Sonam Kapoor clarifies 'gay' remark

Actress Sonam Kapoor has gone on record to say that she wouldn't mind turning 'gay' for Kareena.

She said, "I wouldn't mind turning gay for Kareena." When we caught up with the lass and chatted up with her, she simply laughed the statement off.

"I was on a spree of giving interviews for 'Mausam'. The TV was switch on, and the promo of Bodyguard was being aired. Kareena Kapoor looked beautiful, and I went 'I wouldn't mind turning gay for Kareena'. Of course, the media had a field day with that quote," explained Sonam.

'Are you sure there is no female 'Dostana' in the making?' we ask her. She replies, "No, not at all! It was me just trying to express that Kareena is goodlooking. That's all. There are so many goodlooking women in. Kareena is one, there is Katrin and Angelina Jolie and I could go on and on."

When we tell Sonam that she is good looking, too, she jokes, "Yes, but I can't play gay with myself! About me being good looking, it's not for me to say, na... " she trails off.  Source

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