Mobile phones banned for Britney Spears?

Baby On More Time’ hitmaker Britney Spears has reportedly been barred from possessing a mobile phone to keep her under control.

The phone ban is said to be just one of the measures taken by those close to the 29-year-old singer to avoid a repeat of past meltdowns.

“Britney’s inner-circle keep a close eye on her to ensure she keeps herself together,” the Sun quoted a source as saying.

“One of the rules is she gave up her cell phone. That helps them keep her under control,” the source added.

Spears’ ex- bodyguard Fernando Flores, 30, had last year claimed that the singer had sent him her nude snaps from her phone and also accused her of exposing herself and making unwanted advances at her LA home.

However, the singer denied the allegations.

The pop star is under legal protection and her dad Jamie is managing her affairs following her 2008 breakdown.


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