Rihanna 'always wanted to be a diva'

Rihanna has revealed that she grew up idolising stars like Janet Jackson, Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey.

The 'Rudeboy' hitmaker admitted that she spent her childhood listening to "diva" music and dreaming about a career that followed in their footsteps.

"Janet Jackson, Destiny's Child, Whitney Houston - they were definitely the people who motivated me to do this, who I idolised and looked up to and said, 'I want to be like them, I want to do that one day, I want to back videos, make music and have CDs'," she told MTV.

"That started the dream and it just went from there, and became a reality."

Asked if she has encountered any of her heroines, Rihanna replied: "Yes I have met some of them and it's really, really strange. I still look at Mariah Carey and I'm a fan, I remember 'Vision Of Love' when I was repeating every night every move in that video."

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