Who Is Bipasha Basu's New Love Interest?

Is Bipasha Basu tired of boyfriend John Abraham? Going by Media speculations, this may turn out to be true.

So who is the new man in the actress' life? While there have been several rumors in the past, trying to link Bipasha Basu's name to a number of her co-stars, she has been in a steady relationship with beau John Abraham for the last eight years. Is it time that they call it quits? Bipasha Basu is definitely in love with a new man and this becomes apparent from her personal page on social networking site Twitter. But we still do not know how actor John Abraham will take this!

The imaginations must be running wild by now, so it's time we name the new love interest of Bipasha Basu. It is none other than Pakistani singer Atif Aslam. This may come as a shock to most of her fans but the news is very much true that Bipasha Basu has fallen in love with Atif Aslam's voice! Yes, the actress recently posted a tweet saying that she loves Atif Aslam's songs so much that she listens to them whenever she is driving. Bipasha Basu also goes on to add that she hopes that Atif would sing specially for her someday! That must be quite a compliment for the young Pakistani singer.

Bipasha Basu is currently filming her debut international project 'Singularity' in Australia. Giving her company from Bollywood is actor Abhay Deol. The film sees Bips in the role of a Maratha fighter. But is John Abraham feeling insecure sitting in India? There has been no statement from the actor on girlfriend Bips' tweet. So if you want to impress Bipasha Basu next time, do make sure that you have a really good voice.

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