Ra.One poster is Batman Return's rip off

MUMBAI: The poster of the upcoming super hero movie Ra.One starring Shahrukh Khan is a complete copy of the cover of Bollywood flick Batman Returns, Geo News reported Sunday.

The Batman Returns was starred by Micahel Keaton.

In an interview Shahrukh Khan was quoted: "Ra.One is the modern, new age technology version of our mythological "Raavan", who was a mixture of ten different evil characters. I am essaying the role of G.One or better say Jeevan, a superhero who saves the mankind from Ra.One's torment. Through this film, I want to prove that Indian superheroes can also be as cool as the international ones."

If the idea of Ra.One is a rip off by courtesy of Batman, it will prove wrong the idea of Shahrujh Khan that, 'Indian superheroes can also be as cool as the international ones.'

Ra.One is set to release on October 26, an upcoming 2011 Hindi superhero science fiction film starring Shahrukh Khan, Kareena KapoorKareena Kapoor and Arjun Rampal.
It is said to be currently India's most expensive film to date according to sources.

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