal comes during the National Hockey League's two-week break for the Olympics.

The 22-year-old Duff and 29-year-old Comrie had been dating for over two years.

Nicole funds school in Haiti

Hollywood actress Nicole Kidman and her musician husband Keith Urban are planning to fund a school to provide education and medical needs to children in Haiti.

The 'Australia' star and the country singer are keen to help the earthquake-stricken nation by giving money to an education facility, Access Hollywood reported. "We're actually going to be funding a school down there for the next five years," said Urban.

The couple are aiming at establishing a school which will not only impart education but also help children by providing basic health amenities. "It's in Port-Au-Prince. The kids will also have one hot meal a day. They'll have all of their medical taken care of by the school, and clothing, as well," said Urban.

The couple is reportedly joining forces with Oscar-winning director Paul Haggis and the Artists for Peace and Justice organisation to spearhead the project.

Cheryl Cole seeks divorce from Ashley Cole

"Girls Aloud" star Cheryl Cole is seeking divorce from soccer star husband Ashley Cole after a "sex text" scandal.

"Call me Cheryl Tweedy, not Cole," she has urged her pals.

Cheryl apparently took the decision after consulting mum Joan Callaghan, 50, and pop guru Simon Cowell, 50, reports dailystar.co.uk. She is planning to jet off with mum before consulting lawyers over the divorce battle.

"He's pushed her to the limit. She'll never be able to forgive Ashley for his stupidity. She's in bits and feels totally humiliated," said the singer's friend.

"It's the hardest decision Cheryl's ever made because she loves Ashley, but he just keeps letting her down," added the friend.

It's not my sister Isabella in that raunchy video

Katrina Kaif has set a new trend– she's merging business with a social cause and we are impressed!

Katrina's brands have been doing exceptionally well after having Katrina on board and are now passing on the goodwill to her mother's charity that work with unwanted and abandoned baby girls.

Reveals a source, “Katrina Kaif is the first Bollywood star to initiate brands into tying up with charitable trusts- in fact a certain diamond brand in question has just tied up with Katrina's mother Susanna's charitable organization Relief Projects India.”

We come to hear that this donation is an approximate 50 lakhs and many of Katrina's other brands are also contemplating such tie-ups.

So do we hear her contemporaries chasing to follow suit?

Katrina Kaif will soon be seen next in Farah Khan's 'Tees Maar Khan' alongside Bollywood Box office King Akshay Kumar. Talking about her co-star Katrina says, “He's my comfort zone, working with the same actor time and again doesn't provide any challenges, but with Akshay in the same frame, I am more at ease with my performance.”

Talking about her sister Isabella's name being dragged to the raunchy video episode, Kat says, "The video has been circulating for the last six months and it's absolutely fake! "

"My mom is freaking out over certain stories appearing in the papers and is planning to legal action. Even YouTube knows it's a fake video and that it's not Isabella.

I request people not to harm a minor (Isabella is 17 years old) by carrying these fake videos. Do you think this video would be floating around for so many months if it was true?" she adds.

I will never do nudity. That's only for my husband

Nudity in Hollywood has been variously described as beautiful, creative or explicit. But lately many famous actors have been vowing never to bare it all.

Oscar winner Kate Winslet, who showed off her bare body in a series of films like "Titanic", "Hamlet", "Iris", "Holy Smoke" and "The Reader", has said no to nude scenes.

During an interview, Winslet said: "I can't keep getting away with it and I don't want to become 'that actress who always gets her kit off.' "

Another celebrity to join the bandwagon is singer-actress Jessica Simpson.

Simpson said she will not take her clothes off for a film even if it wins her an Oscar. She admits nothing will force her to get completely naked on the sets.

"I will never do nudity. I don't care how dark and intellectual the role could be, you know, " she was quoted as saying. "I don't care if I frickin' could get an Oscar for it, I'm not going to do it. Those accolades mean nothing to me. I don't think people deserve to see what's under my clothing. That's only for my next husband."

Ever since "Pretty Woman" Julia Roberts embraced motherhood, she has refused to go nude onscreen for the sake of her kids. The original script for her 2009 film "Duplicity" involved a raunchy sex scene, but she insisted it be toned down.

