No direction plans for Brad Pitt

Hollywood superstar Brad Pitt says he has no desire to move behind the camera and become a director as it would drive his family crazy.The 47-year-old, who raises six kids with partner Angelina Jolie insists he doesn't want to become a director because it would take him away from home for long, reported Q magazine.

"I have no aspirations for directing. It would drive me crazy and my family crazy, I'd never see them. It would take me three years to do it. I like what I do now. I love cinema and I'm still watching films I was watching 20 years ago. Making films that stand, that's the goal," Pitt said.The actor who stars in new baseball movie Moneyball also said, although, he doesn't know much about the sport but loves playing games with his sons."I know very little about baseball besides the fact I took one in the face when I was in junior high. Eighteen stitches was the result of that incident. I like to play ball with my boys though, throw the ball around, these kind of things. I like American football and football-football," Pitt added.

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