Sonam Kapoor: 'Anil Kapoor hasn't had Botox'

Sonam Kapoor has denied that her father Anil Kapoor has had Botox in order to further his Hollywood career.

The veteran actor makes an appearance in the upcoming movie Mission Impossible - Ghost Protocol.

Sonam told The Times of India: "It's not Botox for dad. It's all just genetic. I hope 'youth' remains in my genes as well. It's all natural. Dad practises something called Bikram Yoga, and he remains forever young.

"I'm a part of a health-oriented family. Whenever I miss a turn I have four people pushing me to exercise. They don't have to push me too hard though for I enjoy it too!"

The Mausam actress added that she is intimidated by the prospect of appearing on screen with her father.

"It seems like a dangerous proposition. He's such a fine actor. I think I'll get weak knees. I'm still not prepared for it," she said.

Sonam has previously compared her father to a rock star because of his energy and youthful appearance.

In August, Anil insisted that he will continue to advise his daughter on her career, despite being busy in Bollywood. Source

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