"I refuse to do nude sex scenes, now that I'm a mother, " she said during the film's London premiere.

Israeli-American actress Natalie Portman, who played a stripper in "Closer" and appeared nude in the short film "Hotel Chevalier", now says she won't strip because she doesn't want her bare images floating on the internet.

"Fantastic Four" star Jessica Alba too has refused to bare all, insisting she can handle being sexy with clothes on but not without them.

The 28-year-old admits she's happy to take on raunchy roles and don revealing clothes in movies, but not more.

"No, I'll never do a nude scene. I can act sexy and wear sexy clothes but I can't go naked.

I think I was always very uncomfortable about the way my body developed, and I remember my grandmother would freak out and throw a towel over me if she saw me wearing just a bra and panties, " she said.

"I come from a very Catholic family, so it wasn't seen as a good thing to flaunt yourself like that. I can handle being sexy with clothes on, but not with them off, " she added.

It's not just female actors taking the pledge, even heroes are gradually joining the trend. Hollywood hunk Brad Pitt has also pledged never to strip.

"I don't want to be embarrassed when my kids get old enough to see my films. I can't see any more nude scenes (in my career), " he said.

"Twilight" star Robert Pattinson was uncomfortable doing a photo shoot with nude models.

Recently actress Demi Moore got upset with husband Ashton Kutcher's naked pictures with another woman, which were released to promote a film.

Kutcher, 31, who stars alongside 40-year-old actress Anne Heche in the new movie, plays a shameless man who hits on rich, older women in the new film "Spread".

Moore was unimpressed with the steamy pictures of him and another actress that have been released to promote the movie.

"Demi doesn't mind cinema fans ogling her hubby but she doesn't want these pictures in the press forever reminding her he got so hot with someone else. But after all his usual goofy roles, Ashton wanted to show there's a lot more to him, " said a source.

No nude scenes for Jessica Alba

Hollywood actress Jessica Alba has vowed never to strip on screen. She says she can handle being sexy with clothes on but not without them.

The 28-year-old admits she's happy to take on raunchy roles and don revealing outfits in movies, but fans shouldn't ever expect her to bare all for the cameras, reports imdb.com.

"No, I'll never do a nude scene. I can act sexy and wear sexy clothes but I can't go naked. I think I was always very uncomfortable about the way my body developed, and I remember my grandmother would freak out and throw a towel over me if she saw me wearing just a bra and panties," she said.

"I come from a very Catholic family so it wasn't seen as a good thing to flaunt yourself like that. I can handle being sexy with clothes on but not with them off," she added.

Renee Zellweger brings sexy back at the Berlin Film

As a juror at the Berlin Film Festival, Renee Zellweger is there to take a back seat and judge her peers in the upcoming films.

But the Oscar-winning actress made sure that she does not fade into the distance at the festival opening tonight, when she dazzled in a daring backless blue dress, Daily Mail online reported.

The 40-year-old star flashed flesh in the strapless gown with a long train as she posed on the red carpet at the opening ceremony and premiere of Chinese film Tuan Yuan (Apart Together).

Despite the snowy weather, Zellweger managed to stay smiling as she posed for photographers.

Zellweger is one of a seven-member jury, headed by German director Werner Herzog, who will decide on the awards at the end of the 10 day festival on February 20.

Joining the Bridget Jones's Diary star on the panel is German actress Cornelia Froboess, Chinese actress Yu Nan, Spanish producer Jose Maria Morales, Somalian writer Nuruddin Farah and Italian director Francesca Comencini.

Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is a film so manufactured that you can almost hear the conversation in the studio boardroom as you watch it. Presumably one executive said to another, lets get Pretty Woman director Gary Marshall, construct several multi-generational romantic plot lines that tug at your heart in the most obvious, cheesy way, cram in as many stars for as little time as possible so the budget stays under control and voila, you've got the perfect bonbon for Valentine's day.

The film, written by Katherine Fugate, follows several Los Angeles residents as they stumble in and out of love on Valentine's Day. The intertwining love stories include a florist played by Ashton Kutcher, who has proposed to his girlfriend, played by Jessica Alba, who reluctantly says yes. Meanwhile the florists' best friend, played by Jennifer Garner, is having an affair with a man who is married but she doesn't know that. However the florist does because the man sends out two bouquets from his flower shop -presumably there is only one in the greater Los Angeles area.

