Leonardo DiCaprio Finally Arrives Russia, Donates $1 Million for Tiger Preservation

Leonardo Dicaprio was generous enough to make his $1 million contribution for tiger preservation last Tuesday after being deferred by an air crisis. “En route to attend the Tiger Summit in St. Petersburg, Leonardo DiCaprio was one of the passengers aboard Delta Flight 30,” DiCaprio’s spokesman said. “He wishes to commend the actions of the pilot and flight crew in bringing the plane to a safe landing.”

The flight was required to have an emergency landing at John F. Kennedy Airport in New York following a blown engine and dumping fuel. When the crisis in the atmosphere was over, DiCaprio signed a lot of autographs for the passengers and the crews. “Everyone is fine.” He said. DiCaprio, at 36, is joining leaders of government from the 13 tiger range countries in St. Petersburg, Russia, for a first-ever summit to save tigers.

Hosted by Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, the summit’s intention is to save tigers from extermination. The $1 million donation made by DiCaprio to the World Wildlife Fund will help critical tiger conservation efforts. “He is doing great,” a DiCaprio source says. DiCarpio admitted, though a little late, that he was happy to make it to St. Petersburg safe.

He has done tremendously as far as donating to environmental causes over the last few years. Big thumbs up to Leonardo DiCaprio for finding a different passion apart from doing any movie role that comes before him. His movie choices have been better lately as well.

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