Miley Cyrus' Grand Plans For Her Birthday!

Miley Cyrus had a great time on her birthday as she enjoyed to the fullest with her mother Tish Cyrus.

Miley danced with her mother Tish to mark her eighteenth birthday at a posh Los Angeles club. Miley has grand plans for her birthday this year. Miley added that she has rented a place from her friends where she and her mother has rehearsed dance steps so that they can perform on the big day.

Miley remarked that she practices dance steps with her Mom via a computer game but her mother always wins at the end of it. Miley also added that the mother-daughter duo practices a variety of dance steps and her gang of friends really enjoys when they perform together. Miley added "my mom left me behind, she scored 600,000 points yesterday while I just made 300,000". Miley will celebrate her birthday with her parents Tish and Billy Ray Cyrus, though they have separated after seventeen years of marriage

Miley has a host of plans lined up for the entire month of November with Thanksgiving Day on the corner there will be a dual celebration.

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