Meanwhile, a soldier, played by Julia Roberts is on her way home from Iraq. She strikes up a camaraderie with a fellow passenger played by Bradley Cooper. Another love story is heating up between a mail room man, played by Topher Grace and a secretary, played by Anne Hathaway, only the secretary has to keep excusing herself because she also works as a phone-sex operator. To be demographically safe, the film also includes a little boy-girl friendship and a narrative about an elderly married couple in which the wife, played by Shirly Mclaine, tells her husband about an affair she had many years ago.

You've probably guessed that Valentine's Day is a manically busy film. The narrative cuts back and forth between the twenty-odd characters but there isn't one story here that feels authentic or insightful. It's all Hallmark-style easy emotions. The high star wattage does keep the film coasting for a while. The collective charms of Roberts, Hathaway, Garner, Mclaine, Cooper, Patrick Dempsey, Queen Latifah and Taylor Lautner in all his buff glory, keep you engaged and distracted. But eventually, even this wears thin. For me the final straw was an Indian angle that was probably stuck in to provide color, literally. So we have an Indian wedding in which the bride gets cake rubbed on her face like it was a primary school birthday party.

Valentine's Day doesn't have the ambition to be anything more than a plastic, fast-food quality rom-com and that it fulfills admirably. The grapevine buzzes that a sort-of-sequel is already underway for New Year's Eve. See it if you must.

How Should We Commemorate the Valentine's Day

My address here goes especially to the young world. Not that I am ostracizing the older generation, but I am considering the fact that we young people have gotten a lot of energy we sometimes dissipate and orientate towards the wrong direction.

This day for sure should direct our focus towards the things that really matter not to us, but to those who need us so badly. Hey ladies catch your breadths o.k. because I know you really need that fancy silky lingerie you have been yearning for a while now and I am not going to take your sweetheart`s attention off it. You know why? Let me tell you why. I am not going to join those people who think that Valentine`s day is just a farce! My concern though is the meaning you give to it. How you spend it.

I believe that everything on earth has got a purpose for existence, so is this day. But I do not want to think that this day has turned into a multi-million dollar industry, with an overwhelming number of cards, presents and even holidays being sold the world over to celebrate it.

Neither do I want to see it as a plot by multinationals to impose Western culture elsewhere and increase their sales. Because if this is so, it is going to be not far from an abhorrent craze.

In my opinion, this day should not be a day to show off that kind of “I got mine” attitude, giving it a connotation or a tendency to marginalize those who are unattached, forcing them into estrangement.

Why would a couple need a special day to be told they are loved, to be showered gifts, cards, candies and other things? What about the 364 other perfectly good days of the year? Why does the world have to stop on ‘this day of love’ to show love? A day where people show "their loved ones'" the extent and deepness of their feelings for each other by purchasing lame gifts that resemble something "warm and fuzzy" like jewelleries, flowers, chocolates or pitiful stuffed toys, teddy bears etc. I do not need a card or some overpriced flowers from “the heart of my heart” to know that he got the keys that would unlock my heart!

Because trust me babies, he or she might shower you with what will leave you speechless, but his or her heart might be panting for another target. Ladies, permit me to address you most especially because of my gender status. I think it is your birthright that your sweeties show you love every day of the goddamn year.

Why will he not take you to that week-end at the five-star hotel you so much admire on the 20th of June? He could also take you on that shopping spree on the 14th of October! And why not lavish you with the Mark &Spencer jewellery on the 2nd of May?

Has he got just the 14th of February to do something that says “I Love You?” Come on… Just that kiss you get every morning, pretty inexpensive in your mind, but invaluable in terms of love because a true show of love comes from the heart, not the wallet.

And who cares? If you love someone, tell them, show them NOW. No time like the present. Waiting for some day that was labelled Valentine`s Day just conforms to some silly old tradition. How I wish it was called Lionel`s Day or Ruth’s Day or Kwame`s Day, why not Cynthia`s day… give it your name! And on this same day card manufacturers would sell more cards in a slow quarter of the financial year. The event has become a commercial cycle, every year, some of the best Valentine`s Day ideas cost as much as the school fees of an orphan per year, or a dying patient in the hospital who cannot afford his medications!

