'I didn't like conforming'

Lee Ryan has said that he did not like his early days as a member of boyband Blue because he did not enjoy having to conform.

The singer-songwriter told the Metro that he "hated" having to fit in and suggested that he had an identity crisis.

Ryan said: "A lot of people go through that and that first transitional stage.

"All my early 20s, I hated completely. I just didn't know who I was. Society puts a strain to conform and stand in line which I hate - it's not right."

He added that his former bandmate Duncan James "looks like he has a weight off his shoulders" having revealed that he is bisexual last year.

Ryan added: "He seems so much happier now. He feels like he's just cool, man. I saw him the other day and he was happy as Larry. I love him to bits. He's like a soulmate brother."

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