Pamela Anderson Owes a Lot of Money

Pamela Anderson has made it into a most wanted list again, but this time it's not a "most wanted for sex celebrity", but a "most wanted delinquent taxpayer"!

The Baywatch star is among 250 citizens and companies that owe over $100,000 to the IRS this year.

The California Franchise Tax Board released its annual list of delinquent taxpayers this past Monday, and Pammy's name is way up on the list, with a whopping $493,000 debt in personal income tax.

To top it off, five construction companies have placed liens against her Malibu house for unpaid debts as a result of the extensive renovations she did to it last year, the highest one being over $600,000.

Apparently Pamela will have to do a lot more than shaking her sculptural body to the tango if she wants to get out of this one.

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