Katrina-Ali Zafar, the new BFF of B-town

Katrina Kaif's recent bonding with her ‘Mere Brother Ki Dulhan’ co-star Ali Zafar is the new talk of the town. The two stars, who got to know each other on the sets of YRF’s film, have got on like a house on fire.

The duo has been spotted hanging out together when they are not shooting. Not sometime back, reports suggested that Zafar gave some guitar-lessons to the lady, so that she couls strum a guitar well during her live music performances.

However, the source also makes it a point to add that Katrina still holds a special space for her ex Salman Khan. Recently, when Ali mentioned that he was quite scared of Mr Khan, Katrina was quick to jump to Salman’s defence adding that the latter is a chilled-out as person.

In fact, Katrina added that though Salman is known to be this rough-tough guy, he is actually a sweetheart. Source


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