Lindsay Lohan Will Remain Free

Lindsay Lohan won't have to go to jail - for now - if she follows the conditions of her bail as set forth by a Los Angeles judge.

Judge Marsha Revel ruled the "Mean Girls" star, 23, must put a SCRAM alcohol-monitoring bracelet on within 24 hours, avoid drinking alcohol, submit to random drug testing once a week and attend the remainder of her alcohol education classes at a rate of one per week.

So, the actress left the Beverly Hills courthouse yesterday wearing an alcohol-detecting device strapped to her ankle that will check her body's alcohol levels every 30 minutes by measuring her sweat. Another formal hearing was set for July 6 to determine if Lohan had violated her probation or not.

In the meantime, here's an upskirt photo of Lindsay Lohan's ass while in Cannes.

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