Fellas, let us not enjoy being brainwashed into buying a load of tat that you don't really want, to give to someone who also doesn't really want it, in some vain attempt to quell your guilt-trip and demonstrate to someone that you care about them.


Let us bear this in mind that affecting the people who really need us is like building a house on solid ground.

Bringing joy and happiness in the life of each other even in the very modest way matters so much because love has no price. So on this Valentine`s Day, I challenge you to go to www.worldvision.org and see how you can impact the lives of those kids in Haiti who go about naked and hungry in the streets, dining with flies.

Those breast-feeding moms who cannot even afford milk to drink for their babies. Am I even supposed to be telling you this? You all are aware. So the love month I guess is the month of positive actions.

I challenge you to make your life meaningful, by visiting those hospitals, orphanages and those communities that cannot afford for their most basic necessities as potable drinking water. While you are thinking of getting extremely intimate with your lover and maybe unleashing the wolf that is in you on that Valentine`s Day night, first think about those who cannot be what and where you are right now. Those who cannot own what you got.

Think about creating a name for yourself, think about impacting people`s life for the best.

It is February, the month for most of the awards around the globe, what prize are you working towards winning? What prizes are you going to win? Are you loving yourself by taking yourself to the apex of the ladder of life or are you loving yourself by following the masses thus remaining on that same spot year in and year out?

Still in this amorous month of February, the legend, African Hero of all times, Nelson Mandela celebrated his freedom from prison with the loves of his life. How do you relate this to your personal life?

To what extent would you show love, not to some narcissistic guy or some gold digger of a girl that will jilt you as soon as you turn away from them, but to an entire community, to an entire nation, to an entire world?

Think about this, as we celebrate the freedom of the world`s mentor, do not stay back, entangled in a mental prison. Be free, and let your freedom make you soar to unbelievable dimensions and carry your loved ones along on your wings.

I do not even want to talk about the Valentine`s Day that is called Chocolate Day in Ghana - a day for boosting the sales of cocoa products.

I just hope that the money I use to buy chocolate which I take every morning is used properly, channelled to a worthwhile destination, and used for valuable purpose.

Girls, you should take this chocolate issue very seriously, eat it every morning and tell me how it boosts not only your entire shine, but your physique too.

Plus the world is looking forward to curb violence against girls and women through an organization called V-Day. It is all in the love month! Guys, find out how you can make the world a better place like paradise.

Show love to the entire world and more specifically, show love EVERYDAY to that one who is capable of making your breathe stop.

In conclusion, permit me share with you the words of Ashton Kutcher, the American movie producer and actor who in his confession to People Magazine early this February said;

“I hate Valentine`s Day. I think everyday should be a day of romance, then, on Valentine`s Day you should get to tell whoever you hate that you cannot stand them. There will be one day of hating, and 364 days of love.”

I really want to wish a happy Valentine`s Day to the president of the Republic of South Africa, Jacob Zuma. I wonder how he is going to spend the day - with which of the girls???

Myriads of kisses, Happy Valentine`s Day.

Source: Ruth Tembe Indah

Beyond Valentine's Day...Love Me Every Second

Well, it is that time of the year again, when my ears get tired with the insistence of the daily over-hyped mantra – Happy Valentine`s Day.
I should have waited until the 14th of February before I dropped this article. But I deemed it necessary to share some thoughts with you.

For those so curious to read this I suggest you refrain from judging, or accusing me of being biased. Not that I am single or not single, but just that I got this knack for seeing things with what I call my “eighth eye” before resolving to doing it.

So if you are ready to ride with me, then grab a flute of Moet & Chandon (my favorite champagne) or a glass of your favorite wine, and let`s go. What?... Oh! You don`t take alcohol? Ok. Then I recommend some natural fruit juice, Guava juice is the best.


I have conducted a research on the origin of this St. Valentine`s Day. I am one of those people who never want to stick with the herd, or one of those who do not want to feel like they are being manoeuvred by some folks who think they can feed our minds with whatever stuff they want to feed our minds with.

Note that this is far from the fact that I want to make some guys feel daunted. But I think none of us should get trapped into acting under coercion. Amidst the numerous stories surrounding this day, I think the origin of Valentine`s Day is still very misty.

