Lisa Rinna's Erect Nipples

Lisa Rinna may be close to 50 years old, but she still "has it". What's even better, she's proud to show it.

Accompanied by her husband Harry Hamlin, the actress attended a movie premiere on Wednesday night, dressed in a purple-colored dress and no bra.

That means that her generously sized tits were bouncing freely at the rhythm of her walking, and despite their lack of a bra constrain, those bad boys weren't looking saggy at all. On the contrary, her tits were pretty perky and quite firm. That can only mean one thing: Lisa Rinna had to have had her boobs silicon-enhanced, right?

Nothing wrong with that, silicon parts were made for boys! I would also like to call your attention to Lisa Rinna's nipples. In every picture of Lisa snapped lately, her nipples look hard as rocks, and can you see how erect they are here, even though it's obviously hot since she's wearing a sleeveless dress? What's up with that? Do they also have surgery for nipples?

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