Gisele Bundchen Wants "Lots Of Children"

She gave birth to a beautiful baby boy about 4 months ago, and now Gisele Bundchen is ready for more.

The Victoria’s Secret bombshell says that Benjamin has enriched her life so much she definitely wants more kids and claims she “couldn’t care less” about the impact more pregnancies could have on her body.

“I want to have lots of children,” Bundchen continued. “It doesn’t matter if my body changes. It is the most marvelous thing. For example, they sometimes say that your breasts begin to sag, but I couldn’t care less.”

Don’t expect to the Brazilian model to stay at home full time either. Gisele says, “I’m not quitting the catwalk nor giving up my career as a model. I’m simply going to slow down because I want to spend more time with my son.”

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