Aishwarya Rai underwent emergency Eye treatment

Aishwarya Rai underwent emergency medical treatment for an eye infection before she attended the Cannes Film Festival, according to Mid Day.

It has been suggested that the actress was concerned about appearing on the red carpet with red eye so sought treatment from Lilavati Hospital in Bandra before she left for France.

"Aishwarya was wearing huge, dark glares [sunglasses]. Her mother escorted her. In spite of the glares and her attempts to remain as inconspicuous as ever, she was easily recognised. But no-one went up to her and let her be as it was the hospital corridor," a source revealed.

"Everyone spoke about Aishwarya in hushed tones and soon word spread about the reason behind the visit. She was seen visiting eye specialist Dr Himanshu Mehta in the hospital."

The star's hectic schedule and the heat had apparently taken a toll on her eyes, causing an infection. She reportedly left the hospital immediately after receiving treatment.

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