Stand forth, let us together get some answers and clear out this clutter because I for one cannot put up with this ambiguity any longer. What is the origin of Valentine`s day? Is this day worth commemorating? How should we and why should we celebrate it?
First stop; let us probe into the various stories that define the origin of this day.

Who was Valentine? This question is not an easy one to answer. Depending on which source you refer to, you might find one author making the case that there were two different men named Valentine whose lives were mixed together to form one legend, and another arguing that two different legends arose about the same man.

Even still another author might say that there were three men named Valentine. Here are other synopses of different stories...

Valentine as a young man, though not yet a believer in Jesus Christ, helped Christians during a time of persecution. He was caught and put in jail, became a believer there and was clubbed to death for this on February 14, 269. While in prison he is said to have sent messages to friends saying, "Remember your Valentine" and "I love you". It is also said that Valentine was a priest that secretly married couples, defying the law of Emperor Claudius who temporarily forbade marriages.

Valentine was imprisoned for his faithfulness to Jesus and refusing to worship pagan gods. Making friends with the jailer’s daughter, he is said to have seen her healed through prayer, and on the date of his execution (Feb. 14th) he is said to written her a note signed "Your Valentine".

On February 14 it was also believed that the young boys and girls of the villages would write down the names of every girl and place these names in a jar of which each young man would have to draw a name of a girl and this particular maiden would be their partner for the duration of the festival. Sometimes these parings would last a year and end up in marriage.

Another Interesting origin is that St Valentine was the patron Saint of Epilepsy - reason was that he was supposedly a sufferer and took a keen interest in those who suffered from this affliction and also that those who suffered this disease were suffering from Valentine's sickness. (Can you believe this?)

St Valentine's Day has roots in several different legends that have found their way to us through the ages. But whatever the odd mixture of origins, St Valentine's Day is now a day of romance, a day for sweethearts. It is the day that you show your friend or loved one that you care. But do you know what? I will not even want to insist on grasping some more knowledge about the origin of this day, because I think that now that we are all into it, insisting on getting the exact meaning of the day is derisory.

Of course, love is the farthest reaching dream and I dare to say the most relevant, most evidential, most powerful dream of all. At some point in all our lives, we have known love, be it filial or erotic. We either showed love, or we have been loved.

Love is the dream that is real, even when we have experienced the world of it, the end of it, the betrayal of it; it is evident that love remains inside of everything. A dream that comes true, it wants to exist, it does exist, it is all around us all the time.

Posh helps Cheryl after hubby’s nude pics scandal

Victoria Beckham is reportedly helping out friend Cheryl Cole after naked pictures of the latter’s husband emerged on the mobile of a topless model.

Cole was said to be hitting the roof after explicit images of her husband and Chelsea star Ashley were received by glamour girl Sonia Wild, 28.

And former Spice Girl Victoria was said to have offered her pal a stay at her LA mansion to help her deal with the situation.

"Victoria just wants to make sure Cheryl is OK. The offer''s there - and you can''t get a more relaxing and private environment than Vic''s LA home. If Cheryl needs some time to think and reflect, the Beckhams'' is the place to go,” The Sun quoted family friend as saying.

Meanwhile, Ashley has reportedly claimed he is innocent, alleging he clicked snaps of himself for fun on an unregistered phone in a hotel room last year and forgot to delete them before handing the device to a friend.

Simpson finds Mayer's sex comments funny

Actress Jessica Simpson has laughed off ex-boyfriend John Mayer's comments about their sex life saying the singer-actress was like a "cocaine drug" to him

Dailystar.co.uk reports, Mayer, who dated Simpson for nine months before splitting in 2007, opened up about their love life in a candid interview with Playboy magazine - he described her as "crazy" in bed.

"Simpson was like a drug. And drugs aren't good for you if you do lots of them. Yeah, that girl is like crack cocaine to me.

"Sexually, it was crazy. That's all I'll say. Did you ever say, 'I want to quit my life and just f**kin' snort you? If you charged me $10,000 to f**k you, I would start selling all my s**t just to keep f**king you.'"

