Aamir Khan to make TV debut with his 'most ambitious project'

Aamir Khan is preparing to make his TV debut in what he has described as his "most ambitious project" yet.

The show will bring the real-life stories of people across India to the small screen, and will be broadcast in eight different languages.

"This show is my most ambitious project," Khan told NDTV. "This began as a dream some three-four years ago. Uday [Shankar, CEO of Star India] coaxed me with the idea that I should think of dominating television now. That is how the spark ignited. After that meeting I actually started thinking about it passionately.

"I have been offered game shows before, but I didn't find them very exciting... Not that they were not good but personally doing the same thing every day didn't excite me much. So that is how I started to think and brainstorm for an innovative concept.

"Moreover, I have realised in all these years that TV is a very strong and powerful medium and I should make use of this platform to reach [a] larger audience."

Shankar said: "It's a pan-India show. The show has been woven around Aamir, it is his vision. He did not want language to act as a barrier, he said 'I want all your regional channels for this show'."

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