Pak film industry committee demands complete ban on Indian movies' screening in country

The Pakistani Film Industry's Central Coordination Committee has demanded that the government impose a complete ban on the screening of Indian movies in Pakistani theatres.

The committee met at Alhamra in order to raise their voice against the screening of Bollywood movies in Pakistan, The Nation reports.

A good number of Lollywood celebrities, including producers, films makers and actors, had gathered on the occasion.

While sharing the agenda of the meeting, eminent Pakistani filmmaker Syed Noor said that some people in the Pakistan conspiring against the culture of the country.

Bollywood movies were not only bringing Indian culture to Pakistan, but also damaging the Pakistani Film Industry, he claimed.

Noor said that they would move to the court for ban on the screening of Indian movies in Pakistani cinemas.

Speaking on the occasion, Pakistani actress Atiqa Odho said she was surprised that all segments of the film industry were gathered on the one-point agenda of banning Indian movies, adding that she would do her best to raise the issue at political forums.

A disturbance was also witnessed in the hall when a filmmaker rudely asked some guests to leave the seats of front row.

In response of this mismanagement and misbehaving, some people said that the Pakistani film industry could not grow until complete removal of all 'illiterates' from the industry.

They said there was dire need to change the culture of the Pakistani film industry, adding that good people should come forward to save the industry. Source

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