Jagjit Singh still under observation

MUMBAI: Ghazal singer Jagjit Singh is still in a critical state, doctors from Lilavati Hospital in Bandra said on Sunday. However, sources claimed that he is showing signs of improvement. After suffering from a brain hemorrhage on Friday and undergoing two emergency surgeries, the Singh has been kept under observation. He is still on ventilator, say hospital authorities.

Following a rupture in the blood vessel in the skull, the 70-year-old, had been brought to the hospital in an unconscious state very early on Friday morning, a hospital source revealed. Till Saturday afternoon, he was already operated twice by a team of doctors.

"He is still critical and is to be kept under observation," said cardiologist Dr Ajit Menon, under whom Singh was admitted. However, sources from the hospital said that Singh's condition had improved since Saturday. "He is showing slight improvement. The treatment is working," a source from the hospital said on condition of anonymity.

Non-traumatic causes like uncontrolled hypertension or high blood pressure is also known to cause a brain hemorrhage. Anticoagulant therapy, blood clotting disorders can heighten the risk of such a hemorrhage. Severe increase in the pressure within the skull in such a case can cause potential harm to the brain. The pressure is usually released by surgically removing the clot from the skull.

The hospital refused to divulge the treatment protocol on Singh's ailment. "His family does not want to disclose his condition," officials from the hospital said. Credit 

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