'Heroine' Kareena slashes fee, to share profits

Kareena Kapoor who had demanded a whopping Rs 10 crore from UTV for Heroine has settled for Rs 8 crore. But the actor would now be sharing profits with the producers. This makes Kareena the first ever female actor to enter this space.

"Kareena had earlier demanded Rs 8 crore. After several meetings, she has now decided to slash her fee. However, she will now be a part of the profit sharing rights. The producers have worked it out in a way that Kareena ends up getting Rs 8 crore out of the project," a source told Mumbai Mirror.

Kareena Kapoor would be the first female actor, to have signed a profit sharing agreement for a film. Earlier actors like Salman Khan, SRK, Aamir Khan and Imran Khan have been in similar arrangements.

We hope that Madhur's film is finally unjinxed!

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