Pole Dancing: Secret Of Cindy Crawford's Happy Marriage!

American supermodel Cindy Crawford, in a recent statement to the media, said that the secret of her happy marriage with husband Rande Gerber is pole dancing!

Speaking to the media, Cindy Crawford says that she has started taking lessons on pole dancing in order to keep her body in shape and to keep looking sexy. In fact her husband is aware that his model wife has enrolled into pole dancing classes and has no complaints against her. The 44-year-old Cindy Crawford will be seen next as the face of the TSUM store in Moscow and is currently busy for its fashion shoot.

The mother of two has been married to Rande Gerber since 1998, which is considered a lifetime, by American standards. Cindy Crawford says that she has tried different methods such as following strict diet routines and weight management classes but to no avail. Pole dancing, on the other hand, has shown positive results and has helped her to keep her husband interested in her, feels the former supermodel. It is dark in the pole dancing classes that she attends, says Cindy Crawford, and so it is not possible to take a look at the face of even the girl practicing next to you, therefore one can remain anonymous while attending the pole dancing classes.

Cindy Crawford was married to actor Richard Gere before. She has graced the covers of many a magazine in the span of her career.

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