The party’s just started

Model Hrishant Goswami , who was ousted from the Bigg Boss house on Friday, says he is glad he’s out. “There was no alcohol in the house and I couldn’t sleep enough because we couldn’t sleep in the day time,” he says.

Goswami, who was the object of Pakistani actor Veena Malik’s affection, says he only saw her as a “good friend”. “We started off with our share of fights, but she ended up liking me. For me, it is only friendship. I want to focus on my career,” he says. While he maintains that he did not get attracted to any woman in the house, he admits, “I got to meet Pamela Anderson, which was great. And, of course, I liked Kareena when she entered the house ... but that’s it!”

Goswami is now looking forward to having a blast with actor Ashmit Patel, who he befriended in the house. “We are going to meet up and have a blast together; our camaraderie was for real,” he says. Asked who, according to him, is the most clever person inside the house, Goswami says, “Manoj Tiwari. He is a true politician.”

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