But Simpson has taken the comments in her stride. In a video posted on TMZ.com, the singer is shown laughing when asked about the compliments, but insists she has "no comment".

Winehouse gives away her 11 cats

British singer Amy Winehouse has given away her 11 cats because they were getting out of control.

The singer, who flew out to Jamaica to work on her third album earlier this week, has given two of her beloved pets to goddaughter Dionne Bromfield and called an animal shelter asking them to pick up the others from her London home, reported contactmusic.com.

"Amy was pretty upset about it because she loved them dearly, but she had to give them up. They were climbing all over the place, breeding and generally getting out of control," said a source.

Lindsay auctions date for Haiti funds

The Mean Girls star is auctioning a night out with her in Los Angeles as part of efforts to help those affected by the devastating earthquake that tore the Caribbean region in January.

Other prizes also include first class flights and a week in a plush hotel, reports The Mirror.

More than 212,000 people were confirmed dead and more than one million left homeless due to the killer 7.0-magnitude quake.

Sandra Bullock's V-Day disaster!

Actress Sandra Bullock has revealed how her grooming preparations for Valentine’s Day ended up in disaster.

The Blind Side star explained how a failed attempt to surprise her motorcycle enthusiast husband Jesse James left her rolling in pain.

"I decided for Valentine''s Day I would do a special hair thing. I wanted to try to create a pink heart shape with my lower hair. It was painful,” the Daily Telegraph quoted her as telling OK! magazine.

"You had to bleach it first. There''s something about bleach that feels like acid. Then I had to shave it. I was in so much pain, but I kept going and put the pink dye on and it went the wrong colour," she added.

Was it Kat's sis in porn video?

Even before Isabel Kaif could seriously begin her Bollywood career under the mentorship of elder sister Katrina Kaif, a sexually explicit video of a girl bearing an uncanny resemblance to her is doing the rounds in Mumbai.

In fact, rumours about the video have been circulating for a while. Mumbai Mirror discovered that the DVD is freely available with hawkers outside most suburban railway stations.

The clip, probably shot with a camcorder in a hotel room, does not show the face of the man but the girl is clearly visible. It also appears that she is aware that she is being filmed.

The particular portion in the DVD, which is a part of several other sexual encounters by various other protagonists, is boldly titled ‘Isabel Kaif’ in the menu.

While the girl does seem to have a striking similarity to Katrina’s sister, it could not be conclusively established whether it is indeed her.

Meanwhile, Katrina Kaif and her mother Susana Mary Turcotte have categorically denied that the picture of the girl seen in the explicit MMS clip titled ‘Isabelle Kaif’ has anything to do with Katrina’s sister Isabelle.

The look-alike’s video clip, which has been around for some time now, has caused enough grief in the past for the Kaifs.

The 17-year-old Isabelle, Katrina’s youngest sister, is currently studying acting in New York and shortly expected to join Katrina in Mumbai to pursue a career in films.

In the story ‘Sex Lies and Videotape’ carried yesterday, Mumbai Mirror regrets the reference to Katrina’ sister and apologises for the trauma it has caused Katrina and her family.

When Baba calls, you just go

When it comes to religious sentiments, it’s a known saying that god calls his devotees himself. Neetu Chandra experienced when she decided impromptu to take a road trip to Shirdi.

"I think it was the way of God to call me to his place. Kehte hain ki jab Baba bulaate hai toh aapko jaana hi hota hai.

Same happened to me as well the moment I woke up on Wednesday. Never before had I felt such a strong urge to visit Shirdi but this was something else.

I couldn't think of anything else and just started getting ready for the quick trip, " says Neetu Chandra who was accompanied by her mother and brother.

Since 2010 is anyways turning out to be quite eventful for Neetu, she has now decided to pray for her professional success and personal happiness.

"I am going to thank Baba for all the good feedback that came my way for 'Rann'. I also have some major releases coming up so I am going to pray for them too. But above all, I am also going to fight with Baba for the success of my friends which is long due.

I have a couple of close friends who are not from the industry, are very talented and deserve all the success coming their way. However, it appears that Baba is just testing them out.

I am going to question him that why isn't he being considerate to them. If he doesn't do the needful after this trip of mine, I will make sure that I pack my bags all over again and visit him to get into a fight, " Neetu adds.

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