Vidya-Tusshar passionate kiss

Nervous as hell about his first screen kiss it seems Tusshar Kapoor is not destined to kiss Vidya Balan for The Dirty Picture in a hurry. As per the script the torrid smooch between the couple is mandatory.

However when it came to actually shooting the kiss a series of circumstances have somehow aborted the proposed kiss. It started with the lack of rehearsals for the sequence.

The latest setback was a dragonfly attack in Hyderabad on location just when the long-due kiss was to be shot.

The much-discussed seduction sequence between Vidya Balan and Tusshar Kapoor was to be shot before Vidya Balan left for a brief holiday. And now everyone is wondering when the kiss would actually happen.

Says Tusshar, “Yeah, I don’t know why. The kiss with Vidya just hasn’t happened so far. I was very nervous about doing the intimate scenes.

The director Milan Luthria assured me Vidya and I would be comfortable in the intimate moments after rehearsals. But the rehearsals for the love scenes didn’t happen. We both got busy with other things. Then there was dragon-fly attack and we had to pack up abruptly. ”

Now Tusshar has suddenly signed a new film, Samir Karnik’s comedy about star-crossed Rajasthani-Punjabi lovers, played by Tusshar and Kulraj Randhawa which would now have to be accommodated into his Dirty Picture schedule, along with the sequel to Kya Kool Hain Hum.

So where does that leave the fugitive kiss?

Laughs Tusshar nervously, “Hopefully we’ll shot the kiss soon. If God and the dragonflies allow.

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