Katy Perry's engagement ring story revealed

Katy Perry's engagement ring story revealed
"The whole ring thing happened many months ago, when Russell was in Delhi on his way to Jaipur and I was referred to him through mutual friends, I don't necessarily do engagement rings, unless commissioned, and this came as a request, and there was urgency to it," Us magazine quoted Singh as telling RadarOnine.com.

"I showed him a design and my favorite stone -- the Golconda diamond -- the most magical of Indian diamonds from many hundred years ago when the Golconda mines were flourishing.

"And in a matter of minutes choices were made, He [Russell] requested privacy, and I was happy to oblige. I understand how some things must remain sacred and special, especially in momentous times like a wedding.

"Russell is extremely charming and a lover of our country. Good wishes to them both," Singh added.

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