Delhi Is Not Safe For Women, Says Gul Panag

Actress Gul Panag, who is presently in Delhi to attend the Airtel Delhi Half Marathon 2010 experienced a very unpleasant turn of events which she shared with the media and her fans.

It is not unknown that the actress has always been a fitness freak and it was primarily for this reason that she decided to be a part of the Half Marathon this year. Unfortunately, Gul Panag was very disappointed with the behavior of some Delhi boys and men during a prominent part of the run which started at the Nehru Stadium in the city. She was reportedly manhandled in the course of the marathon. However, the actress also said that she was not surprised considering that the city in question was Delhi.

An extremely angry and disappointed Gul Panag poured her vent out to the media saying that though Delhi has improved over the years in terms of infrastructure, the nature of the people living in the city refuse to change for the better. The actress was touched in inappropriate parts of her body by the Delhi men who passed her during an unexpected stampede that occurred during the Airtel Delhi Half Marathon.

The actress' statements are a reflection of a recent survey in which it was reported that more than 70 percent of women in Delhi feel unsafe moving out alone in the city's streets. In fact, it has become a norm that Delhi women have to live a fearful daily life, physical abuse has become so rampant in Delhi that women have also stopped complaining in most cases. The phenomenon is a prominent factor not only in the streets of Delhi, but also in the city's workplaces. Gul Panag was also born and had spent her growing up years in Delhi.

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