I could be pregnant by next year, says Rihanna

In an interview, Rihanna has hinted that motherhood may soon be on the horizon.
"I don''t really plan on the age. It could be a year from now. It could be 10 years from now. Whenever is right," UsMagazine.com quoted her as saying.

"I mean, I have a lot of other stuff to accomplish before I get to kids. Whenever the time is right, I''ll just know."

The pop star, who began dating L.A. Dodgers center fielder Matt Kemp in January, wants an all-male household.

"If I had a girl, she''d probably be really rebellious," the singer laughed.

"She would be like a bundle of karma."

As for where she would raise her brood, Rihanna says she "would love to bring them up in Barbados," though her job may prevent that from becoming a reality.

"I can''t live that far away from everything now, without kids," she explains.

"So I certainly couldn''t raise kids and [have a career] with the demanding schedule that I have," she added.

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