Breast cancer scares Elizabeth Hurley

Elizabeth Hurley has revealed that she is "really, really scared" of getting breast cancer and fears the worst whenever she gets herself screened for the disease.

The 46-year-old actress says that she panics while waiting for the test results after the she is screened because her grandmother died due to breast cancer, reports Contactmusic.

In a blog for, the actress wrote, "For 364 days of the year I can speak and think rationally about breast cancer, and for many of those days I'm actively fundraising actively fundraising or trying to raise awareness about the disease. But on day 365, I'm in a panic."

"For on day 365, I get my annual mammogram and, in between the procedure and waiting for the nurse to come back with the result, I get really, really scared.

"In the 20 minutes or so that it takes for the doctor to study the images, my imagination takes me to dark and frightening places and I generally wind myself up into a frenzy.

"Everything bad flashes through my mind and invariably I end up seeing my little orphaned son crying at my funeral, his mother having lost her fight against breast cancer..."

The actress also admitted that she breaks down with relief whenever she gets the all clear but knows that, it doesn't mean she will be safe from the disease forever.

"I have stumbled out of the hospital five times, sobbing with relief, knowing I have a clear mammogram and another year to fight the good fight against the disease. I'm not a victim myself. Yet," she wrote.

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