Pauly D Won’t Do Celebrity Apprentice

Pauly D, of Jersey Shore fame, has turned an invitation by “the Donald” to appear on his reality television show, “Celebrity Apprentice.” Pauly D may have turned down the invite for numerous reasons.

He probably didn’t want to get embarrassed on national television. More people should follow this example and stay off of television shows that promise to bring embarrassment, and shame as well as those that will put them in a negative light.

Another reason why Pauly D may have said no is because he reportedly has been awarded a New Jersey spin-off show. According to sources close to the situation (not The Situation), he has already began filming. No word on what the show will be called or what it will be about.

“Celebrity Apprentice” rebounded pretty nicely. Even though they were turned down by Pauly D, they managed to fill his spot with the King of Crunk and perhaps Gangsta Grills, Lil Jon. Well, “Okayyyyyy!”

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