Is Lady Gaga going straight?

IT was always going to be the ultimate gimmick for the eccentric Lady Gaga.
With every visceral taboo broken, from meat dress to climbing inside a womb on stage, the 25-year-old had nowhere to do. Except, of course, to the one area that no-one would ever expect, that of chic normality. And for the second day in LA, as she arrived at a recording studio, she did just that.

Gaga, real name Stefani Germanotta, donned an elegant long black dress that clung to her dainty frame in all the right places. With a beehive that evoked a blonde Audrey Heburn, the whole outfit was very Breakfast at Tiffany’s, down to the large diamant√© earrings.

We’re so used to seeing Lady Gaga step out in something original and outrageous that we almost didn’t recognise her yesterday. But it seems like the new elegant New Yorker may be here to stay. –DM

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