There will be no Jacqueline in Murder 3'

Murder producers have said that Jacqueline Fernandez will not feature in the third project in the series.

Mukesh Bhatt has revealed that he wants to cast a new actor to begin work on Murder 3, Hindustan Times reports.

"Just like the stunning girls we see in Bond films, we will have a new girl in every Murder film," he said.

"We launched Mallika Sherawat in the first film and Jacqueline in the second. Now, we want the audiences to ask, 'Who's the next Murder girl?' with enthusiasm."

Lead actor in the series Emraan Hashmi recently stated that the films could not be made without him in the main role.

Fernandez is reported to have angered producers when she opted to fulfill shooting commitments on Housefull 2 in the UK, instead of promoting the Bhatt project in Mumbai.The erotic thriller exceeded trade analysts' box office predictions when it released earlier this year.

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