Paris Hilton vs Hair Extension Company

It’s about time that Paris Hilton is involved again in another issue, which this time is between her and the hair extension company that sued her for $35 million due to breach-of-contract. Last August, Hairtech International filed a case against the hotel heiress after claiming that she has breached some terms of her contract with them by wearing hair extensions from a competing company and failing to attend promotional appearances.

Just like the feisty starlet that we all know her to be, Paris has filed a countersuit against the company saying that Hairtech’s claims are nothing but lies and that it is only using her celebrity status as a form of advertisement. She also negated the claims of the company that she intentionally skipped her scheduled appearances because she was currently in jail during those times.

The countersuit she filed came complete with a letter from Chris Volek, a colleague, who claimed that Hairtech have had history before of defrauding victims. Other than this, Paris also claimed that the company failed to pay her $1.7 million and that Hairtech has gone so far as changing the documents which they originally presented to her during the signing.

Paris is demanding a $2.1 million for damages, approximately $400,000 for attorney fees and punitive damages, and $500,000 for declaratory relief.

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