Kareena plans religious outing with Saif

It's well known that actress Kareena Kapoor, who tunrns another year older on September 21, has canned her elaborate birthday plans due to the ill-health of Mansoor Ali Khan Pataudi.

Following this news, talks have arisen that Kareena and Saif will instead plan a religious outing on Bebo's big day to pray for Saif's father's health, and at the same time seek blessings!

"Kareena is an extrememly understanding girl, and also family oriented. Though we were planning a big bash for her, she has now opted for a low key affair with very close family and friends," says a close friend of Kareena's who also happens to be an actress.

News also has it that Saif is so touched by Kareena's understanding that he plans to spend the entire day with her and has also planned a special gift to make this day special. "Saif's extremely secretive. He loves surprising his ladylove. so none of us will even have a clue about what he has up his sleeve," we are told, "However, it's understood that Mr. Pataudi is not keeping well, so tomorrow will be more of a family affair rather than the usual brouhaha that's expected." Credit

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