Ronaldo's ex Atkinson enters Bollywood

English actor, television personality and lingerie model Gemma Atkinson, 26, who once dated Portuguese footballer Cristiano Ronaldo, is all set for her innings in Bollywood.She will star in Fever, a movie by filmmaker Rajeev Jhaveri. Atkinson has reportedly replaced Mexican actor Barbara Mori, who was initially approached for the role."I loved the script. It has everything: love, murder and action. The Bollywood film industry is so glamourous. For me, it was about discovering another side and seeing how things in Bollywood are done," she told a leading daily.

Is she willing to do steamy scenes in Fever? "With regards to nudity, it all depends on how it's being shot and if it's necessary. There are many ways to show people being in love on screen and Fever is more about the perceived sexual tension than the physical sex. Rajeev is shooting this movie so beautifully that I'm sure the sex scenes will be done tastefully," she told.She has starred in films like Boogie Woogie, 13 Hrs, Baseline, The Sweet Shop, How to Stop Being a Loser and Airborne.

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