Salman Khan donates 100,000 bricks to Sikh temple

Salman Khan has donated more than 100,000 bricks to help build a new wing for a Sikh temple.

The actor made the charitable donation while filming in Patiala for his upcoming release Bodyguard.

Producer Atul Aghnihotri said: "Around the commando training school where we shot, people have strong faith in the gurdwara. So all of us, including Salman, visited the holy spot on the first day, and went back to seek blessings on the last day."

The authorities at the temple planned to construct community rooms for worshippers.

"All of us, including Salman, decided to donate 100,000 bricks, to construct the rooms," added Aghnihotri.

The actor's co-star Kareena Kapoor will be visiting the UK this week to promote the film.

Bodyguard opens in theatres on August 31.

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