Sonakshi-Akshay To Star In India's First 3D Film 'Joker'

It is finally official. After much speculation as to who will be the female lead of the upcoming 3D film Joker (Katrina Kaif and Sonakshi Sinha being the chief contenders), it is the Dabangg girl who has finally struck the chord with filmmaker Sirish Kunder.

Touted as the first 3D project in Bollywood, Joker has already generated a lot of buzz not only for its content but also for the lead pair of Akshay and Sonakshi. Director Sirish Kunder was searching for a fresh pair for his upcoming movie and the Akshay Kumar - Sonakshi Sinha jodi looked perfect, the director stressing on the fact that Sonakshi also completely fits into the character as the female lead opposite Akshay's character.

Though titled Joker, the Akshay Kumar - Sonakshi Sinha starrer does not tell the story of a joker in a circus. Neither is it the story of a superhero, as was perceived by many after they heard that the film was to be made in 3D. Akshay Kumar is not prepared to reveal details on the plot yet and we as audience will also have to wait till next year to catch a glimpse of Joker.

All that can be said now is that Sonakshi Sinha is gradually getting a good grasp in Bollywood. After having worked with Salman Khan in her debut film, Akshay Kumar as co-star in the second film itself is something that many actresses will die for. The Dabangg girl too accepts the fact, promising to improve with each film. Joker hits the screens on Christmas next year.

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